My Ultherapy Before and After Photos Part 3

My Ultherapy Before and After Photos are Here! 

(I’m revising this post, almost two years after having this procedure, as my opinion has changed in that time). I must love you ladies a lot to post my Ultherapy Before and After photos. The lighting is no lover here. Any old boyfriends or men who adore me (including you Henry) click away. Because what follows are some pretty unattractive photos a la mug shots of Heather Locklear post-bender.

They’re not flattering, but they are scientifically accurate.

As you may or may not know, I had an Ultherapy treatment with Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald. I detail my adventure HERE and continued HERE and HERE. Ultherapy is “a novel micro-focused ultra-sound modality for non-invasive, non-surgical skin rejuvenation and lifting.”

For a few years, I’d noticed my neck taking a dive and wanted to firm things up. What I didn’t realize is that the Ultherapy wand isn’t yet used right on the neck. They haven’t yet developed an instrument that can pass over the larynx accurately.

So, Ultherapy is targeted at the area just under the jawline, which, by virtue of proximity, can help lift the neck.

Many of you wanted to know why the Ultherapy treatment is so expensive ($3,000 for the whole face and the jawline – considerably less if you do just the face or just the jawline).

Dr. Fitzgerald explained that because this is brand new technology customers are paying for research and development and product costs. She likened it to any other kind of technology — computers, iphones, televisions. They all start out expensive and over time become more affordable, which she says will be the case with Ultherapy.

Full disclosure: My Ultherapy treatment was complimentary so I’m more likely than somebody who paid full price to be happy with my results. The first set of results photos Dr. Fitzgerald took were 6 months after my treatment and I saw absolutely NO change.

Recently, however, I came back for follow-up photographs (now, nearly 2 years later) and I absolutely DO SEE CHANGE.

I think my face and jawline is visibly lifted. But had I not had the follow-up photos I probably wouldn’t have noticed it myself. Without further ado, here I am, not looking my most glamourous. I am wearing lipstick in my After photo, but no other make-up at all. Do you see results?

Collage of Ulthera Before and AfterIf you read comments below, you will see responses to my previous article, not this updated version.

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  1. Wait…no scars? No needles? I wish I could find someone to do it on me for free too! I’ve never had cosmetic surgery (unless…does lasik count?) but this sounds like the perfect non-scary kind.

    1. I am 59 and interested in this procedure. I have had botox,juvederm etc to keep my skin younger looking. I do have good genetics on my side (Italian/German), and do not want invasive surgery. Would this be a good procedure for me?

      1. Carol it probably would be a good procedure for you. But you should know the change is subtle. I would have thought nothing happened unless I had those photos taken a year and a half later and I could see that I actually looked a little younger after all that time.

      2. It would be an excellent choice. You may even be able to say goodbye to some of those other treatments. I juse had my second treatment after 18 months. It takes time for collagen to rebuild. I’m very happy with it. Ask for numbing cream to be applied 1 hour before. It helps a lot. I’m 59

  2. Darn it I’m unable to access your youtube! Says it doesn’t match any documents 🙁
    I wanna see. I wanna see. (whinny voice included) 😀

  3. Thank you for taking this one for the team and trying out the procedure when it’s still in “research and development.” You look fabulous and I saw you in person before and after.

  4. lovely before dont see the difference after.. i know you got this gratis, but before anyone else does this, your husbands love you!! but take before and after pics of thier wallets and , well im just saying..

  5. Thanks for sharing! The results are subtle, but honestly I didn’t think you needed any tightening up anyway. But I totally get it because I’m not loving my neck right now either.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am supposed to have the procedure this week but I have to say I am wavering on whether to have it done or not. I have read so many reviews that say how painful it is and quite a few people report numbness and tenderness that persists for a while. I was wondering if you could share any insight into that part of the treatment?

