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Softball Mom

“Wow, your daughter’s got quite an arm!” says a dad sitting next to me at Little League softball tryouts. “Oh I don’t know … I

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Do You Bore Your Kid?

I have two daughters, 7 &9 One needs constant conversation and connection. The other is a day-dreamer who entertains herself with her own stories. The

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The Santa Con

I’ve been eating my weight in candy cane cookies and want to be in denial. Instead, I feel compelled to plumb the labyrinthine depths to

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When Thanksgiving Sucks!

This was the worst Thanksgiving ever!  None of the children broke any of their bones. No one got drunk and called everybody cheap bastard sons-of-bitches.

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I Hate Halloween!

9:11 p.m. Halloween Night … Sugar. No more sugar. Or corn syrup. Or malto-yickitomasmazoo. I am tired of costumes that are scratchy and too tight

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Go The F#%k Back To School!

Here are the cretinous techno-monsters! They’re still here.  In their bedrooms. In their pajamas. Beds unmade. Toys strewn.  They’re bored. They’re addicted to technology. Their eyes glaze over, their

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Daring to Love

Here’s the problem with ice cream. You mean to eat it slowly so that your eating pleasure is in direct inverse proportion to ice cream’s

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