May 23rd is National Vixen Day

I’ve caved in and am reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series.  

Henry has had to start taking vitamins to keep up with me. The books are so BAD.

The heroine, Anastasia Steele (yes, I know) considers herself to be plain and ordinary (this, btw was an exercise in copying the Twilight format), but has somehow managed to attract Christian Grey who is:

1. Richer than the Kardashians.

2. Irresistibly wounded from a tragic childhood, which he manfully survived.

3. A firecracker with a kinky twist in the Red Room of Pain. Thwakah!

4. Madly in love with the heroine even though he’s never been able to love any other woman before her.

5. Also, he prefers brunettes to blondes (indicating a depth of integrity).

6. He flies a helicopter.

7. He flies a glider.

8. He speaks French.

9. He plays classical piano.

10. He has an impressive playlist on his Ipod.

11. He never gets tired of seducing Anastasia three to ten times a day.

And let us not forget…

12. He’s better looking than anyone in the entire world.

Yes, I am reading this tripe. And while my literate, sophisticated, discerning side is appalled by all the heroine’s exclamations of Whoa! Wow! Woo Hoo! I’m still reading it and feeling like an elderly vixen.

So, I hereby declare today, May 23rd, National Vixen Day.

Take a smoldering photo of yourself. Let me know where you’ve posted it and I will link to it from this page. What say you? Will you join me fellow vixens??

Oh, we have one … yes we do, the Frugalista has posted her vixen photo HERE.

Failing a photo — can you at least reveal your vixen name?

My vixen name is Sensualidad Sabrosa!

17 thoughts on “May 23rd is National Vixen Day”

  1. If I can drag myself through the showering process, I will attempt the Vixen shot. I just wish I had time to get my eyebrow waxed. I got the car waxed instead yesterday.

    But I love this idea.

  2. No vixen photo of me ever comes off anything but “circus clown” but I’ll bite with my Vixen name! Hmmmm, let’s see…how about Astoria Wildervixen? Can I use the suffix “vixen” in my vixen name?

  3. I think I just needed more notice. Or maybe it’s just me. I ran into a friend in the frozen fish section of Trader Joe’s. She said, “How are you?” I burst into tears. More wet mop than vixen today.

    But you’re vixen enough for at least the two of us. (And you must take that as a compliment.)

  4. I’m not as vixenesque as my husband would like me to be; as I type this, our oldest child is STILL awake and the only thing I want to get frisky with is my own pillow as my head tosses and turns and goes to SLEEP! But your post made me laugh because I haven’t read the books but I’m picturing the Dos Equis guy!

  5. Haha. Does the photo of myself in a swimsuit posted on FB count as a Vixen shot? Or maybe that’s a photo that should have remained in the closet : )

  6. Oh, I wish I saw this post before I posted on your other post.
    Post (I had to add that in there).
    I think you can appreciate it when I say ‘Anyone who is inspired by S Meyers needs a good beating with Moby’s Dick’

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