    1. Hi Kim — sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Yes, the procedure was uncomfortable, but not to the point of being truly painful. I didn’t suffer any numbness or tenderness after. However, I have to admit I myself couldn’t really see a difference in my Before and After photos. For me it wouldn’t have been worth the cost. But there are other women who did see a change. Food for thought.

  7. I had Ultherapy done May 20th2013′, No results in fact my skin looks worse!!! what a waste of money,I am so depressed, I had to take out a loan….Dont know why I listened to my friend recommending this.
    If anyone reads this, please don’t waste your time, pain or money, it’s just a way for PS to make money with false advertising, they get the money, you are left with NOTHING..
    SHOULD have applied that money towards a real facelift..
    So disappointed….

    1. Hi Peggy — as the months unroll I find that I totally agree with you. Ultherapy does not work. I see absolutely no difference in my skin. No harm was done and I feel fortunate I didn’t have to pay for it. Sorry if my post was misleading. I thought the video made it pretty clear that there really wasn’t much, if any, of a difference.

    2. Hi guys. I’m 41. Look younger. Did ultherapy and it caused a ton of fat loss and pulled and shrunk my big gorgeous eyes. Horrified . Go on Real Self and read the reviews. Cooking your SMAS layer to 150 degrees is a BAD IDEA. It ALL falls, leaving you running back for ore ultherapy.

      1. Hey Tbone, I’m so sorry for your experience, but I didn’t have that experience. I’m wondering if your doc just screwed up. That stinks.

        1. Yeah, she claims to have done 150 people. I mean, I have been thru hell and my face morphed 10x already. Lost all of the fat, the eyes closed a lot, and then at month 8 my fillers from a decade swelled and dislodged all over my face. I have spent 10k easily. I could not take a bad pic before (at least with a filter) and now a mere 6 mos later, I don’t dare get in front of a mirror or a camera. Like a beauty vaporizer. I’m an actress and comic too with a social media following. This has been humiliating and demoralizing. I had gorgeous eyes! I NEVER thought this thing would mess up my face and steal my beauty. I look ur book and I relate to it a lot. Yeah, I’ve been thru a lot in a short period of time 8.5 mos now. …and all of my lashes fell out. Shudder to see what next month will bring!

          1. How many time are you going to flatter yourself…”Gorgeous Eyes”. Being humble is more beautiful, let others do the complimenting…

            Super hard to read/hear someone being so vain. Maybe this was all for a reason. Self-indulge in your own image too much in the past?

          2. Hi tbone or Shannon I just had an ultherapyabout 5 weeks ago April 2019 . my back teeth and jaw is in pain(TMJ affect) I’m having some sensitivity around my upper pecs I have pain in that region as well I don’t know what to expect I made a foolish decision I’ve only had this done in the middle of my neck I’m really scared can somebody please let me know if they’ve had other experiences and what can be done about it. Chris

          3. To “WOW.” That woman almost died. You can find her story her on line. She had a severe life-threatening reaction and was not helped. She has a brain injury and lives with her parents in Boca I believe. Horrifying, how they left her like that. I would never touch this garbage. Look at lawsuits.

          4. WOW you are a horrible person. She’s been through hell. Can’t even barely be seen in public it’s that bad and you have the nerve to be cruel to her for saying she had gorgeous eyes? Why do you care? Why are you being so hateful? You truly are evil.

  8. REALLY,

    1. Hi Peggy — I wasn’t paid to promote Ultherapy, but I was given a free session. Must go back and read my post again, I think I was perhaps too generous in my assessment.

    1. I’ve done it too and don’t see results. Is there anything we can do about it? Ask for our money back? Sue?

      1. You know you probably can’t sue. It’s a tough one, because the changes are really subtle. I do see a difference in my face. But that was after a year. We look at our faces every single day, so it’s hard to notice the change that way.

      2. What can you do about damaged skin is there anything that can be done my skin is now sagging and it’s only been a little over a month my neckline and my chin looks worse than before I have lines underneath my chin please if somebody is experiencing the same thing please email me or say I’m comment thank you

  9. Stumbled upon your blog looking for info on Ultherapy. Thanks for sharing this. Is helpful. You crack me up! I will look at some of your other articles. I think I am your southern soul sister.

