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5 Things Older Women Know That Young Women Don’t

I was minding my own business, tweezing my eyebrows using a high powered magnifying mirror, capable of lighting up the crevices of your aging face like floodlights used to interrogate Colombian drug kingpins during the Pablo Escobar era, when I saw it.

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Danielle, Embracing Beauty Despite Breast Cancer (LYBN)

“I felt a small lump in my breast in February 2014. When I saw my oncologist and all the results were in, I was told that I had Stage-4 metastatic breast cancer …

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I said, “I’ve Never Felt More Attractive.” He said, “I Don’t Believe You.”

My un-Botox-ed brow furrowed and I felt compelled to ask my equally middle-aged male compatriot whether or not he was at the apex of his juiciness …

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What Makes Me Feel Optimistic In A World Full Of Bad News

If you read my blog you know I’m capable of catastrophic Irish morbidity. Case in point. When my daughters strike an aloof attitude toward me as I leave the house, I have to muzzle myself from saying:   “You should

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