The Last Ark of The Covenent

How to Seduce Your Wife

“What could my Mother’s Day gift be? A Spanx trousseau which would make me feel like a slatternly bovine, and render me affronted, so I could lambast my husband with the misplaced anger I feel about everything else in my life.

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I Was Used by a Catfish!

What if there are hundreds of wealthy sugar daddies dying to throw their money at me so I can finally get front row tickets to RiverDance and they’ll pay anything for Michael Flatley to come out of retirement just for me?

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Top 14 Things To Do In Italy

You will get lost in Rome. You will get lost in Florence. You will get lost in San Gimignano and anywhere there is a paved road or a goat trail. And it won’t be charming.

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Self-Help Book About Healing Love Addiction

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