  10. Just found your blog and really enjoy the dialogue. I had been investigating Ultherapy after noticing my friend, whom I had not seen in months looked very “refreshed”. It worked nicely for her. I didn’t realize that it is not intended for women over 60, which I am. I think your pictures do show a subtle improvement. However, I will take your comments to heart for myself, personally, and skip this treatment. Thank you for your honesty.

  11. Wanted to address Peggy’s comments here, for whatever it’s worth. I found this site looking for information on Ultherapy, and am now wondering could it be the doctor’s lack of skill using the equipment that might make the difference. I know they say some people will respond better than others, that’s just genetics, AND, it covers them when ……ha….it just don’t work. But I have seen some amazing photo’s on my local Plastic Surgeons website.

    Several years ago I had Thermage sp? done, a similar therapy I think to Ultherapy. I paid about $2,000 and had numerous sessions. In the end I noticed NOTHING. Even the tech./owner of the spa said she did not see any difference in me, but she did introduce me to another client that was coming in for her appointment as I was leaving one day and they shared with me her before pics. She was older than me and looked great and she was thrilled with her results…ha, so was I. But it did not work for me. I that situation I think it was genetics. Also I have read countless reviews about Ultherapy that it is so painfull, yet on the Dr.Oz YouTube they do one right there and he asked the woman do you feel any pain? She answers no? Maybe they have learned more about the use of the Ultherapy equipment and are getting better results based on tril and error.

    I found this site by searching, Why Is Ultherapy So Expensive? Shannon I read your answers from your doctor, but I think it SHOULD be the other way around, in the beginning of a new technology it should be cheaper while they use us as Guinea Pigs.

    For me the jury is still out 🙂

    1. Hi Olive — I’ve booked my lower facelift for when I’m sixty. I know that’s still forty years from now, but one can never be too prepared. xo

  12. I was pricing Ulthera up in San Jose and it has gone up in price $5,000 for the full face and neck. Do you have any recommendations on anyone that does it for 3500?

    thank you

  13. Hi. Thanks for posting all this info. about your experience with ultherapy. I’m thinking of doing it to my lower face, but I can’t decide if it is worth 2k. I wondered how long after the procedure you posted these pics, and if the tightening increased anymore with time, after these were taken. I was told it takes about 6 months to see the full lower face results. Also, my place told me they have reduced the power of the heat surges by 30% or to 30% of what it used to be because it was so painful, and supposedly they get the same results with the lower amount of energy. Do you know if they had reduced it when you had it done? I was going to take vicodin and adavan. Thanks!

    1. Hi Brandy — I hate to say it, but now, almost a year later, I really can’t tell any difference. It might be that there is a difference, but that it’s very subtle. I do think it’s a lot of money to put out there for minimal results. And yes, they did give me pain meds before they did the procedure.

  14. I don’t see any difference. I was planning on doing this next week but won’t be wasting my money now…thank you for sharing I just saved myself some pain and money

  15. Oh Gosh!
    I am going to a clinic tomorrow, I hope they will say I only need the brows done…mine are really getting “in the way” and I barely recognize myself in the pictures anymore….gravity sucks!

    1. I hope it works out for you Ana. I honestly didn’t see much of a difference with the Ultherapy. I did have a browlift when I was 45 which really worked well for me.

  16. Hi Shannon. I’m very interested in purchasing an Ultherapy session, almost exclusively to target and augment the laxity under my eyes. What has been your experience with your under eyes? Was only the 1.5 mm transducer used or also the 3.0 mm? Did you notice any fat atrophy (which of course is my chief concern) or did they tighten up? Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks Shannon!

