I Want Him To Dominate Me In Bed!

dominate me
We could role-play where I still get to be  Jane Fonda in “Barbarella”

In bed I’m soft. Demure.

Enticing as Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman, with doe-like come-hither glances and marzipan hair.

I’m as tremulous as the surface of tea in a cup, perched on a plate, balanced on a stick, spun by a juggler wearing nothing but support hose and a Harlequin’s hat, while riding a unicycle on a stage full of untrained African elephants in heat.

I’m the kind of woman who succumbs to the whims of her man with nary a complaint, a kvetch, a criticism or any form of cuckoldry.

In short, I’m an angel.

Yes. I prevaricate. I’m a bossy pants in the sack.

Turn left. Twist right.

Must you make that sound that reminds me of two ferrets killing each other in our crawl spaces?

Warmer, colder, too mucky, why are your nails so sharp? 

I prefer you hairy. Can’t you shave? Move your elbow, move your elbow. I think I cracked a rib!

Where is your tongue? Do you have a tongue? I know it was there last week. Have you been gambling? Did a Ukraine collector cut out your tongue? You taste like you’ve been drinking milk. Go brush your tongue.

My husband has the patience of those guys waiting for Godot.

Who were those guys? I’m googling.

“An absurdist play about two vagrants waiting for the vague presence of a man named Godot. To occupy the time they philosophize, sleep, argue, sing, exercise, swap hats, and consider suicide.”

Suicide?! Please don’t kill yourself Henry. I’ll change! I’ll be as pliable as a gymnast wearing one of those BDSM gag things. What are they called?

Googling — They’re called, Ball gags!!

But guess what? There is a way to ball-gaglessly shut me up and turn me on.

It’s when my man has finally had enough of me micro-managing our copulatory exertions and he becomes … wait for it … grouchy.

He’s so hot when he’s grouchy.

And sometimes this evolves into him being a little bit mean. Not of the call 911 variety, but more along the lines of, I had some hot sexy moves coming your way, but I am cutting you off lady! 

He’s had it. He wants to be left alone. He rolls to his side of the bed and turns his back.

Suddenly his back has never been sexier. He emits the musk of Indifference, which titillates me. Now, I must please him.

We’re back in the Neolithic era where women were good for two things; starting fires and sex.

Does it make me a bad feminist to admit this thrills me?

That I don’t want to be romanced or placed on a pedestal, or worshipped? I want to be used solely for his sexual gratification, then tossed aside.

In bed, I don’t want to be in charge. I don’t want to make the decisions. I do enough of that in life! I want to be told what to do. In short, I want him to dominate me.

And because I’m with a man who loves and is committed to me, it’s safe. (Although I pretend we don’t know each other and his name is Raoul and he’s actually very dangerous.)

I know that eventually my man and I will wash back to shore where I’m the alpha to his beta and all is right in our domestic universe, but in that moment I want him to be a selfish bastard.

In the words of the inimitable Miranda Hobbes of Sex and The City:

Why is it that what’s unacceptable in life is so freaking hot in bed?”

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dominate me
Oh, who am I kidding, that damned Fonda’s inimitable.

7 thoughts on “I Want Him To Dominate Me In Bed!”

  1. Yes. Typically, a man enjoys dominating a woman in bed and a woman enjoys being dominated. If I was in the mood …

    1. Russell — you did exactly what I asked you to do, which was describe what you do to a woman in bed. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that the comment had to be in the PG-13 realm. So I am keeping the remainder of your creative, sexy comment to myself. Although I may also share it with my husband. Good work!

  2. I love the insight. Reminds me of a couple of conversations I have had with female friends. Actually what caught my attention was your starting and ending with Jane Fonda. That first photo is hot. Given a choice (I should be so lucky), I would go for you over Jane any time.

  3. I haven’t done a poll, but I think what most women want, is to have the feeling that their partner adores them, is incurably attracted to them, thinks she is the most beautiful, sexy woman ever…. to be deeply desired. If he makes her feel wanted, everything else is just logistics.

    1. Hi me — It’s the making me feel wanted that is part of the domination appeal for me. I love to feel that my man wants to rip my clothes off, not politely request me to carefully remove and fold them in a pile. Not that you do that Henry. xo

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