The Last Ark of The Covenent

Do You Press-Gang Your Kids?

“Well, I know you haven’t brushed your teeth yet. Please go do that.” He looks at me horrified. That’s not why he came to see me. He wanted retribution not a chore. That’s what I do to my children. Ultimately I seem to turn every interaction into a nag.

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What Makes You Feel Desirable?

At 49 I’m just not ashamed of wanting to be attractive and even desirable anymore. I don’t care that some people may think desiring to be desirable is an affront to my husband and my marriage. Or that they may think I need to get a life and help build houses for Habitat for Humanity. Or that they may think I’m guilty of the 3 Vs. Vapidity, Vacuousness and Vanity.

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Self-Help Book About Healing Love Addiction

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