    1. Dear Alexa — I don’t remember which transducer they used but here’s the deal. I really don’t notice much change in my face. (There was no fat atrophy for sure). Now the treatment very well could have made some subtle changes, but for the price I consider it to have been a failure. I hate to say it, but I think the best thing to do for laxity in the face is plastic surgery. Three years ago I had a brow lift/blepharestomy (might have spelled that wrong), and I love the results. But of course it can be scary to go under the knife. I hope this was helpful. Best, S

  17. I spent the money on it a year and a half ago. I’m out $3000, and my face sags. It’s not worth it AT ALL.

  18. Thank you so much! I am very grateful to you. I was searching about ultherapy and found your web sight. I almost bought into the hype. I hate what has happened to my neck and lower face but am terrified of a face lift. It is hard to see the sagging face and neck, it does not match my mental age. I guess its either accept aging or go under the knife. Ugh Bless you for your honesty.

    1. Hi Patti — the thought of a nip tuck IS scary, but I had a browlift that I love. You just really have to do your research and pay for the best.It’s your face after all. xo S

  19. You’re a funny, clever writer — interesting read. When I looked at the pics of you prepping for the treatment though I kept on thinking “Why in the world is she doing this? Her skin tone, neck and jawline already look better than most after pics!” Am I the first one to mention you might be a little too hard on yourself? 😉

  20. You did not have that much laxity to begin with, but from the front, you lost depth in your nasolabial folds, from the side, the difference is not so much but the lines in your neck are less visible. I think you are minimally improved so for the money, maybe you could use a do over at 50% cost reduction to enhance the initial result?

    1. You know Pamela — this procedure feels a bit like The Emperor’s New Clothes. If you have A LOT of money and can do the procedure several times then it might be better and safer than going under the knife, but otherwise I think money would be better spent with a plastic surgeon.

  21. Loved your honest review of ultherapy. I went in for a consult as ultherapy a chin lipo recommended. The surgeon said the therapy would tighten skin abit and after chin lipo there may be loose skin. To get the look I really want means a lower face lift. I am going to wait two years , just before 60 birtday to have this done. I don’t want to waste almost $6000 and not be happy.

  22. I had Ulthera done twice in two years – full face and neck. The short story is that it is awesome for the brow. Indeed, that is the exact area they emphasize. And, as a result of the brow lift, my eyes also opened up noticeably. However, and it’s a big however. My neck became noticeably worse! And, the nurse in the office where I had it done had the exact same experience with her neck. I should mention we are a year apart in age and both Caucasian. She showed me her before and after pics, and we saw the same thing happening. So, weirdly, though, on the surface, it doesn’t seem to make sense, it helped to age my neck area 🙁 , but for my brow and upper half of face, it was completely worth it. And, I’ve had quite a few procedures done over the years, including fx for face and neck – which actually, THAT is the best, but it is also downtime of a whole week and you MUST get a professional who knows what they’re doing, or I’ve read where there are awful things happening with that…as with any tool in the hands of the unskilled. Anyway, if anyone gets Ulthera, I recommend keeping it away from the neck.

    1. dont do it it doesn’t work. i just had it done a few months ago.

      the pictures are not showing any difference.

      Im a Pilates instructor ( our eyes are trained to spot ) and the anatomy of the face is exaclty the same
      notice the position of the head in both pictures- tipping of jaw in first.
      second one she is caked in foundation and lipstick etc..

      dont fall for it.

  23. Thank you all for your honestly. I just moved to a new town, found Botox via Groupon for a $119 (though they added another $40 for a brow lift) – and almost walked out minus $3800 for ultherapy! But I looked at the before and after photos in the pamphlets and was pretty sure it was the kind of thing where you’d have $3800 worth of reasons to force yourself to see that difference. And yes – that’s what your exact experience was, Shannon!! So grateful for this site!!

  24. Thank you so much for your reviews! I went to a fancy presentation by a dermatologist today in Houston and was leaning toward finding this procedure *some*where (i.e., maybe somewhere less expensive; last year they told me $2500 & now it’s $4000). I’m 59 and had been thinking now or never. Starting to think that I’ll invest the money and try to continue my good habits…maybe try facial toning exercises, which at worst would be a waste of time. PS My all-natural yoga teacher is in her late 70s, has a light tan from the sun, and her neck looks great! Was wondering if exercise stimulates collagen growth. Do you think that’s possible?

