Risky Sex = Hot Sex!

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Sex Columnist David Matheson says “Public Sex” is the hottest, which includes car sex. Photo by Beth Sanders Photography.
Have you ever had sex in a shark tank? Well you should!

A recent article on Health.com touted, “Getting Risky” as one of the best ways to have phantasmagorical orgasms .

The article suggested hiking (and fornicating) in precipitous climes with your partner.

Because risks can create an orgasmic whopper.

Unfortunately, all this brought to mind for me was the recent story of a disgruntled bride who promised her new husband “a surprise” while they were hiking and proceeded to push him off a cliff to his death.

I suspect there were no orgasms involved in that particular jaunt.

Then one can’t help but think of Monica Bellucci’s tryst with Clive Owen in the fantastically awful film, Shoot ‘Em Up.

Clive managed to give Monica an orgasm whilst shooting eight armed assassins.

I’ve discussed this possibility with my husband Henry, and while he’s certainly capable, he just felt the body count was too high.

In all seriousness, I can’t dismiss this risky sex tip out-of-hand.

Since the onset of the Child Plague, my sex with Henry has been confined to our bedroom after (we hope) our kids are asleep. Then, just like Elmer Fudd, we have to be vewy vewy quiet.

Which often leads to Zzzzzzz.

So one night, not too long ago, I decided to take charge of the situation by hiring a babysitter to surprise my husband after the girls’ soccer practice.

She gave him a note from me, telling him to meet me at the lounge in the Avalon Hotel for drinks.

Oh. “And we don’t know each other.”

What ensued was an incredibly sexy “first date” between “Paul” and “Crystal.”

We got off to a rocky start when Paul decided we’d both been in the porn industry, but managed to get past it.

Crystal had used her earnings as an adult performer to get her two sons through school (even if they think she’s their sister, not their mother) and Paul eventually left the producing end of the business to invest in the stock market.

He’d also had an interesting, but painful childhood, wherein his father had been one of the first blimp pilots, which was fun, the only trouble being he had a “blimp girl” in every “blimp port,” whom Paul referred to as the “Blimpees.”

The Blimpees spelled disaster for his parent’s marriage.

After dinner, “Paul” and “Crystal” found their way to a very risky locale to have sex. Which was the back of their minivan parked on Beverly Drive at 11 p.m. on a Thursday.

The whole time (at least three minutes) they feared they’d be busted by Beverly Hill’s finest. Which made for the Best. Orgasms. Ever.

What risky business will you try?

(Addendum: “risky sex” does not include unprotected sex) Don’t be shy, the story you tell may help someone else. And go…!

4 thoughts on “Risky Sex = Hot Sex!”

  1. I shall start with some random thoughts. 1) the bride who pushed her new hubby, you never know, she may have gotten off on that. 2)”whilst” and I thought you were from LA – the world is turning British – which is not necessarily bad. 3) “minivan parked on Beverly Drive at 11 p.m.” I do hope it was not a cargo van with no windows. You need all of that fog – no one can see but they know you are in there.

    This was reminiscent of another recent blog of yours (brought back Coit Tower to my mind). I am glad you brought the idea of risky sex from death defying to role playing (clandestine meeting between two strangers) and you might get caught. Consider a rendezvous at a hotel, get a room on the top floor, and see what you can do in the elevator before you get to the room – a glass one would even be better.

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