Brandon Lee, a Memoir

Brandon Lee Memoir

(Shannon and Brandon, Upland, CA. circa 1989)

Twenty-eight years ago, as of this writing, the trajectory to stardom was cut heartbreakingly short for promising young actor, Brandon Lee. Brandon was legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee’s charismatic son. He was carving a name of his own in film when another actor accidentally killed him on the set of the gothic, comic film The Crow.

I spent a year with Brandon before his rocket took off and this is the small part of his story that is mine as well. I remember you, beautiful boy. The following is excerpted from my book:

Smash, Crash and Burn: Tales From the Edge of Celebrity


April 1990

It’s one a.m. and I’m wiped out after a long waitressing shift for the Ahmanson Theater crowd in downtown L.A. I’m about to turn out the light over the clock radio when my phone rings.

I figure it’s my old college roommate calling after anchoring the eleven o’clock news at KSBW Monterey. Too tired to talk about her latest military romance, I let the answering machine pick up. My chirpy outgoing message grates on my nerves, then the long beep.

“Shan? Shannon, are you there?”

It’s Brandon. He doesn’t sound like himself.

His voice is weighted by sadness, urgent with some indecipherable fear. Adrenaline courses through me, I quickly pick up. “Hello?”

“You’re there.” He sounds relieved.

“Yes. Are you okay?”

“I don’t know. I was listening to John Lennon, you know … to Beautiful Boy … the song about his son …”

Brandon’s crying, which he’s never done in front of me. He’s larger than life, given to grand gestures and grandstanding. He’s confident, cocky and romantic, but rarely vulnerable.

“I miss my dad,” he says brokenly, “Can you come over?”

“I’ll be right there.”

Banging the phone down, I yank on my sweats and grab the glasses I wear when I’m not wearing contact lenses. I jump in my shoe-skate Honda and pull out of my garage in sixty seconds flat. Rescuing people is my religion.

When I arrive I find Brandon in his bedroom huddled under his heavy duvet. He looks like a small boy, with dark smudges under his eyes. “Hey, sweetheart,” I say.

“Come here,” he holds his hand out to me. I climb into bed next to him, put my arms around him. I notice the TV is on.

“What are you watching?”

“My dad’s funeral.”

Footage from a VHS tape of his father’s ceremonial funeral in Hong Kong sixteen years earlier plays onscreen. In the grainy footage Bruce Lee’s corpse rests in an open casket displayed to all in a throng-filled square that’s a paparazzi/media circus. White silk shrouds his body, revealing only his waxen, expressionless face.

Photographers shove to get pictures. Security holds back fans.

Brandon’s mom, Linda, wearing short brown hair, maintains a stoic expression behind dark sunglasses until she’s led to the casket and sees her husband. There she breaks down.

It’s strange to see this iteration of Linda.

The Linda I know is cheerful, bubbly and blonde. She keeps a welcoming, humble ranch home in the Palos Verdes and is a low-key mom with her feet planted firmly on the ground. Not the tragic, public widow in this newsreel.

Next there are shots of Brandon, aged eight, and his little sister Shannon, then four, hoisted up by handlers so they can look down at their father in his coffin.

They seem bewildered. Incapable of processing the madness of the situation let alone the fact of their dad’s death.

“You can’t watch this anymore,” I say. “You’re just torturing yourself.” I get out of bed and turn off the TV. Brandon doesn’t try to stop me or argue with me.

“Will you stay with me?” he asks.

“Of course I will.”

I climb back in bed. Kiss his face. Hold him. “Don’t leave,” he says in a way that makes the hair stand up on my neck.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I murmur like a vow. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

It’s quiet for a while. Brandon’s breathing evens. His body relaxes.
I think he’s fallen asleep. Then he says like a mantra, like a prayer, “I’m going to die young. Younger than my dad did.”

“Don’t say that!” I scold. “You’re going to live to be a very, very old man.”

But I’m wrong. Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong on July 20th, 1973 in his rumored mistress’ apartment from brain edema, a possible reaction to a painkiller.

The coroner’s report said, “Death by misadventure.” He was thirty-two years old.

Brandon will die twenty years later on March 31st, 1993 in Wilmington, North Carolina when a dummy bullet penetrates his abdomen and lodges in his spine while shooting a scene from the gothic-comic film The Crow. He will only be twenty-eight years old.

Hollywood, June 1989

I’m an aspiring actress (and, as night must follow day, also a waitress) hanging out at The Cat and Fiddle pub on Sunset Boulevard with the cast of an Equity-waiver play called Fullfed Beast, written and directed by John Lee Hancock.

Later Hancock would go on to write and direct films like The Rookie and The Blind Side, but at the moment is struggling for work like the rest of us.

My friend Robin, who is the makeup artist for the play, invited me to the after-party. I watch the actor named Brandon Lee shoot pool. Robin told me earlier that he’s Bruce Lee’s son, which I thought was kind of cool. But it wasn’t until he walked onstage, chock-full of charisma, that my heart throbbed like a teeny-bopper at a David Cassidy concert circa 1975.

He played Flea, a hard-edged incarcerated criminal, and I sat in the front row of the audience so close to him I could’ve plucked the cigarette he inexpertly sucked right out of his mouth.

But whenever I approach Brandon at the pub he keeps leading me over to his best friend, Bill, then dashing off. I’m not interested in Bill, who looks a lot like me, blonde, blue-eyed, familiar. It’s Brandon I find dreamy. To me he’s exotic, fine-boned, hazel-eyed, with dark brows and hair. He moves like a sinuous cat.

As the night winds down I’ve given up my Brandon quest.

I sit at a table despondently finishing my beer when I feel two hands placed on either of my shoulders. I lean my head back and look up to find Brandon’s face looking down into mine. “Are you flirting with me?” I demand.

“Am I flirting with you?” He seems to consider the idea for the first time, teasing me a bit. “I guess I am.”

“Good,” I say with a confidence I wish I had when it came to auditions. I’m always very confident with men, right up until the moment I fall in love with them, after which I become a nervous wreck.

Having recently broken up with my college sweetheart, I hope I’m done with Love and will remain as simultaneously aloof and amorous as a female Errol Flynn. Two minutes later I’m on the back of Brandon’s fast-flying motorcycle grabbing on to this leather-jacketed wild-child for dear life.


The first thing I notice when his motorcycle rolls up the long, cracked-cement driveway to his bungalow house is the 1959 Cadillac hearse.

“You own a hearse?”

Brandon shoots me a mega-watt, chipped-tooth smile, “It’s great for camping.”

“You’re not doing the whole James Dean thing are you? The leather jacket, the boots, the motorcycle, a hearse?”

“Baby, I’m a lot more original than James Dean.” Opening his front door with a flourish he says, “Welcome to my humble abode.”

Entering his chicly ramshackle, tiny craftsman Silver Lake home is like entering a seductive, Oriental universe. Asian scarves are casually draped over thrift-store lampshades. Japanese folding screens dissect the rooms. Chopsticks rest in a bamboo kitchen drying rack. Brandon sashays about the room lighting a studiously haphazard array of candles. I’ve never seen a boy move with such grace and flare.