  25. I was scheduled to have Ultherapy tomorrow afternoon and just cancelled my appt. I can’t say that I won’t try it later in the year, but $3500 for full face and neck is too much to spend to hope for some results that aren’t guaranteed. Thanks for the info on this procedure.

    1. Hi Caroline — you’re welcome. I recently saw my dermatologist who seemed to notice a difference in my face, now a year or so later. I told her I was willing to have more AFTER photos taken to see if, perhaps, I’m not noticing a change as I see my face in the mirror daily, but it’s a huge investment for a maybe.

    2. Hello. I have schedule my procedure but after reading all of this I called to cancel but they said they can’t give me my money back. Is 2,200 I have paid and they said that they don’t do refunds. I don’t know what to do now. I saw other review of woman who are suffering terrible fat loss and problems with their eye. I don’t want to risk and do this. Can someone recommend me something to do to get my money back.? The estimate they gave me when I had my consultation said they don’t do refunds but the receipt I got after paying doesn’t say anything about it.

      1. Hi Flor

        That is so unfair! 🙁

        Ask them if they’ll do fillers and a peel or something like that for you instead?

        I suppose my reply is too late anyway (I can’t see any dates on here in order to tell). In any case, how did you go….?


  26. Perhaps a subtle difference… hard to say. My big quessy is: Does Ulthera dissipate fat?… and when do I see that it doesn’t in writing? The main reveal is how you look and feel two years from now? Thanks for sharing.

  27. Wow, looks amazing! I would never have guessed that it would be so dramatic. I’m always curious about ways to look younger without invasive surgery so thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Claudia — I really thought the whole thing was a wash until I saw the most recent results. It’s hard to notice change when you see what appears to be the same face in the mirror every day.

  28. Love the blog, you make me chuckle. Felt the need to chime in tho-haven’t you also had some IPL sessions? IPL supposedly stimulates collagen production and if they go along the jaw line- that may be a contributing factor to your results/after shots. Just sayin.

  29. 2 day sago I did Ultherapy for my neck and cheecks. Costs 2150 euro. Now my cheecks are swollen and à bit blue. My neck is also low done at the sides. IT feels as if I have no feeling in the traited places. But anyway, something happens. I hope that I haven result. I am 58 years.

    1. Hi Lea — I was very skeptical after my Ultherapy treatment. I really didn’t see a difference, but then a year and a half later when I went to the same dermatologist for IPL she took more photos of my face (the ones in this post) and I really did see a difference! I hope you’ll see positive results. My suggestion? Go back to the derm in a year and have photos retaken. Then you’ll see the final result.

  30. I absolutely can see a difference – I was thinking of having this done after seeing my friend do it. I want to see my jaw line again and get rid of my jowls that have started to hang down. Your cheeks look fuller too? Did you have filler? Your brows do not look different however to me.

    Not sure where they did Ulthera but your jawline looks more defined and under your chin looks firmer to me. Your neck looks smoother too so not sure if it treated there or lifted?

  31. I hope you are right! IT was à big investment. But now, 5 days after the treatment my face is still swollen and à bit blue. They should give more honest information. I think it will take à week or maybe more to go back to normal, in my case. Ofcourse it is worth is if it does what is promised. But they should give beter information.

    1. Hi Lea — I agree that doctors and derms aren’t entirely forthcoming about how long it will take to heal and look normal again. Perhaps they worry we wouldn’t say yes if we knew. But again, I’m ultimately quite happy with the results.

  32. But still à question: I read in your posts that you were not so positive about the results. Did this opinion change and why? Thank you..

  33. I don’t really notice a difference either, however, considering its 2 years later and with no further signs of aging I think that’s success in my book.

