I See You’ve Managed To Get Your Nudes Out, Again!

Today’s Post is About Hubris

Excessive pride. Posting nude photos from 20 years ago got me on the cover page of the Women section on The Huffington Post.

Who knew all I needed to do was get naked? (Unfortunately, they also put up the photo of Henry and I looking a wee bit like plump river rats at Lake Havasu.)

I’ve been thrilled to read the comments on the Post. Most people seem to understand the message, which is Love Your Body Now.

Because when you look back 20 years hence, you’ll wish it was still yours. I remind myself when I nitpick my appearance that in 20 years, when I’m 66, I’ll love the body I currently reside in. And the beat goes on.

All of this to say, due to my excessive pride, I’m posting a few more nudes.

I’m chasing you down the street screaming, “Drop everything and look at my nudes! It’s all about me, me, meeeeeeeee!”

I will spare you any photos with nipples and, as my gay friend Jose calls it, “the boosh.”

Quick flashback to Jose viewing my nudes 20 years ago

“Hahny, what ees going on with that boosh? That boosh wheel feex the hole in the ozone layer. That boosh can replace all the oxeegen from the chop down trees in the Amazone. Can’t you treem eet? No one can get anywhere weethout a machete with that boosh!”

So here I am, for the last time (what do you mean you don’t believe me?), minus the boosh:


24 thoughts on “I See You’ve Managed To Get Your Nudes Out, Again!”

  1. LOVE. I never every looked like you did, but I am trying to take your advice to heart. It’s funny, so that I’m all post-baby bodied, I love my body, rolls and all. Yet when I weighed 100 lbs, I hated it. If only I could go back and appreciate myself then…

  2. Shannon,
    I loved your first article with it’s extremely important message- and I laughed out loud at the same time! Love the follow up!

    1. It’s funny you say that because it was really nerve-wracking. The poor photographer. I walked into the studio with my robe on and dropped it before I could change my mind. He hadn’t loaded the film into the camera yet and told me later he was working as fast as he could because he knew I was about to bolt. My heart was pounding the whole time. But when I finally saw the photos I realized I’d been focusing on one body part at a time instead of taking in the whole picture. Seeing myself whole. It was profound.

  3. You are a brave woman! LOL Congrats for being on the Huff Post! And if I had pics like that I’d be showing them to the world : ) Gorgeous!

  4. Betsy(in Ireland)

    Just discovered your blog thanks to HuffPost. You are hilarious. Reminds me why I miss my American girlfriends so much. You are channeling them!

  5. Betsy(in Ireland)

    You’re more likely to find creamed celeriac in England. Although they did make it for the Queen when she visited last May. And I’m sure your visit will be met with equal enthusiasm.

  6. In regards to any small helpings of fa…erm…protien retention I’ve added to my person over the years, I’ve justified by thinking of it as a cunningly contrived protective layer designed to cover my underlying spectacularly perfect body so that it doesn’t get scratched.

    1. I feel the same way myself. It’s always good to have some protective padding out there in the harsh world. Gotta keep that subcutaneous perfection safe.

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