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Beware the Black Hair! (5 Things Older Women Know That Young Women Don’t)

I was minding my own business, tweezing my eyebrows using a high powered magnifying mirror, capable of lighting up the crevices of your aging face like floodlights used to interrogate Colombian drug kingpins during the Pablo Escobar era, when I saw it. It was small, even demure, but it was there! … Keep Reading!

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Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care or The Zen of an Aging Neck

My version of organic anti-aging skin care isn’t what you’d expect… Over 40 we all have it. The body part we notice is a harbinger of our rendezvous with Death. (Oh, happy Monday!) Mine is my neck. My legs are

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When Is The Desire To Be Desired Too Much?

As a 46-year old woman I frequently blog about beauty and body image. I am not a role model. On the one hand I’ve done a series of fine art nude photgraphs and posts about loving my body now which

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The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

My third child, Winston.  He has nothing to do with turning 46, but I love him.  My milk came in when I held him. Today I’m 46.  Shit.  Forty.  Six.  (well, it was yesterday, but I just got around to posting).

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Why The Dental Suicide Rate is so High (Gestation: 32 Weeks, 2 Days)

I’m in the stage of pregnancy where I resemble a post-op frontal lobotomite. I spelled “of” “uv” the other day. I knew it looked wrong, but couldn’t figure out why.   I tried to introduce my mother to our pizza

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