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Tag "Lingerie"

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The Shocking Truth about Women in Lingerie over 50 (Photos)

HuffPo 50 took photographs of 11 women ranging in age from 48-67 in their lingerie then asked them how do they feel sexy today as opposed to in their twenties. Their answers will uplift you … Keep Reading!

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Blog Break: I’m Writing a Book (Beware Asshats)

Excerpt: “The reason a woman over 50 posts photos of herself in lingerie on social media and her blog is that she’s fishing for compliments. She wants you to write stuff like, ‘You are one hot mama!’ or ‘The girls looks great!’ (‘the girls’ in thisShannon Bathroom 2 instance = boobs). Or, ‘How can you write so well when you look so good?’ (Which will offend some women, because the question presupposes that good female writers are unattractive, but it will not offend me.)” Keep Reading …

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Do These Panties Make me Look Fat?

The Granny panties. You know the ones, tall and white and slippery and just tight enough to give almost any ass the appearance of a broad pancake. The kind that should only be worn when you’re cast adrift on a raft from a sunken cruise liner, in order to flag down planes from a mile in the sky.

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