Married Sex: An Anthology of True Stories & Three Works of Fiction


Ever wonder if you’re having the right amount of married sex? Or if your particular married sex is up to snuff? Or if other couples are doing it better than you?

Then this anthology will put your mind at ease or perhaps give you some excellent schemes to enact offered by real couples having real sex, in all it’s pathos and glory.


“All you all – our glorious friend Shannon Bradley-Colleary has just published a sizzling (cause I temporarily forgot how to spell titillating) laugh-out-loud been-there-tried-that collection of married folk stories in Married Sex: Fact and Fiction. This will brighten your tired exhausted self. Great find as we head into another school year!” ~~ Kimberly Marie Avila

“So funny, so relatable, so true! Shannon’s stories and fantasies had me in stitches and her advise is spot on. Whether you have been married 1 year or 20 years … a must read for women and MEN. You will laugh your way all the way to the boudoir (or the “Pleasure Chest!”)” ~~ Jeannine Chanin-Penn

Bradley-Colleary’s anthology — based on interviews with real-life married couples and her own marital nest — along with three short stories focused on the power of love and sex, is available Now!

Self-Help Book About Healing Love Addiction

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