Ultherapy Part 2 aka Countdown to my Ultherapy Before and After Photos

Ultherapy Before and After Photos to Come Soon!

Okay, so here I am right before I had my Ultherapy treatment Monday before last.

I’m aware I look like a serial killer you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Showing this photo to you all is in service to science. Does this Ulthera s–t really work?

Here I am at an admittedly different angle with different lighting and make-up on one week later:

How does this computer camera work…where do I look…oh…what…did it take a picture? I’m confused…
Would you like to be caned or merely flogged? (Sorry, reading too much Shades of Gray)
I realized, after the fact, that I don’t think they actually zapped my neck.

Here’s the proof my whole neck wasn’t treated:

The white murder scene lines don’t go down as far as I’d hoped they would.

Maybe Nora Ephron is right, there’s nothing to do for the neck.

But I’m still glad I did the treatment because the jawline invariably gives in to gravity over time.

Oh sure, it hangs on just like Sarah Joyner hung on to Sly Stallone in Cliffhanger.

But invariably the glove slips and that neck (like the tragic Sarah) plummets into a rocky crevasse to its death.

This week I feel pretty great. No pain (there was none after the treatment), but the flesh under my chin does feel like it’s tightening under the surface.

It feels like a wound that’s scabbing over, but beneath the dermis (see how I used a fancy dermatology word?).

I’ll keep updating with photographs from time to time and at the one month mark I go back into Dr. Fitzgerald’s office for an after photo so that hopefully the juxtaposition of photos taken at the same angles in the same lighting will bear evidence to any real change.

Oh, the travails of the entitled blogger.  

I’m off to have myself cloned for the greater good of the West Los Angeles Dermatological community.

They’re finally here! My Ultherapy Before and After Photos!

38 thoughts on “Ultherapy Part 2 aka Countdown to my Ultherapy Before and After Photos”

  1. So you think you can mom?

    I think you looked fabulous a week before and fabulous a week after! Does that make you Double Fab? I think so!

    1. Thanks you. I do like how I look now, but I’m trying to hit the Pause button on aging. I know. I know. I’m judging myself too.

      1. Hi!! What products are u using on your face to slow the aging process since your ultherapy? ?? U look wonderful! !

        1. Like you, i had ultherapy. Like you, it did change my face and made me wish i did not have it. It is possibly 1.5yrs after, and the thing i did not like at all is that my eyes have become hooded, older, tired (someone thought i had eye surgery to put a hood on my Asian eyes) and smaller. I was pretty too. 1.5yrs in and am doing face yoga and eye muscle exercises- i think it is working,my eyes are starting to look more lifted, less tired. Hoping that whatever ulthera is still doing to my face will be directed buthe exercises. And waiting, waiting that further down, it will still make me look better.

  2. You are doing us all a public service. Thanks for being so willing to post the photo evidence. 🙂

  3. I think your face looks pretty and plumped, but isn’t it funny how we don’t focus on the positive ( you look radiant) but the negative? *chuckle, we all do it… You really do look fab, quit being so hard on yourself! Can’t wait to continue to see the changes, thanks for the update!

    1. Thanks Sue. What was rather wonderful was that Dr. Fitzgerald noted how much lovely face fat I have, which is great after 40. This is an inspiration to continue enjoying cheese, chocolate and the odd brioche.

  4. I would love to have that procedure done. You look amazing any which way you look at those before and after pics. Hugs to you!!!!

    1. Desiree I just fell in love with you. You have the kind of sweet face I just couldn’t see “ass” coming out of. Does that sentence even make any sense? Yes that first picture scared the crap out of me. I’m like a female Son of Sam. One eye is slightly crossed. WTF?

  5. I’m compiling a list of non-surgical procedures that I will want done in the future and now this is one of them. Thank you for your honest opinions.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing your progress because I am interested in this procedure as well.

    I read on some forums that this hurt, which kind of surprised me. Did they give you pain meds first?

  7. I think that under your neck looks firmer, that’s what I need. I hate my waddle. I don’t have much, but at certain angles you can definately see it. Christ, I hate getting old!!!

    1. Hi Carol — yes, the waddle. It sounds so cute, like a duck’s walk, but fortunately we can’t see it without looking in a mirror. I wonder if people we’re happier before mirrors. Hmmm

  8. time is like a predator, stalking ,following, always after you, you walk , you run, you face it head on,but to no avail, it eventually pounces on you for the KILL!…..have a nice day..
    ps. you look great by the way. very pretty..

    the 1st pic looked like a few women i dated in my 20’s
    i was attracted for a while to pysco b’s from hell..
    that pic looked like “braking up with me?? oh i dont think so…ahhhhhhh!!

  9. Are you kidding me? I be over the moon looking like you do in your 1st photo!!

    Loved your comment: “I do like how I look now, but I’m trying to hit the Pause button on aging.”

  10. sheesh, the “I be over the moon”…was to read I’d be over the moon 🙂
    I do know how to speak, honestly.

  11. I think what would make this even more intriguing is if you had another example…maybe choose a commenter on your blog. Maybe a more difficult case who would be willing to put herself through this for the sake of others…

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