Girl on the Edge; a Powerful film about Healing from Date Rape

I’ve written extensively about escaping an attempted date rape in college in order to educate my daughters and other young girls about the red flags that might mean danger.

I realize, post Steubenville, that our girls are coming of age in a time where date rape is not only still a threat but, to add insult to injury, there is also the possibility of the crime being documented and disseminated on social media; creating a crucible of slut shaming and cyber bullying which has resulted in a recent spate of victim suicides.

Retaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott to name just two.

That’s why when my friend and filmmaker, Jay Silverman, asked me to write about his new film Girl on The Edge; the true story of a close family friend who was date-raped at 14 and slut-shamed for it on social media. I said I’d be thrilled to help raise awareness for the film. (this is NOT a sponsored post)

The film follows heroine, Hannah, from her date rape and the social media bullying that followed, to her descent into drugs, alcohol and self-harm. Until her parents stage an intervention and send her to the real-life Uinta Academy;, a treatment facility that uses equine psychotherapy, the use of horses, as one of their means to heal girls suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Have a look at the Girl on the Edge trailer; it boasts performances by Peter Coyote and sadly marks one of the last performances by the incredibly talented Elizabeth Pena:

Here’s just one of the glowing review of the film:

“Girl on the Edge is an authentic look deep down a precipice, not uncommon for teenagers navigating our increasingly complex society. It reveals how a horse, through its presence, sensitivity and language beyond words, can reflect the best in a person from the inside-out.
Who ever you are, no matter how shut down or emotionally shattered, the horse meets you there, with no judgement, and this film portrays the beauty of this healing connection.” ~ Cassandra Ogier, CEGE. (Founder & Director of The Reflective Horse.)

My goal in writing this post for Jay, is to create a groundswell of support for the film so it can find the distributor it deserves. It’s currently out to film festivals, but it would be wonderful if you could follow the film on social media and help me get the word out!

girl on the edge

10 thoughts on “Girl on the Edge; a Powerful film about Healing from Date Rape”

  1. I was able to see the movie at a private screening. I found it true to life and full of hope. I am glad that you are putting the word out about this movie. It will raise the public awareness that there are places out there where traumatized girls can get the help and support they need. The stigma around girls that go to treatment centers needs to be eliminated as well. Thank you Jay for making this movie.

  2. While the movie properly provide a happy ending and the real life story behind this movie also, I have to say that I am worried. Back in 2005 ABC broadcasted “Brat Camp” which were based on a UK concept.

    Following this show a lot of teenagers were shipped into various treatment program without thorough examination based on the advices from educational consultants who were paid just as much from the treatment programs they referred to as the parents they were supposed to help.

    Teenagers died and even the wilderness program used in the TV show had to stop after a boy died there within a day of his arrival. While the treatment programs saw a lowered enrollment after many of the former patients became adults and started to speak out against their treatment the deaths continued to happen. A full year has not passed since the last victim – a boy – froze to death in North Carolina during a stay in a wilderness program.

    So I am worried that this movie will start a new wave of teenagers being sent to treatment programs just it went to well in a movie.

    1. Hi Manfred — This makes me believe that not all treatment programs are equal. It’s up to parents who send their children away to do their due diligence and make sure the treatment center has been properly vetted before taking such a drastic step. Thanks for your comment Manfred. This wasn’t an issue I’d considered.

  3. This was such a good movie. This needs to be in theaters asap. I’m not a victim of rape but I have been molested and this has actually helped me want to do some things to over come this burden I carry threw relationships and all… And how makes you feel like every guy just uses you for sex but you want to be loved as well because you love them. Man I love this movie

    1. Oh and it also has made me want to get help for knowing actually who I am and not having to do things just to numb the pain. Best movie ever and I will be sharing this

  4. We have been searching for a therapeutic place like this for our daughter. PLEASE PLEASE where can we find A place like this to help our daughter before she is give forced????

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