Books by Sartre, Camus, Ayn Rand and Stanislavsky litter makeshift bookshelves.

VHS tapes of Last Tango In Paris, A Clockwork Orange and Harold & Maude sit on top of his VCR. The walls are whitewashed, the beaten up hardwood floors covered with threadbare Persian rugs.

He’s got the whole eclectic, mysterious, artsy actor-thing down to a T, I think. It’s working. Weak knees? Check. Sweaty palms? Check. Butterflies in stomach? Check, and we’re ready for lift off.

“This is Mister Wim,” Brandon says, indicating a sleeping gray tabby curled attractively on a throw pillow, perfectly punctuating the scene.

“He’s like Jack Kerouac,” says Brandon, working a perhaps over-rehearsed reference. “He’ll disappear for days and just when I think he’s dead, that’s when he comes off The Road, hung-over and hungry.”

“This house is major chick bait.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Would you like to accompany me into the den?”

“The den? Or your woman lair?”

“Decide for yourself.”

We step into an enclosed patio graced with a vast, inviting beanbag chair. Really more of a bean bag bed. I can’t help but laugh. “After you, milady,” he offers the beanbag like a Seventeenth Century highborn baron-robber straight off the set of The Three Musketeers.

I sit and am instantly vacuum-sucked into the center of the beanbag, ostensibly trapped.

Trying to reposition myself, I grunt and strain, which only manages to further entrench me in a sea of cascading beans.

“Maybe this’ll help,” says Brandon and he plops right down next to me, catapulting me straight into his arms.

We’re both laughing. For all his hip, I’m-a-cool-eclectic-dude duds and home furnishings he has a surprisingly goofy laugh. It’s endearing and uncontrived.

“May I?” he asks, leaning in.


He kisses me. It’s a sweet kiss. It asks permission and makes no assumptions. I return his kiss, which turns out to be more than a kiss. It’s an invitation into his life. For one brief year Brandon Lee will be my beau.

March 31, 1993

On the day Brandon dies I work the lunch shift at a Santa Monica restaurant called Ocean Avenue Seafood. It’s an ordinary day.

But when I get home around three o’clock there are twenty-three messages on my answering machine. My first thought is that my dad’s had a heart attack. His doctor’s want him to have open-heart surgery and he simply refuses.

With quick-sweating palms I push the message button. It isn’t until the fifth message that I realize what’s happened.

The first four messages are ambiguous condolences from friends, but the fifth message mentions Brandon. “I’m so sorry about Brandon Lee,” says a co-worker. “You dated him once, didn’t you?”

I click on the news and Brandon’s the headliner.

I haven’t seen or spoken to him in two years and three months. I wonder why people are calling me? He isn’t in my life anymore. He doesn’t matter to me.

But that night I have the closest thing to a panic attack I’ve ever had. My heart won’t stop pounding. I can’t catch my breath. My brain is invaded by horror-movie images of Brandon’s shocking death.

Thus begins my year of magical thinking: I believe wholeheartedly that Brandon sought Fame to step out from under his father’s shadow and the price of Fame was his life.

July 1989

It’s two in the morning. A knock at the door of Brandon’s house startles us awake. Quicker than I can open my eyes he’s moved off the bed and nimbly picked up a baseball bat he keeps by the door of his bedroom.

“Be careful,” I whisper, but he’s gone.

I listen nervously for sounds of violence in the living room, wondering what I’ll do if I actually hear any. I search for a weapon I can brandish other than my tennis shoes when I hear a woman’s voice, emotional, urgent …

End Excerpt …

The remainder of this Brandon Lee memoir is in Shannon’s Book, “Smash, Crash & Burn: Tales From the Edge of Celebrity.” 

Praise for the Book:

“It’s the literary equivalent of a summer night, a good friend and a gin-and-tonic.

“Shannon is a deft writer; a natural storyteller with a wicked turn of phrase and frighteningly specific memory. (David Schwimmer’s acting class antics are hilarious!)

“As someone who was also a young adult in the ’80s and ’90s, I felt like I was visiting the parallel universe I’d only wondered about: What happens when you have a brain AND big hair — when you want to be An Actor but everyone wants you in Spandex?

“My favorite parts, though, are when Shannon reveals — without a drop of sentiment — the deep pain and losses in her childhood that drive her into wanting to be Somebody. Well worth reading! ~ Greg Thompson/writer-producer Bob’s Burgers

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  1. your words always manage to bring me to tears. I was immersed in your retelling of your adventure with him and my heart breaks as much for her mom as for you and everyone who loved him.

    1. When I think of Linda, his sister, and his fiancee it makes me heartsick, especially now that I am a wife and a mother. There are no words for that kind of loss.

    2. I hope that this reply is put at the top, where I wanted to have it put. First, when my husband and I married 25 years ago, he was very, very handsome and intelligent: Spoke and still speaks 5 languages. I remember when we were engaged, all these old girlfriends, and just female friends kept calling him. I would just hand him the phone to let him tell them that he was getting married and to stop calling. Basically to leave him alone; it sounded better coming from him. I didn’t know them. I am so happy that they didn’t go to the internet and start putting up this type of stuff. I believe that if Brandon was still alive, this person “Shannon” would not be doing this type of stuff, or maybe she is the type of woman that would anyway because she is doing it now. The fact is, she didn’t do this while he was alive. Point Taken. I can see now, that the women my husband used to be with had some type of self-respect and really left us alone without going to Social Media and putting up the history with my husband and their photos. And, then someone ask if Shannon was upset because Eliza didn’t invite her to the Memorial. If my husband passed away, what would invoke me to call other women to have the opportunity to say anything. This is totally weird. But, this is life in America and having Social Media. Shannon wanted this attention and “Look” now she has it.

    1. I hope I was clear. Michael Massee was an actor on the set who was supposed to shoot Brandon with a prop gun. Unfortunately there was still a bullet shard in the prop gun (which fired real bullets in a prior scene) that the prop master missed. So when Michael Massee pointed the gun at Brandon and pulled the trigger, Brandon was struck by a real bullet. It was a complete accident and I can’t imagine how long it must have taken for MM to mentally and emotionally recuperate from it.

      1. To this day, Massee refuses to watch the whole film. He did a short interview maybe three years ago, saying he still carries a feeling of responsibility for Brandon’s death. I can understand why to some extent, but after 20 years you’d think there’d be some kind of lasting closure over it. Then again, I’ve never shot anybody, even by accident…let alone a friend.

  2. You are a beautiful writer, and spin a bittersweet tale of young romance and tragedy, lost love and early death. You brought tears to my eyes. Please keep writing, as this is obviously your talent.

    1. Hi Joanne — thanks for your kind words. I’d really shut the door on that part of my life for a very long time. When I started writing this book and researching, going through old photographs, letters and journals I was surprised by the amount of emotion that overtook me. I always think of my past as the past, and that particular era of my life as the time I was growing-up so not to be taken too seriously, but everything accrues to make us who we are and each experience sticks on a cellular level.

