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Slippery When Wet!

I remember the moment as if it were yesterday. I’d gone into my college boyfriend’s parents’ bedroom in search of Kleenex when I noticed something on their night table that embarrassed me …

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Empty Nest = Lame Sex?

It was still summer and the cock blockers were gone. I’d driven them at breakneck speed up to my mom’s in Santa Barbara. It was the first time they’d be away from home and we could have sex in every room of the house.

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What Makes You Feel Desirable?

At 49 I’m just not ashamed of wanting to be attractive and even desirable anymore. I don’t care that some people may think desiring to be desirable is an affront to my husband and my marriage. Or that they may think I need to get a life and help build houses for Habitat for Humanity. Or that they may think I’m guilty of the 3 Vs. Vapidity, Vacuousness and Vanity.

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Husbands and Wives

Are Henry and I the next Grey Gardens? The latest in my Husbands and Wives Series. Lately, Henry’s been cooking mushy, formless, tasteless chicken. “Can

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How to Have Good Sex

Hint: Banish all Mice It was 10 o’clock p.m. on a Friday night. The kids were actually asleep. Theoretically, Henry and I could’ve been rocking

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Self-Help Book About Healing Love Addiction

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