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Tag "The Asshat Recovery Program"

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5 New Asshat Recovery Articles on my Relationship Site. (Inc. Family-of-Origin Dysfunction)

I have five new articles on my relationship website. They cover kicking butt for your inner child, vanquishing unwarranted shame, pro-active tasks to figure out what to do with family-of-origin dysfunction and addiction to Asshattery. Click for links!

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Red Flags #5 and #6 That You’re Dating an Asshat!

My online #AsshatRecovery tutorial is up and running on my relationship site and I’m now taking clients who would like to ditch their Asshat and find real love. Pop over and have a look.

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The 3rd Red Flag You’re Dating an Asshat is LIVE on ShannonColleary dot Com

Excerpt: “Shortly after I left my last toxic lover, Mr. Cruelly Handsome, I developed a mad crush on a particularly gorgeous Frenchman who was my male roommate’s close friend. I’d heard the Frenchman was a rogue. Going through women like someone with the Avian Flu goes through Kleenex.” Keep Reading!

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A Potpourri of Married Sex and Asshat Advice From ShannonColleary.com

Hello Fair Reader. There are two of me now. My personal blog here and my relationship website where you’ll find the same ribald, inappropriate, yet hopefully helpful (?) advice about dating and marriage. Here’s what’s been going on over there: You’re Going

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5 Reasons You Have to Stop Seeing the Asshat as a Human Being

If you see an Asshat as a human being you’ll begin to miss the specific things you love about him, instead of focusing on the overall crappy way he makes you feel. Keep Reading!?

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Stop Psychoanalyzing the Abuser (Asshat), 5 Reasons You Can’t Change Him.

Are you an Asshat? Because I can fix you. If you’re a car, then I’m a mechanic. If you’re a computer, then I’m the Geek Squad. If you’re a porn star, then I’m the fluffer.

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