“The literary equivalent of a summer night, a good friend and a gin-and-tonic: Shannon is a deft writer; a natural storyteller with a wicked turn of phrase and frighteningly specific memory...”

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Former Beaux

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He Had a Traumatic Car Accident and I Had to Grow Up

Excerpt: “As I sat by the broken boy’s hospital bed, trying not to flinch away from the constellation of scars on his lips, cheeks and forehead I knew it would look bad if I slipped away now; both from the hospital and from his life.” Read more …

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A Beautiful Brunette was After my Man so I Pulled a George Costanza!

He was going to see Margot. A tall, slender, yet buxom drink of Brunette and my worst nightmare. I thought he’d given her up for good, but recently he’d mentioned that she was back in his life as a “friend.” I wasn’t a lesbian, yet I wasn’t sure even I could keep my hands off of Margot if we were alone too long. Keep Reading …

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Answer 7 Questions to Discover if You’re in a CoDependent Relationship (with an Asshat!)

1. You are unable to find satisfaction in your life outside of a specific person. Example: When my former Asshat decided at the last minute not to come to my best friend’s wedding with me (and I was a bridesmaid!) because he’d just returned from a boys’ Vegas trip where he’d probably slept with too many hookers …

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What the Asshats Say to Make You Stay!

In making me feel smaller, The Greek God ensured that I’d never leave because, considering all of my flaws, I believed I was lucky to get him and should just put up with the times he treated me poorly.

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Are You Turning the Asshat’s Bread Crumbs Into a Rustic Loaf?

Ahh that perennial relationship black hole of Calcutta, the Asshat. They don’t call when they say they will. They don’t show up when expected. They brood at social gatherings with friends and family. You’re fairly certain they’re cheating on you

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What Happened after my Prom Dress Came off…

I tried to open my bedroom window and it wouldn’t budge. Someone had locked it. I glanced confusedly at Albert. This is when we both heard my father’s Clint Eastwood-esque voice from the nearby porch, “Shannon,” he said, “you’ve slit your own throat.”

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A Cheating Boyfriend Drove Me To God

And that’s when I see Her. She’s sitting where I’ve often slept, on Mr. C’s futon. She’s junkie-thin wearing a turquoise mid-riff top exposing a silver belly ring above skinny jeans.

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An Old Flame And The Catcher In The Rye aka When I was the Asshat

I watched as he peered about looking for me and I saw the familiar conscientious expression on his face. Worried he was a little too late. And I realized in that moment that I still loved him.

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The Ghosts Of Boyfriends Past

It is my sophomore year of college circa 1985. I’m driving my lemon of a Ford Mustang on the mean streets of La Habra, California at 3 a.m. What is an intelligent girl of 20 doing out at such an hour? Spying on her boyfriend, that’s what.

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