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How to be Handy in Bed (NSFW!)

“I figured, despite a mild case of carpel tunnel, that my hands could pinch-hit for my euphemistically titled Downtown Dining and Entertainment District.”

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How to Seduce Your Wife

“What could my Mother’s Day gift be? A Spanx trousseau which would make me feel like a slatternly bovine, and render me affronted, so I could lambast my husband with the misplaced anger I feel about everything else in my life.

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Night Three: 101 Nights of Great Sex

My breasts were really quite put out. I’d already extorted six months of breast-feeding out of them back in 2005 …

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How Married Sex Changed When I Cheated Death

Look at That Handsome Face I’m not sure what moon my cycle is in, or which lunar orbit is pivoting across the satellite of my luminescent chakras and third eye, but I’m feeling sentimental about my man. Henry turned 54

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Daring to Love

Here’s the problem with ice cream. You mean to eat it slowly so that your eating pleasure is in direct inverse proportion to ice cream’s legion, fat-propagating calories. But ice cream melts. You can’t eat it slowly unless you’re living

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