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Tag "plastic surgery"

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Are Big Breasts Tastier than Intellectual Breasts?

My lovely guest poster (is that a word?) today, Carol Cassara has strong opinions about the value of plastic surgery. Although I could very well have been one of those unfortunates with plastic surgery gone wrong, I love my results. Yet

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My Browlift Before and After

It makes me crazy when celebrities over-45 attribute their youthful looks to “drinking lots of water,” or that old chestnut, “I’ve just got good genes” when behind the scenes they’re drinking the blood of virgin choirboys and having Work Done.

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My Ultherapy Before and After Photos to Come!

Like Nora Ephron I feel bad about my neck.  By referencing Nora Ephron, an accomplished filmmaker and novelist, I’m trying to suggest that even really smart accomplished women feel bad about their necks and I might be one of those.

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