“The literary equivalent of a summer night, a good friend and a gin-and-tonic: Shannon is a deft writer; a natural storyteller with a wicked turn of phrase and frighteningly specific memory...”

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You’re Never Too Old to Learn New Sex Tricks

“Henry and I had been married for 10 years when I made him meet me for a blind date …

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The Mothership Has Landed.

I have my first byline in “O” Oprah Magazine. Here’s a peek.

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Night Three: 101 Nights of Great Sex

My breasts were really quite put out. I’d already extorted six months of breast-feeding out of them back in 2005 …

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I Want Him To Dominate Me In Bed!

In bed I’m soft. Demure. Enticing as Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman, with doe-like come-hither glances and marzipan hair. I’m as tremulous as the surface of tea in a cup, perched on a plate, balanced on a stick,

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“The Ham Canyon”

Unbeknownst to me: I’ve been needing a strong dose of Sexually Inappropriate Shock Therapy because I’ve been in a rut. Get up. Kids to school. Huck a common-cold loogey out car window. Write about said loogey because readers want to

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When Sex Is More Meaningful Than Having The “Big O”

“Henry. Henry, wake up! We have to have sex.” “No, we don’t!” “Yes, we do. Now come on.” “I can’t.” “If the musicians on The Titanic could play their violas and cellos ’til the ship went down you can wake

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Promiscuity Changed My Life

I want to share one of my Life-Changing Moments inspired by: THE MOMENT: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories from 125 Writers and Artists Famous & Obscure In my mid-20s I went through a promiscuous phase. It wasn’t quite Pamela Des Barres’ I’m

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