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What to do in London: Our Tour Through London’s West End Theater Productions

Excerpt: During one particularly gruesome scene, a character, who’d also provided comic relief, kills himself by slitting both wrists and allowing his life’s blood to gush down two metal spears stuck into two copper bowls which fill with the red stuff almost six inches deep. One theater goer had a brief fainting spell during that bit. Keep reading!

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I Went in for a Massage and Might Have had a Happy Ending (London)

Thwackah! This was the sound of the 4′ 6′ Shimura whipping both sheets off of me like a magician revealing the fact he’s made his assistant disappear. Except, in my case, revealing my entirely naked, and now clenched, ass. Was this normal? Did everyone here have entirely exposed buttocks for their butt massage? Maybe this was like that Korean spa on Western where thickset Korean women with arms like tree trucks flay your entirely naked body with sea salt before they hose you down like fish on a wharf? I’m sure this is just like that and is totally not a happy ending …

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