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Skinny Postpartum Models

Gestation: 17 Weeks, 6 Days I was having a peaceful moment en toilette — belly bumping up against ballooning breasts, thumbing through a catalogue geared

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These Shoes Weren’t Made For Walkin’

Gestation: 17 Weeks Brand-new black pumps. When I put them on, I’m not a four-months-pregnant-mommy-of-a-toddler-with-a-stockpile-of-Preparation-H-and-Colase.   No. I’m La Femme Nikita … If her cigarette skirt had

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Lonely Mommy

Gestation: 15 Weeks, Six Days I’ve been cruising for mommy friends like a red-assed baboon during mating season. I have a neighbor with a son

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I Want To Barf!

Gestation: 15 Weeks What no one tells pregnant women is that the only way to abate the continual nausea that drones in your body, akin to

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Pregnancy Insomnia

Gestation: 12 Weeks, 6 Days I’m struggling with an intractable case of pregnancy insomnia. I haven’t wanted to write it down in black and white

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Pregnancy Musical Blues

Gestation: 12 Weeks, 4 Days I’m obsessed with The Sound of Music. I watch it compulsively, bursting into tears every time someone bursts into song.

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The Rabbit Died

Pregnancy: Month One CLICK BOOK COVER TO BUY! This Ain’t My First Rodeo.   As per nothing, I think I might be pregnant. I’ve been

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