      1. Even though, we all can research, and find many public things about Brandon Lee, it is said he was very private about certain things.. And, that this is why he liked and wanted to marry Eliza Hutton. Until this day, she has stayed away from Social Media. Why do you want to share so much private stuff about Brandon? I wonder what he would think since you and him wasn’t a couple anymore. I would like to be inside Eliza’s Head to wonder her thoughts on what you are doing here. She is too private to comment. But, what do you think of this? I don’t mean to be disrespectful but what I am asking is just what anyone would be wondering.

  3. Rosie Carrillo

    What a beautiful, sad, narrative! How very well you tell it! Very sorry for all who loved him.

  4. That was so beautiful. As always, your writing touches me. Thanks for sharing that beautiful memory.

  5. Sorry it took me so long to read, but it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing this intimate look into your life.

  6. Beautiful story that pays tribute.

    Young love is so real even when it’s brief. Brandon seemed like a special person who at the time you knew him struggled with a heavy burden. I did read that he did a 360 and changed much of his more wild traits and maybe you had a little to do with it.

    You should take some comfort in that he wasn’t alone when he died that you asked in your blog. If you do a check online his fiancée Eliza was at his side though his mother was unable to reach him before he died. I cannot imagine how that kind of loss would affect the rest of your life.

    1. Hi Jane — I found out much later that Brandon’s fiancee was with him at his passing and that did make me feel better. I suspect he found his peace in her at the same time he found success. Which is why it seems exponentially so unfair for him to be taken so abruptly and far too soon.

  7. rebecca trafford

    may i say this article has wowed me i went to jim morrisons grave last year on the 9th of october which just happens to be john lennons birthday this article has really wowed me that song beautiful boy has been in my head for days now and cudnt think why then i read this article what im saying shannon is ever since i went to jim morrisons grave which brandon also went too ive picked up on something from both men spirtual very haunting if u get my meaning wish i cud say more

    1. Hi Rebecca — thanks for reading and commenting. Brandon’s story is certainly haunting. It’s strange when you leave someone on the path of life and wonder, had they had the chance, who would they have become. But I try not to dwell. What happened to Brandon is simply something that can’t be summed up in words.

  8. I liked what you wrote. It’s filled with comedy, sadness & a fond remembrance of a good soul who died too young. The bat story made me laugh because I pictured the both of you shielding yourselves from it & Brandon using a broom to get it out of the room. I’m sorry that your relationship did not last as long as you may have originally liked, but the precious time you shared with Brandon can never be taken away from you. It may have been brief, but those memories will last a lifetime.

  9. I remember that day or really the daytime of that day. I worked in that hospital. I had just graduated UNCW and was job hunting and working at the hospital full time while I looked. It was like the wind was knocked out of the people that lived in Wilmington when he died. So unbelievably tragic. It still saddens me to remember it. Thank you for writing this. I didn’t know this side of him and it was nice to read. I am sorry for your loss.

      1. No… not everything was done. The firearm with the live round that ended such a young, promising, filled-with-hope, life… should have been checked and double-checked. In fact, if the firearm had been unattended for any amount of time before the filming of that fateful scene… it should have been emptied and refilled with certified blanks as a matter of safety protocol. NEVER… should anyone point and fire a weapon allegedly filled with blank ammo unless they’re 150% sure at the momnet of firing that blank ammo has indeed been inserted into the clip or firearm. A security check should have been performed on the firearm by 2 individuals immediately prior to its use in the scene. One precautionaary moment in time would have provided BRANDON the opportunity for a LIFETIME OF HAPPINESS, EXPERIENCE, FAMILY, FRIENDS AND MEMORIES. It’s truly amazing how one moment can alter future events so dramatically… and it certainly would have in BRANDON’S CASE. The death of BRANDON LEE in the film, “THE CROW” is a perfect example (aside from carelessness on the part of who was in charge of all firearms loaded with blanks), of “THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT.” Erik Draven’s soul found rest subsequent to avenging his girlfriend’s killers. Simultaneously, BRANDON LEE’S SOUL became unrested aand disturbed while his character’s soul found peace… as if some type of “YIN-YANG” balance was attained or being sought. How strangely ironic… AND EXTREMELY SAD AND TRAGIC. The film has established a cult following and epoch status… it will never grow old, as BRANDON will never grow old. One untimely death in a family, under unclear or unusual circumstances, is almost acceptable; two is suspect. The film is BRANDON’S legacy… but the reciprocal holds true a well- BRANDON is the film’s legacy. i visited “THE CAT AND FIDDLE” occasionally while attending music school and living in Hollywood, 94-95. How strange to learn that Brandon hung out there just a few years earlier.

        1. You are right. Everything wasn’t done that should have been done. It is sad that because of this recklessness that anyone could have died. Anyone.

  10. I just couldn’t stop reading this. I was an angsty teen when all of this happened. That was a lifetime ago, I forgot so much. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

  11. Hi Shannon. I remember you. 🙂 I was a part of the poker gang. Brandon spent his Wednesday evenings at my apartment playing poker for a number of years. I still keep in touch with just a handful of them. I miss those carefree days, and I still think of Brandon often. It was only last year that I could finally watch “The Crow”. That broke my heart.

    Your post was beautifully written. I found you through Denise’s BlogHer link on FB (I’m a mommy blogger with BlogHer). My friendship with Brandon and those crazy days seem like a life time ago. Take care, sweet girl.

    1. Hi Fiddledeedee — oh yes, Brandon loved his poker people. I’ll have to pop over and visit your site. Thanks so much for visiting mine.

  12. WOW!
    That was an incredible mini memoir.
    You’re an excellent writer.

    And.. OH MY GOSH!! That was 20 years ago?
    TWENTY?! Are you kidding me!?

    1. Thanks Cindy. I worked on this piece over the course of a year or so. I didn’t know what story I wanted to tell about Brandon. I began and stopped at least ten times. I have pages and pages of me trying to find the right words. It wasn’t until I found the note he left me in my memorabilia. I hadn’t read that note in almost twenty years and had forgotten about it. When I read it I just burst into tears because it really did capture what was great about us and it was so generous and loving after a break-up. He was a love.

    1. Hi Danielle — I do have more, but I’m just going to lay low about posting more. Not sure why, just feels right to keep some of my memories private.

      1. I totally understand…(but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed). 😉

        It’s nice to see how much you respect his memory!

      2. Exactly. All of this should have been kept private. I can definitely say I would never have put any of this private stuff up about Brandon Lee, if it was me. Especially, since he was getting married to someone else. I will read it because you are the one doing it.

      3. What are you talking about, to lay low. You are writing to get attention which I believe that would not have happened if Brandon was still alive. Why? Because either he broke up with you or, which I have my doubts, you broke it off with him. Something didn’t click. So, now you want to keep memories private. If so, why even start this type of seemingly behind the scene stuff. You are Not looking good here Shannon.

