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My BlogHer 2013 Voices Of The Year “Sex” Talk Is Here (Video)

My BlogHer 2013 Voices of The Year keynote speech titled, “What I know about sex now that I’m in my 40s” is here.  I remember being much funnier and the audience laughing much louder than it would appear on this video.  Also, I can’t really stand to look at myself, but perhaps that’s just part of the human condition?

Even so I want to share a moment I stepped out of my comfort zone and how good it felt to try something new.  I tried to cue the video up so it starts on me, but am having technical difficulties.  My speech is just after Ann Imig (the sultry lady in green) so you may need to fast forward a few seconds. My speech is approximately 4 minutes long.

WARNING TO THE SQUEAMISH:  Thar be vaginas, flatulence and orgasms. And thank you BlogHer 2013:

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  1. Jamie@SouthMainMuse
    Jamie@SouthMainMuse 14 August, 2013, 11:57

    Loved it. Though now I’m officially in my 50s I can still relate to most of your hilarious points. Now if I could only remember what they were.

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