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Au Revoir Paris, Time to Get Organized for 2014. I Could Use Some Help!

Leaving Paris to go home and: 1. Set up mammogram. 2. Set up doctor appointment to remove child’s warts. 3. Figure out Obama Care. 4. Pick up cats from kennel 5. Mainline crack.

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6 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy on Vacation (we’re in Paris) While Enjoying It Yourself

Welcome to my Traveling With Kids In Paris series: This year our vacation has been to Paris over the kids’ winter break. Here are my 6 tried-and-true ways to keep your kids happy on vacation while still being able to

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Let Them Eat Orange Rinds aka Traveling With Kids in Paris

TRAVELING WITH KIDS IN PARIS! Shhh. I’m hiding in an internet cafe on Rue Thouin across the street from the apartment we’re renting on the Left Bank in the Latin Quarter in Paris. Henry left us for the day to

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Dreaming of Butt Crunches in Paris aka Workouts-On-Demand Giveaway

I’m in Paris eating Brie, Mousse Au Chocolat, Tarte Tatin, Foi Gras, Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq Au Vin, Crepes and Escargot. Excuse me while I wipe the butter, garlic and cream off of my chubby little fingers …. I’m back. Must

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Gwyneth’s Affair With Gerard aka Happy New Year 2014 From TWFKAB! (photos)

If you enjoy TWFKAB sign up for our newsletter HERE! We’re heading out of town to Paris tomorrow. It sounds sexy, but I promise to vomit on the plane and to have an affair with Gerard Depardieu who will give

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