  13. Hello Shannon. I believe I speak for many in saying that I sincerely thank you for sharing such a rare heartwarming and personal tale about Brandon Lee which we would otherwise never get to hear. A story like this allows fans and people in general to have a more human intimate glimpse at who he was as a person. Its a priceless thing. We get to see a side that is endearing, vulnerable, yet very lively. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for letting me know it meant something to you Xavier. I was hoping it would leave people with a good feeling. He was something!

  14. Any chance to hear more about prepping for Burn This with Brandon or why you guys were you guys were bad in Edmond? Professional things that aren’t so private.

    Also when is your book out and where? And what’s in the rest of the book?

    1. Hi Jane — I can tell you why we were terrible in Edmond. Brandon was supposed to be playing a white, middle-aged, soft office worker who finally gets pushed over the edge and goes ballistic. Needless to say he was anything but a white, middle-aged, soft office worker type. He was a bit miscast. I was terrible in the role because, frankly the woman’s role was really underwritten – David Mamet (the writer) writes indelible men. I find his women to be lacking. “Burn This” was a much better fit and we both really loved working on it. My book is really a coming-of-age story encompassing the 7 years I was a waiter/actress and my chapter about Brandon is one part of it. There is some dishing about David Schwimmer – who I dated briefly and who was such a sweetheart (not a surprise I’m sure), Roman and Sophia Coppola, INXS etc. If you’d like to buy it you can download it here:

  15. Indeed Shannon. I think your story definitely adds another layer to an already fascinating figure like Brandon. Also, I had a chance to check out some of your other writings on the blog and I have to say I admire the organic approach you take. I’ll likely take a look at your book as well. Those early experiences as a young actress will surely be an interesting read. Lastly, if you ever need someone to contribute an animated intro or promo for a project I’d be glad to help. [=

  16. I think you did a really great justice with this article.
    I got a very clear picture of the raw and intense emotion
    from your article. I have been a fan of The Crow for years.
    I instantly, the first time I watched the movie became entranced
    by Brandon’s performance. I knew there was a more supernatural feeling to
    his untimely death. I feel a connection to this day with his presence. I’m just
    very mournful for his family and for you even after reading this. I hope you found some peace through your writing. It really is a beautiful peace.(:

  17. Very intriguing story. Your story did illustrate why actors aren’t very well suited to each other.

    The Crow was such a ironic film in ways that you outlined in your story. Your time working and knowing Brandon seemed to be at a time he struggled. I am interested in knowing if Brandon was doing film work at the time you were acting? It’s weird that he would spend time with a acting group when surely he had such opportunities as Bruce Lee’s son.

  18. Hello Shannon. Wonderful story and very touching. I’d like to know how Brandon Lee was cast to play to such a bitter character as Eric Draven that had nothing to do with him.

    1. Hi George — I think the character of Eric Draven must have been a lot of fun for Brandon to play. Gothic. Beautiful. And memorable.

    2. Eric Draven may have been bitter, but he was also all about love and avenging the death of his true love. You have to look past the surface to see to the heart of it. Eric had a lot of love in him and if you really watch the movie, you will see it come out in a lot of little ways and by the end of the movie, all that’s left is the love. <3 Above everything else, that's what Eric Draven was about.

      Love this article. Always loved Brandon and was so sad when he was taken from us so young. You're quote (Shannon) from him about him dying younger than his dad was just haunting. Such a tragedy. 🙁

  19. I heard BL was pretty depressed on The Crow set and he would often compare himself to Jim Morrison and James Dean to close friends and would quote the tragic The Sheltering Sky on Crow press interviews. He also scheduled his marriage just to match Eric Draven’s one. He even pretended to be dead in the bathroom while filming the movie once.

  20. I was in an acting class with Brandon. There’s an exercise called a “Private Moment” where the actor does something they do while alone: put on make-up, shave. Nothing racy. For Brandon, though, it was an opportunity. He gets on stage, takes off his clothes and starts to masturbate. The teacher quickly stopped him. I always wondered why as I saw brilliance in such an action. He was a good guy. He thought I was funny and wanted to hang out but we never did as I was working two jobs and never had any free time. John Lee Hancock is perhaps the nicest person I’ve ever known. I wish Brandon were still around. I wonder what he’d be doing and what he would have grown to be.

    1. Aj — Brandon told me that story about masturbating for his private moment and I thought for sure he had to be exaggerating because it seemed too outlandish even for him. But now I have a witness. Hilarious.

    2. A.J.~ That epic moment will be in brandons biopic…Bill Allen told that funny story & dared bran to do it.Bran had a crush on Lynne Katzellas & wanted to show off his junk.

        1. Brandon & Slim were one upping each other in class.Bran was kicked out for the dragon unveiling.Bill was pardoned & allowed to return.Lynne was quite the hot one mami, bran was definitely HOT FOR TEACHER!

    3. This is just weird and mental. Masturbating on stage. I wouldn’t even tell anyone this action. Is this really is true? If this is true, it would not be considered funny. It would be considered to be very, very, arrogant and mental.
      But, something I keep saying on this Blog is that I didn’t know these people. I didn’t know Brandon, Eliza, Shannon, or his mother and sister. None of them did I know. But, only if this is true, then, this action of Brandon, it is something not to be proud of by doing.

  21. Sharon Henderson

    So were you mad at Eliza for not letting you go to the memorial? If you look at the timeline it appears you were his last gf before they met. It’s pretty crazy to think about if you took hkm back or tried to make it work they may not have never gone out. He didn’t seem like the cheating type.

    1. Hi Sharon — no I wasn’t mad at Eliza, just disappointed. She was a woman who had her greatest love and promising future ripped cruelly away from her. I could not imagine the pain she must have been in. I’ve heard via friends that she did finally marry and has a child. I fervently hope she’s found happiness and peace.

      1. Tony from the studio store

        Lisa (Eliza) is an incredible person and she completed Brandon. I worked at the Studio store on the Fox lot where she would come in and brighten up the store daily with those dimples, bright smile and sparkling personality. It was easy for Brandon to fall in love with her. She was the kindest, sweetest young lady you could ever meet. I remember the glow on her face when she came in to tell me the news of her engagement. I also remember when she brought Brandon in and he was so down to earth, cool, funny and just a dude a real dude. I enjoyed hearing about his preparation for his roll in the Crow and how excited he was to begin filming. He was so full of life and was beaming. They were so in love and really complimented each other. I will never forget the day I met him.

        Sadly, I will never forget the day Lisa came in after the tragedy. I never saw her smile again. I have never witnessed someone experience such a loss since my mother lost her brother in the 70’s. My mom was wailing for hours. Lisa looked like she had been crying everyday every hour on the hour. My heart went out to her. I just couldn’t make any sense of it. She was a special kind of sweetheart that was rare and full of light. It looked like her spirit just left her after that. I’m sure you could imagine.

        Lisa, where ever you are, I love you and thank you for brightening up my days every time you walked into the store. I hope you have found peace and happiness. I’m aware that you have moved forward with a family. May God bless you.

        1. Tony thank you for leaving your beautiful remembrances of Brandon’s true love here. I cannot imagine what she must have been through. It seems cruel and all wrong that two people who were meant to have a long, loving life together were cheated of that. You have brought Lisa to life for me in your description. Thank you.