    1. Hi Athena — I agree. I wish the price weren’t so steep. Ideally I would have been willing to pay $2000 for sustaining my elasticity (and maybe gaining some back) and I suspect the prices will go down once the dermatologists have paid off their machines.

  34. Can you equate the pain to more or less than the filler injections? That would help. I find the filler injections very painful and I am not very pain tolerant. Thanks.

  35. Can you equate the pain for the Ultherapy to the pain of the filler injections? I find the filler injections painful (& have a low tolerance for pain any more). Thank you.

    1. Hey Kc =– I’ve never had filler injections so I don’t have a frame of reference on that. Having had two cesarean sections I’m sort of immune to pain. But don’t tell an evil Marvel warlord I said that.

      1. The pain is much worse than filler pain – at least if you only take ibuprofen, which is all I did. If you have something stronger, maybe not so bad. But as she said in he article, only the deeper one hurts a lot. The more superficial pass is not so bad – except on the forehead where it zaps up into the hairline. I just got mine so no after results to report yet…except some swelling. But I can confirm that it is painful.

        1. Diane I had Vicodin on board so I can’t imagine just having ibuprofen. If you want to see your results you really should wait a year, then go back to the derm and have your after photos taken. That’s the only way I could see the change and I was startled to see there WAS change. You can’t really tell when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror day after day.

  36. What kind of skin care are you using after your ultherapy? I’m gettig ready to have the procedure done.l Sandie

  37. Full on Beauty


    I just turned 40 and decided to have the Ulthera treatment done on my entire face and under my chin (No neck). I live in Chicago so it was much more pricier compared to some of the quotes mentioned on this message board. I had a plastic surgeon perform the treatment. He shot me up several times with local anesthesia and gave me anxiety and pain killer medication for before and after the procedure. I did not FLINCH AT ALL. He went full force (highest setting) on my lower face and cheek bones. He went on a lighter setting for my thin forehead…. The only slight pain I felt was on a specific spot where I have a fat lymphoma (the main reason why I opt to have this treatment done to lessen its appearance as I cannot have it surgically removed due to the risk of damaging a never that control the left side of my mouth) on my jawline. No bruising, however my plastic surgeon created his own special concoction (solution) that has Arnica Montana, Vitamin E&K and other homeopathic ingredients that the medical assistant applied after he treated an area and let me mask with the solution after the treatment to reduced the swelling and busing. I do see tightening under my chin for sure. As for the rest of my face, I am a little swollen at the cheeks and jawline so I really don’t know the results. However, I do see a difference in my forehead with the wrinkles and near my eyes. I look refreshed…. Like I said, just had this done 2 day ago…. I do believe that this is a treatment you want to do when you are in your late 30’s, ,more in the 40’s FOR PREVENTION of going under the knife later on in life. I know that I will not have a true problem with wrinkles, but my Eastern European family definitely sags…I want to fight that every way I can…. ONE THING…. IF YOU GET COLD SORES OR PRONE TO THEM, TELL YOUR DOCTOR PRIOR TO TREATMENT….. I haven’t had a cold sore since college… I don’t know if it was the intensity of the ultrasound of the Ulthera or the shot of local anesthesia on the upper lip or under my chin, but I have a whopper of a cold sore on the right side of my lower lip…. looks like someone put me in my place! This is more painful than anything with the ulthera treatment…. Just a heads-up…. the doctor can give you medication to take prior to the treatment so you can avoid this problem.

    1. Hey Full On Beauty — thanks so much for sharing your experience with Ultherapy. Very comprehensive and I’m sure helpful to readers researching the treatment. xo S

  38. Well duh! That’s the point people.. She looks the same two years later and hasn’t aged! Hello.. It’s not plastic surgery it’s helping you boost your own collagen and maintaining elasticity and youthfulness. Did you guys expect surgery results lol

  39. Shannon…I was relieved to see you finally noticed some changes, as I had Ultherapy done a little over 4 months ago, and I have barely noticed any tightening, if any at all. However, I do notice more fine lines in my cheek area, which can’t be coincidence.And I feel like I look less radiant than before, more aged. I am so worried this treatment has done some upper dermis damage. I went to one of the best of the best to have this wasn’t an inexperienced hack.Still, I am worried and a little discouraged. .

