What Critics Are Saying About The Film

The New York Times says, “The director Martha Stephens, working from a script by Shannon Bradley-Colleary, handles this material smoothly, creating a solid, tangible sense of place with landscapes, gusts of wind and a blue sky that feels more confining than sheltering.”

The Guardian says, “A shy Oklahoma girl has her life transformed by a charismatic newcomer in this comforting coming-of-age drama.”

Entertainment Weekly says, “It serves as a gentle, lovely reminder that one true friendship, even forged amid adversity, can be enough to keep you looking skyward.”

Indiewire says, “There’s a grit and urgency to To the Stars of something bigger and darker coming along with the changing times.”

Deadline Hollywood says, “Sundance favorite is a sweetly nostalgic coming of age tale with a talented cast and strong female POV to make it worthwhile.”

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"To The Stars" Cast

Sundance Film
Kara Hayward
Sundance Film
Liana Liberato
Sundance Film
Malin Akerman
Sundance Film
Tony Hale
Sundance Film
Madisen Beaty
Sundance Film
Jordana Spiro
Sundance Film
Lucas Zumann
Sundance Film
Shea Whigham

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Kim YutaniDirector of Programming, The Sundance Film Festival says:

To The Stars tells a timeless, beautiful story of young women at a critical point in their lives. Maggie and Iris are heroes on their respective journeys, each with their individual charm—one an outlaw asserting herself in an intolerant community and the other, a timid teen finding her voice—and the story of their friendship resonates with truth, originality, and depth.”

Kara Hayward (who played Iris in To The Stars the film and is best known as Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom) says:

“A deeply immersive retelling of the screenplay that moved me every time I read. Deeply human characters and societal taboos make for a compelling, emotional story. Well done Shannon!”

Read the first reviews here and my Q & A with Publishers Weekly here.

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Shannon Bradley-Colleary & Crew
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