      2. I would never reach out to old girlfriends to invite them to anything my husband and I are doing. Especially not to his funeral or anything. This is crazy.. Just doesn’t make any sense. I don’t do this stuff in my real life today.

    2. It definitely wasn’t her place to have any emotions about anything. If I was Eliza, why in the world would I want this person at my Memorial. For What? Her emotions would not be my problem.

  22. I noticed you worked on a John Lee Hancock play. I’m a big fan of his. Can you remember any plays of his you or Brandon worked on or attended? I’d love to have seen them.

    1. Hi Frank — John was and is an incredible writer. I performed in a show where we all did our own work so I never performed in anything he wrote, but I just remember what an incredible voice he had. He was particularly adept at writing women and obviously his body of work speaks for itself.

  23. Have you ever been to his grave? Do you think it would bring you any peace? You were so beautiful by the way!! And probably still are not ‘former’. I can’t wait to read your book is it available on Amazon? You’re an amazing writer. Have you read the book written by Linda’s second husband that was unauthorized? He talks about how Brandon nearly died several times on his motorcycle and refused to wear a helmet.

  24. Any plans to publish a hard copy ? Had a few issues downloading through my kindle where it did not lay out right. Was Brandon really into martial arts? I keep reading how he hated doing it and didnt train much in it. I Would love to read more about your run ins with other celebrities. The INXS blog was so funny.

    1. Hi Jane — I’m the process of finding a publishing house for my book. It should download well into any computer/reader. I’ll contact Amazon and try to figure out what’s up with that. And FYI I never saw Brandon practice martial arts the year we were together, however I’ll never forget the night we were walking out of a restaurant and apropos of nothing he executed a spin kick, kicking the canopy of a willow tree a good two feet above his head. I just remember thinking, “Where the heck have you been hiding that??”

  25. Hi Shannon. I have an odd and interesting question. What cologne or fragrance do you remember Brandon wearing during the time that you guys dated? They say that sometimes a fragrance, scent or smell can trigger a memory. A time and or place. When my grandmother passed away some few years ago, Whenever I come across her perfume (My Sin by Lanvin), I’m taken aback and smile. Have you ever come across what Brandon used to wear? (If he wore any cologne that is) Hope you respond! Beautiful remembrance. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Chad — I actually don’t think Brandon wore any cologne. He just smelled naturally good. I do think of him on a brisk morning in the mountains because we went to his family’s Big Bear home frequently and once went camping together in Bishop, California carrying backpacks and a pup tent. He was really into nature.

  26. Bran was an extraordinarily Original young cat. loved the beautiful way you spoke of him & remember him.I felt you were very candid in your raw unbridled memories & feelings of him & for him.Your a remarkable human being.I truly enjoyed every single word.I wanted you to know that Lou Diamond Phillips & Bill Allen wrote a remarkable screenplay about Brandons Epic Journey.Its in the funding stages but Im elated for it to be Devoured by todays gloomy generation & digested by the masses.Bran is remembered in as many wonderful ways as there are human beings whos lives were directly & indirectly affected.Thank you for sharing 🙂 Your a Goddess!

    1. Hi Joel — I love that description of Brandon, “an extraordinarily original young cat.” That is for sure. I can still see him sauntering away from me in his leather jacket and boots through the manicured low hedges of my first home in the Clinton Manor Garden apartments off Melrose. They were all 1950s bungalows with bay windows you could just picture Marilyn Monroe peeking out of. That boy had swagger.

  27. Hi Shannon.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories of Brandon. I loved the part about the bat 🙂 Too funny! Do you know what Brandon’s thoughts were on his dad’s death? Did he ever say what he thought was the cause? I have read somewhere he didn’t believe what the autopsy notes stated was the cause of death. Any info on this would be appreciated. Again, Thanks for sharing your fond memories of a great man who i hope has found peace with his father. I hope too you have found peace love and happiness in your life!

    1. Brandon never spoke about his dad’s death in a speculative manner. I don’t think he, at 9, had any more information about that than the general public. Unfortunately it remains an Unsolved Mystery. But I can attest to the fact that Brandon loved and missed his dad deeply.

  28. What do u think of Bill Allen & LDP making a film about Bran?Any tjoughts,wishes,wants,any thing u want to see in the film?Did you know Lou

    1. Hi Joel — I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other. I know Bill was one of Brandon’s very closest friends so perhaps he’ll do a good job. I only met LDP once at a party at his home and just remember thinking he was completely down-to-earth and welcoming. He seemed like a very lovely guy.

  29. What kind of movies did U2 kids watch?Where did you go grocery shopping? 🙂 Its no secret,Bran came from an affluent upbringing,grew up in & around affluence,do you think that caused Guilt in him? Or Curved his desires?I mean he did Struggle & loved it but was all that struggle really necessary for him to Grow?He could of succeeded on his last name alone.Most actors like The Sheens,The Douglas kids,Macqueens,Sutherlands…all those kids did.

    1. Hey Joel — Brandon introduced me to some wonderful films like “Harold and Maude.” I don’t recall where we grocery shopped, but we frequently took his motorcycle to Chinatown to have Dim Sum. And finally, I never felt his family was incredibly affluent. They lived quite simply and definitely flew under the radar. Brandon’s little house in Silverlake was charming and simple.

  30. Hi Shannon!

    Would we have seen your acting work anywhere? And why did you give up acting or do you still act?

    1. Hi Jane — the reason I gave up acting is because you CAN’T see any of my work anywhere, because there was so little. I had a scene in Revenge of the Nerds 3, was also on Flying Blind (with Tea Leoni) and some show, the name of which I can’t even remember, with Billy Bob Thorton, Markie Post and the lovely Jack Ritter. I did several music videos i.e. Jodie Watley, Was Not Was, INXS, GUns N Roses and I did several independent films. My favorite job was playing Madge in Picnic on the east coast. But I absolutely could not support myself as an actress.

  31. You mean once the film comes out you dont want to see it? The film is a way Humanize Bran to a generation that doesnt know him,At All.Were Galvanizing all his family & friends getting him a long OVERDUE Star on the hollywoof walk of fame.I hope you will be there 🙂 You have to have an opinion about that.

  32. Hollywood Walk Of Fame Next To His Dads Star In Front Of Groumans Chinese (Star Petition)

  33. Shannon,great story, i wish you could write a book with 1.000 pages about the one year you spend with Brandon, you said that River phoenix saw you on a play with Brandon? Can you rememeber the year?
    Did Brandon smoke a lot when you were a couple?
    What you did with your story is great,what is better?? to forget Brandon because he was a ”private person” or to tell stories about him and keep his spirit in some way alive? i am sure the seoond is right and i hope every person who new Brandon should write down the stories about him so the new generation will know him in some way
    thank you so much shannon i live in athens greece i have 4 children,chaotic times here but your story made me dream again

    God bless you
    Andonis from greece

    1. Hello Andonis — thanks so much for your kind words. Brandon and I dated from the summer of 1989 to the summer of 1990. The show “10 to Midnight” I believe was during the fall of 1989 which was when Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix came to see our show. Unfortunately after four to six weeks the show was shut down because we were serving alcohol in a venue that had no license. Initially it was very informal, people just bringing in cases of beer, but as the show got more buzz it was simply too big an event to get away with that. I’ll never forget the last night of the show. A bunch of cops came in to shut us down and we actually thought they were part of a performance art installation. Stephen Bauer (notorious at the time for being a drug addict) was in the audience and was blamed, for a little while, for attracting The Heat. Telling stories about Brandon is tricky business. My goal was to try not to hurt any of his loved ones while having the opportunity — as a writer — to write about an intersting time of my life and to hopefully share meaningful details to people who care about Brandon’s life.