  40. This is ridiculous, the make up is so obvious – how can you say you are only wearing lipstick! FRAUD!

    1. The after photo looks 20 years older in character. Bombshell to strict school marm…can no one see this? Awful.

  41. In one photo you have make up on..the other you don’t.. that’s the only difference I see. Everyone looks better with make up. Where are thep photos that show how you look three months after your treatment?

    1. Hey Maryb — I only have lipstick on in the After photo. To be honest I didn’t see any difference after 3 months. These photos were taken almost a year and a half apart.

  42. Amazing!!! I totally see a difference! I just had my midface done 7 weeks ago and am worried because to me I still look a little puffy. Im getting my brow area done next month. I did read that results are slow, especially midface and looking at your fantastic results makes me feel like I made a great decision. You look ten years younger two years after! beautiful

  43. Sorry, I wrote a comment last night asking about the timeline. I was on my iPhone, and the dates weren’t showing, but now on a different device I see them, so..never mind! 🙂

  44. Wow I just wish I had found your site before I wasted $3200 15 months ago. I had full face and neck done and did take a Vicodin and xanax before so it was tolerable. I had a free booster 3 months later. Have not seen any difference! I went in yesterday for Botox and voiced by concern. They are willing to do another booster (value of $1000) for free. I just don’t know if I want to. I only wish I had applied the original $ to a facelift in a couple years. For those of you that have had the procedure, would you even take someone up on this offer. I don’t want it to look worse. I don’t have much fat in my face so I’ve often wondered if it made the skin more lax. Geez this aging process and maintenance sucks!

    1. Age…. be ok with it. We are meant to age. Love yourself where you are now. It’s so freeing.

  45. Thanks Shannon. I don’t see much of a difference with the Ultherapy but the IPL shows a big difference.
    I had an Ultherapy session from Groupon in Miami and felt absolutely nothing. No heat No pain…nothing! The tech said I must have a high thresh-hold for pain, which I don’t. I’m claiming the machine was bogus. Beware of Homeland Medspa in Homestead. It was like a temporary 3rd-world clinic. Made me pay upfront. I’m writing Consumer Affairs in FLorida

  46. Can you share your experience with the eyelid
    I’m seriously considering it and would like to know what this involves in terms of the pricedure, time away from work ,approximate costs and healing time. Do you have any before and after pics. What were your concerns before and after. It’s becoming an issue for me both with my peripheral vision (could be all in my head -no pun intended ) and my appearance (at least to me). Thanks

  47. We should really be okay with aging as a society. The trouble we go trough to stay looking youthful is insane. We are meant to age! Eat well, stay away from sugar as much as possible, don’t smoke, exercise daily, use sunscreen and love yourself. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a older and wiser woman that has taken care of herself over the years.

  48. I currently on the fence between ultherapy and thermage. I’m wondering why you chose the former. The results I’ve seen for both (including yours) look great!

