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I Hate Halloween!

9:11 p.m. Halloween Night … Sugar. No more sugar. Or corn syrup. Or malto-yickitomasmazoo. I am tired of costumes that are scratchy and too tight

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Go The F#%k Back To School!

Here are the cretinous techno-monsters! They’re still here.  In their bedrooms. In their pajamas. Beds unmade. Toys strewn.  They’re bored. They’re addicted to technology. Their eyes glaze over, their

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Kids On Vacation

A Colleary Christmas –  2009 Cast of Characters: S – Shannon (44): Fairly well-preserved wife/mother/writer/controversial AYSO soccer referee and pseudo intellectual. Prone to occasional bouts of grandiosity.

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I am Hubbell

Great Scott that man was gorgeous! Do you remember that scene in The Way We Were? It’s the one where Barbra Streisand calls Hubbell because

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Kids Who Hate Change

Henry and I had the execrable audacity to repaint our 8-year old daughter’s bedroom against her will. Two more heinous crushers-of-the-soul have never existed. Upon

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Mommy Flirting

I flirt with moms more than men these days.   And not because I’m a lesbian, though that might’ve saved me some heartache in my

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