      1. I wasn’t sure about this article at first. I was TV surfing and settled in to watch The Crow for the zillionth time and my kids were finally old enough to share it with them and then stumbled upon your posts. As I read I was pleasantly wrong. I thought it was going to be an “all about me” article. I loved reading this. Thank you so much for sharing, and continuing story about a life gone too soon. I adored it. And I also wondered how you feel about the seemingly imminent remake. I was so disappointed. It seems to cheapen and prosper from a legacy. Again, thank you for sharing about a person many of us wish we had the opportunity to know and watch flourish. ❤

  34. Thank you Shannon for the quick response. Do you still own momentos given to you by Brandon (if any) apart from fond memories of course? I bought an autograph which i treasured and it was very expensive only to be told quite a few years later it was a fake ): I’m hoping to get enough money together to visit Bruce and Brandon’s graves in Seattle.Many thanks again for the reply.

    1. Hi Draven — I have one gift Brandon gave me left and they are a very beaten-up pair of Timberland hiking boots. He bought them for me just before our trip to Bishop where we hiked to the top of a mountain over the course of four days, sleeping in a little pup tent each night. I must admit I was not the most enthusiastic hiker, but in retrospect I’m so glad we had that time together. He was a real outdoorsman. He also gave me a down comforter which has been long given away and a beautiful pair of malachite earrings he bought me on Valentine’s Day in 1990 that have since gone missing. But I still have a photo album full of our year together which I cherish.

  35. Would you like to see any part of your relationship in Bill & Lous Biopic?Would you be offended if we made you out to be an Ice Princess or a Beautiful Villain?Bran dated alot of women before Eliza who have great storie about him,mementos & photo albums 🙂

  36. Hi Joel — if I must choose I prefer to be a Beautiful Villain over an Ice Princess. But both of those roles would be fiction.

  37. Everything in it is absolutely factual,even You.Bran matured a great deal once he found Eliza. He reigned in his wild child, calmed down,he saw a radiant future ahead & a kindred spirit to open up too.Your relationship with him would be a great addition to the film 🙂

  38. Hi Shannon. I’m Tugba from TURKEY. My english is not perfect and if you want the truth, i couldnt understand many things. So, did you know Brandon? I love him so much and maybe he died but i m really fall in love him (: i cant stop my heart. i think of him, everytime, everywhere…. Please talk to me about him. Please Shannon. This is my facebook profile, pls find me on there. i ll be waiting for you. Thx for your interest… Loves and kisses from TURKEY :*

  39. Ms. Shannon: I want to compliment and to commend you for sharing your intimate virtual year long romance with Brandon Lee. It was an exceptional riveting and poignant romantic recollection articulated to a bachelor like me who has never known the depth of passion and ambivalence of a break up, that you’ve so experienced. Despite the fact, that I had started reading it around 2:50 am MT, nearly my bedtime, I could not stop until I read everything along with the commentaries. I hope, that you are prospering and happy. I’m so appreciative of your recollection of your former intimate romance with the late enigmatic Brandon Lee.

    1. Peter, thanks so much for your comment. I was hoping this story would demonstrate how lovely, funny and sweet Brandon was.

  40. This brought me to tears as well..such a tragic story and sorry for the loss of this young man…he nd his father will always be legends in my book. You are an am if writer and tha I you for sharing this with us. I feel their deaths are still suspicious 🙁 but may they rest in peace.

  41. Hi Shannon I only just found this website and I am so emotionally touched by what you have written. I have seen pictures of you circulating only this year with Brandon on the net and I instantly Knew that you were his gf, I just knew and was right!

    I have always wondered what his life before Eliza was like as he was my first ever crush from the age of 8 (thats when I saw the crow). I turnt 28 in July (age Brandon died) and I do get slightly freaked out. I have always tried to search for eliza, just to see if she is happy and ok, as I can only imagine the pain she went through 🙁

    I find it so strange about how you described your relationship with Brandon as that is exactly how the relationship is like between me and my bf now. And reading your story has made me feel some comfort that I can still be happy.

    Loving Brandon Lee as a kid made me always feel that I wanted to move from London to Hollywood… (it would be nice if you add me on facebook, look me up by my email address 🙂

    Thank you again for sharing your story, I have the utmost respect for you and can see that you did not do this out of publicity as you waited 20 YEARS to speak out. Much respect! It must have been hard on you.

    Mya x

    1. Hi Mya – I think the best thing that’s come of writing about Brandon is how many people seem grateful for a bit more information about Brandon. I’m so glad to offer good memories. Thanks so much for commenting and I’m happy to friend you on FB. Best, S

  42. This is such a beautiful and well written story! Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life and showing the world a side of Brandon we were never allowed to see. With all due respect to his fiancée but it’s refreshing to read about another woman who affected his life and it’s so lovely to see his relationships weren’t perfect either, it makes him seem more real. He wasn’t perfect he was human. Wonderful work Shannon! I wish you much success!

  43. Hi Shannon, Thank you so much for writing this, It means so much to me. I’m 20 years old & I’ve grown up watching Brandon’s Movies, He has always come across to me as being a very down to earth kind of guy, And when I think of him it makes me wish more and more I could have had the opportunity to sit down & talk with him one on one! When you say he drove his Motorcycle too fast do you mean WAY over the speed limit? I ride a Motorcycle as well & when I found out about him Riding I instantly smiled! What kind of beer did Brandon enjoy drinking? And did he drink often or just occasionally? I was also wondering about what he enjoyed eating the most? Thank you so much for everything…It means so much to me. Your story is truly amazing & I wish you all the best!

    My Regards, Jonathan.