  49. Hello,

    I can’t seem to find any dates on these articles or comments. I had my Ultherapy treatment on my cheeks and lower jaw area last week. A week out and I still have chipmunk cheeks, which anyone else has to look at before and after pictures to know but I obviously can see it and it is obvious in the pictures. My biggest concern is that I have gotten thes multiple fine lines and crinkling on the left side of my face that weren’t there before – and are only visible when I smile but very disturbing! Now I am coming across the numerous horrific reports of facial sagging/face melting, skin thinning, increased laxity and volume loss after Ultherapy treatments. Most of these reports are claiming the negative effects didn’t start until three months after the treatment and progressed until at least six months, sometimes a year out from the treatment. I’m so scared! The fact that you posted a positive two year follow-up is making me so grateful. I can only find horrific reviews a year or more out. All the positive reviews discuss at 3 months, six month maximum. In hindsight, I wish I had done my own research instead of just trusting my plastic surgeon. I don’t think the machine has been out for long enough to really know the long term effects. And it appears that only minimal improvement can be expected, but with the absolutely devastating side effects some women are reporting, I definitely don’t think it is worth the risk! My doctor says the crinkling I am currently noticing on my cheek is from the swelling in my jawline pushing on the skin. I am eight days out and concerned that most side effects of swelling presumably resolve within a few days. Is there ANYONE that can comment POSITIVE results within a year or more, EVEN IF HEY JUST DIDNT SEE A CHANGE? Too many women are claiming worsening of their skin and face. I just don’t know if thisbis because people are more used to reported negative experiences than positive ones?

  50. Beautyexplorer

    Well, I had this procedure done in March and now in June, I am seeing great results. A friend I hadn’t seen in awhile asked what I had done. 🙂 It was a bit painful, I will say. My main issue were the lines that run from nose to mouth. I think they are called parenthesis? They have improved. I can also feel a tighter skin on my face if that makes sense. I guess the results might depend on the person? They say it can take six months to see the optimal results. I would consider getting fillers to follow up as the cost is a bit high. But if it ever gets to the point where the price is more reasonable, I would definitely do it again. And I do see a difference on Shannon’s before and after. There is a lift to the skin which looks great.

  51. I have the procedure scheduled for next week. I got a great summer deal from the doctor I see once or twice a year for Botox. Your results are exactly what I’m looking for. I’m not drastically sagging at all. Just need a bit of a lift. I was told I was a great candidate BUT in the future to receive longer lasting results and before I am sagging too much or too old that a mini facelift might be my best option. I really don’t want to get that invasive but I’ll see. Thanks for your articles!!

  52. 24/5/2019

    Hi Shannon

    First up, thanks for the article and review, it is and will be extremely helpful to many! 🙂

    I was going to have this done about 6 weeks ago – but after extensive research about it online (mainly the pain factor), I chickened out on the day and just had filler done instead. After reading some pretty horrific horror stories thereafter, I am so glad I made that decision. It’s like at the 11th hour my gut instinct said: “don’t do it Lou,”. I really think I dodged a bullet.

    I feel so sorry for the people that have gone in really hoping and desperate to look and feel better, only to come out with no improvement – or worse still, looking far worse 🙁 I’ve read about people losing fat and elasticity, to those with nerve damage, teeth and face that hurt every single day, TMJ pain and teeth/jaws that no longer meet. It is so terrible 🙁

    At the end of the day imo – from what I’ve seen and read, you’re playing a game of Russian Roulette when it comes to Ultherapy. I’m not sure if it’s the heat that’s the wrong setting, the age of the person, illness or ‘wrong’ genetics, or that the person administering doesn’t know what they’re doing, but to me it ain’t worth the pain or the risk.

    That said though, I think you were definitely one of the lucky ones. You easily look at LEAST 5 years younger! I can’t believe that it took 2 years (is that right?) for your collagen to improve and for you to see a visible improvement all up – but it is definitely there. For SURE. You gotta be happy about that! 🙂

  53. the first picture the head is tilted downward slightly
    second picture she is wearing makeup.
    I am a fully trained Pilates instructor trained in anatomy and there is no change in the pictures other than makeup ( foundation and lipstick ) and position of the head.

    1. Thank you Anna for qualifying. That is what I feel I saw but have no background regarding bodies, faces or such. So $3500 for nothing basically is the way I see it.

  54. I just left the plastic surgeon’s office. I had Ultherapy and Botox. This was my first time to have Ultherapy. I normally have the Titan laser, Botox, Restylene, Juvederm. I LOVE them all. I’ve had fantastic results. I’m 60, been going to see my plastic surgeon for 5 years. The secret is finding the best doctor! NEVER use a non certified plastic surgeon! My doctor is THE best!

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