A (Video) That Proves There’s More Than One Ideal Body Type

Ideal Body Type
(photo courtesy of Instagram)
I love the body image/acceptance movement that’s storming the virtual world.

Again and again we are seeing women of ALL ages, colors and sizes demanding a shift in the social paradigm that persistently sends women messages that they are NOT beautiful, healthy and lovable just as they are.

What does it mean to love our bodies now?

I’ve asked myself this question a lot since starting my Love Your Body Now series. My body is always a project I’m working on or thinking about.

The other day, as I did my morning weigh-in, I realized I was still five pounds shy of where I’ve arbitrarily decided I should be.

And in that moment I thought:

What if this weight is perfect for me at age 49?

What if I didn’t spend the day feeling like my body wasn’t behaving as perfectly as I’d like it to be?

What if, just for today, I lay down my weapons and decide my body isn’t an ongoing project, rather a magical, irreplaceable conduit for seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling my own experience in the corporeal world.

If I allowed that, maybe I would feel how much I love my body, how much I appreciate what it’s doing and has done for me my whole life.

I realized that is exactly what loving my body now means.

Thanking our bodies, no matter what size we are, or what physical challenges we have, for helping us experience this smorgasbord of adventure we call Life.

I love the beauty of all of the women in this video and how it perfectly transmits the message that while beauty is subjective, it is always present in all of us.

I give you Women’s Ideal Body Type Throughout History:

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