    1. Hi Jonahan — As a mother the first thing I want to say is be careful on that motorcycle!! I’m glad my story made you happy. To answer a few of your questions Brandon was an excellent motorcycle pilot. We once drove from L.A. to Big Bear and I remember it being exhilarating. I don’t remember what Brandon drank because he really wasn’t a big drinker. And finally he really loved to take me to Dim Sum in Chinatown on Sunday mornings. It was delicious. Best, S

  44. Hi Shannon,
    What an amazingly sweet and heartwarming story to read. I was sitting here at my computer doing some research for a school project and after two hours of surfing the internet and clicking on one link after another, somehow “Remembering former love Brandon Lee 20 years later” popped up and caught my eye and it immediately took me back to sixth grade. First of all, you really are an amazing writer and, as everyone has been saying, thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life with those who, each for their own reason, came to find themselves fond of Brandon Lee.
    As I mentioned above, when I read the caption of your link I was immediately transported back twenty years. My best friend had an older sister, who was a senior in high school at the time, and had this huge crush on Brandon Lee. I remember sitting on her bed, painting our toenails, looking through her fashion magazines, and listening to The Cure. She had a big poster of The Crow on her wall, as well as an 8×10 black and white image of Brandon in make-up for the Crow (which she had bought at this store in the mall that sold movies and Hollywood memorabilia). I remember the 8×10 had this bright red lipstick mark on it where she had kissed it before and couldn’t get the stain wiped off entirely. (Thinking about this right now brings a smile to my face.) She also had a poster of another movie of his, I forget the name of it. (It was a martial arts type movie that I remember having seen with my father, who LOVED Bruce Lee, (Rapid Fire???)I remember my father telling me that it was Bruce Lee’s son and I always thought it was crazy because everything from the way he looked to the performance he gave as an actor, seemed like two completely different people. Anyway, last year I began dating a guy who practices Jeet Kune Do and he and his friends were trying to find videos of Bruce Lee performing some of the JKD moves. They came across a bunch of Brandon Lee interviews where he was speaking about Jeet Kune Do and after watching about a dozen or so, the impression of Brandon that I got was that he was a guy who was a bit reserved and cautious about how he would answer questions when interviewed. He seemed a bit on guard, I assume from always being questioned about his father, and he gave off, sort of, a firm presence. However, one interview of Brandon that they came across toward the end of their search was very different and although the guys seemed to lose interest quickly I, on the other hand, was captivated. He was sitting on a bed with and older British woman with a crazy hairdo, that I hope for her sake was a wig, complete with this ridiculous hot pink bow. “Breakfast with Pattie”?? Anyway, my boyfriend began to type in a search for a different interview but I stopped him and made him wait and let the entire interview play, which was only about five minutes long, but I couldn’t look away. My boyfriend and his friends were a bit bummed to have to sit through it but I was totally fascinated by the Brandon Lee in this particular interview. There was something so extremely different about the way he was in this interview verses the way he was in the dozen or so interviews the guys had just watched before. Now, after reading your story, I find myself wondering if that interview most truly reflected the way he really was, or if the other interviews, where he seems a bit more guarded and firm, were more of his actual personality. Do you happen to know of the interview I am referring to? By the British anchor and cast, I am assuming it was done in England somewhere. But the Brandon in this interview, not only looked night and day different, but he spoke sweeter, he came across a bit vulnerable and shy. He giggled and blushed. The woman kept asking to see his six pack stomach and he kept blushing and saying no. (He never let her see it). He even told her he wouldn’t let her see it because of a new tattoo that he just had done. When she questioned him about whether or not he really just had a tattoo done he pulled his knees up to his chest and said no. She then asked him what he ate that morning that had him so shy to show his stomach. This made him blush and giggle. His laugh was goofy and made me smile, and he just seemed like a genuine, nice, sweet, guy. A guy who would have been a special part of the lives of anyone who was fortunate enough to know him.
    I guess my whole, winded, trip down memory lane here, is to say that, after reading about your time with him and seeing this, obviously rare, interview, I got it. I can appreciate the presence and energy that he seemed to exude, even through the screen, and I can see why my best friend’s sister even dated a guy who dressed like the Crow. For whatever reason it seems like people just wanted to be around, even the idea, of him. Even now, reading some of the posts above, people asking about where you guys did your grocery shopping, or what kind of beer Brandon drank, to the cologne that he wore, there was obviously something about him that still resonates through, to this day, and that causes people to want to feel as if they are able to be, even a tiny part, of the world he existed in. (Or to be able to bring some tiny bit of him back so that he can continue to exist in their world, today.) It’s amazing to think about. He must have been an incredibly special person. Toward the end of that interview my boyfriend’s friends began to tease me, telling me that I had a cheesey grin on my face, and that’s when my boyfriend made a comment about not feeling threatened because Brandon had passed away over twenty years ago. Immediately after he made that comment I suddenly found myself heartbroken. All of these years have gone by, and I had been aware of the horrible tragedy yet, after seeing this seemingly candid and rare side of Brandon Lee, I felt my heart break for his family and friends, and for all who had the honor and privilege of knowing him, and who have had to endure losing him. In addition to that, after coming across the memories you have so kindly shared, I just wanted to say that I have a new respect for the actor whose posters my best friend’s sister used to kiss, and whom, after watching the videos of Jeet Kune Do, I am pretty sure my boyfriend is trying to be.
    I think that it’s great that you acknowledge the adoration people still carry for Brandon Lee and that you have been so kind to share such personal, intimate, memories that you have of a man that, twenty years later, still holds people’s fascination. It’s neat to see how much people accept and love him as the character of The Crow, and it’s really neat to read that he was worthy of that love and respect, especially when those who knew him personally still, twenty years later, reflect upon him so very fondly.
    Thank you again for sharing your story.
    Very sincerely,

    1. Hi Gabrielle — thanks for your message and I don’t mind at all that it’s long. What I’ve realized after writing this story is that so many people have an investment in Brandon and his life and a hunger to know more about him. It never occurred to me how much this story would mean to others, it was simply a story I had to tell when writing my memoirs of my acting years and all they entailed.

      I have seen the Paula Yates interview with Brandon on the bed. I found it circuitously when I wrote about the night I danced for INXS at the 1990 VMAs. Yates and Michael Hutchence (who was the lead singer for INXS) had a tumultuous relationship that sadly ended when he killed himself. She followed suit not too many years after. Two more tragedies.

      The Brandon in that interview is the Brandon I best remember. His sense of humor, charm and romanticism come across beautifully. It still seems impossible to me that he’s been gone twenty years. Anyhow, thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. As a writer you never know if you connect with people and it feels good to know these words aren’t just going out into the void. Best, s

  45. Oh my goodness! I typed the above comment really fast and didn’t realize how long it was! So sorry!

  46. Hi Shannon! I am grateful for sharing a piece of your life with wonderful and magnifique Brandon!I read with tears with my eyes! I have a question…do u have Fb? I would be glad if u have and add me 🙂

    I wish you all the best and for your family too! Greetings from Poland 🙂

  47. Hi Shannon! As everyone has said thank you for your stories with Brandon! I was wondering if you had ever been to his home in ecco park, and if so what was it like?? I was also wondering about his sense of style. What sorts of themes did he like to use in his decorating?

    Thanks! Jeff.

    1. Hi Jeff — I did go to Brandon’s house in Echo Park and wrote about it briefly in my story. He had a lovely, casual and slightly Asian sense of style.

  48. Hi Shannon,

    Enjoyed your story very much. Being a huge admirer of Brandons father I was so pleased to see him starting to pave a name for himself in hollywood in the early 90’s. After seeing Rapid Fire I can still remember today thinking this young man has the talent and charisma to make it on his own merit. Its still very sad/tragic that he is gone, for me back in 93 when it happend, I thought how unfair that Bruce Lee would have one son and that his only son would be lost in such a horrific accident. He did an interview on the set of the Crow, I have seen it a few times and I see then a very wise and centered young man, with a passion for life and acting. Both dying so young and in connection with movie making, Bruce on the way to meet producer for dinner (never made it) and Brandon on the set, living the dream……..kinda makes me wonder if both would still be with us had they chosen some 9-5 career like 95% of the population. Both seem more then willing to follow their dream, take on the risk in a industry that is one of the hardest to break into and both seemed full of life and boundless energy. Its hard to believe both dying at such a young age and accomplishing so much in such a short time……The time they had on this earth was not wasted, I think everyday must have been a journey for them…..that’s a life worthy of remembering…Thx’s for letting me chime in……:) Rich

    1. Hi Rich — thanks for commenting. It’s shocking to think how much both Brandon and his father accomplished in such a short amount of time. Aside from the personal loss Brandon’s close loved ones must have felt and continue to feel, there’s the loss the rest of us feel not having the opportunity to see what more he would have done with just a little more time.

  49. Hi Shannon,
    I just stumbled upon your page today whilst in Seattle to visit Brandon’s grave, something I have planned to do for the past 16 years.
    I just wanted to let you know how much the fans appreciate your rare insight into Brandon’s life.
    Thank you very much for sharing and I look forward to reading the book.
    Regards, Clare.

  50. Hello Shannon, thank you so much for sharing this. It’s very hard to find insights into Brandon’s character like this anywhere. This may be too personal, but did you ever regret breaking up with him? Do you ever think about if it was you being next to him as he blew up, accompanying him across the globe, instead of Eliza? Do you ever think about if it was you planning the wedding and receiving that phone call? I always have inner debates into wether things are ‘meant to be’. Do you believe you were meant to be with him?

    1. Hi John — in short no, I don’t think I was the one meant to be with him. I don’t have any firsthand information about Brandon’s relationship with his fiancee, but it seems she was truly dedicated to him and that he found real peace and happiness with her. And that actually gives me a great deal of comfort when I think about him dying. Knowing he’d found true love – although it must have been so horrible for his fiancee – makes me feel less sad about his death.

    1. Unsurprisingly, I disagree. Having said that my perspective is mine. Brandon would have had his own perspective certainly. But I’m hoping that after 20 years I have enough distance from that time in my life to see it clearly.

  51. Unlike many others, I too couldn’t stop reading until I finished. Brandon seemed like a genuine sweetheart.
    I didn’t know him, but have watched & read everything on him that I have found. Strangely, I feel like I knew him. I guess a lot of his fans feel this way. How much would you say he was like the character Eric Draven “The Crow?”
    Thanks for writing this…you know, I’ve often wondered why Eliza Hutton just vanished & never spoke a word about Brandon to the public.

    1. I only watched The Crow once and merely to see him again so I didn’t really absorb the story. I don’t know why Eliza hasn’t spoken of Brandon, I suspect it’s to keep her memories private and sacred. But only she knows.

  52. Excuse my above typo in the first sentence (Un)like many others. On the subject of the movie, I suggest you watch it again. I watched it shortly after it was released, but not until 10 yrs ago did I watch it again. The second time I watched it it was an entirely different experience. It’s a great film.

  53. hello Shannon!
    im a huge Brandon fan since i was 8..
    you sharing your story with him was the coolest means a lot…i sent you an FB request if you dont mind..:)

    im a singer and songwriter…been inspired by Brandon for years…lets say he’s an endless source of inspiration for me..:)

    again thank you for sharing you memories.
    You made my day. 🙂

  54. Kudos to you for writing such a beautiful mini memoir. I can understand how difficult it is to write about painful experiences and I often struggle to tell my own story to this day. The desire to write about it is there but it’s definitely something that you have to center yourself for and prepare mentally and emotionally to “relive” your past. Thank you for sharing with us!

  55. Shannon, thanks for sharing. I was 15 when Brandon died and totally speechless for such a tragic death.20 + years later it makes me feel so sad and down anytime I think about him, more so because 1993 was for myself such a bad year for personal losses ……..Once again thanks for this stories, I loved the pictures too.

    1. Hi Kiki — thanks for checking in. It’s amazing how the loss of public figures can take such a toll. I remember where I was when Princess Di died and just feeling like the world was going crazy. I guess we relate to certain people unconsciously and feel a personal loss when they pass.

  56. Hi Shannon,
    Greetings from Sydney Australia!
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories
    of Brandon…
    What was he like as a partner? I have read that he was
    quite a romantic person.
    What kind of music did he like/listen to?

    Once again, thank you for the memories : )

    1. Hi KG — you’re not the first to wonder what type of music Brandon listened to and for the life of me I can’t remember. He was certainly very romantic and thoughtful. We traveled to Mexico for a long weekend and I came down with a bacterial infection and we had to go to a clinic in Ensenada to get medicine. While we were waiting I told him how bad I felt for ruining our getaway. His response was to take my face in his hands, look in my eyes and tell me he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else doing anything else in that moment. Then he kissed me. So sweet.

  57. Wow, he did sound so sweet and thoughtful …wasn’t Ensenada the place where Brnadon and Eliza were going to get married? What are your thoughts of plans for a Brandon Lee biopic to come out? Do you think Eliza would want to be involved in that project?

    1. Hi KG — I don’t have any involvement with the biopic people have mentioned and I’ve never been in contact with Brandon’s fiancee so I can’t be any help there.

  58. Hello Shannon!
    Many greetings from Czech Republic! Firstly, please excuse my poor English.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your precious memories of Brandon. Your confession proves only what I’ve already been “suspicious” of him: that he was such a nice, charismatic and sweet guy with good heart. We’ll never forget him!
    You are really an excellent writer and narrator! I enjoyed your writing very much. It was very touching and even very funny (bat story). Certainly, please do keep writing!
    Good luck with your further efforts! Take care!

  59. Sorry but I think this story is half, if not mostly,fiction. Back when I was a pre-teen in the early 90s, I was a huge BL fangirl and you’re story seems like it was lifted from other articles and the timeline doesn’t quite add up. He met Eliza in the spring in 1990 and it was supposedly “love at first sight” for him. That means he met the love of his life while still with you. But you supposedly “dumped him” after he met Eliza? Doesn’t add up. Also, by 1990 he would have been making “Showdown in Little Tokyo.” Not the struggling actor you make him out to be.

    Other details of your story I’ve read in other articles. Like the break in to his apartment. A girlfriend names Lisa (this is actually Eliza’s nickname.)

    Yes I know way too much about Brandon Lee but I was a 12 year old. You’re forgetting there’s a lot of us fangirls/guys. It’s clear you knew him but I don’t think it was on the level you say it was. So either the stories we have been fed from the media are wrong or you are.

    1. Hi Leila — What to say? I probably haven’t scanned all articles on Brandon as you have. I am going on my memories of my life and rereading my journal from that time. Brandon’s girlfriend prior to me was named Lisa. He had a photo album of a camping trip the two of them took together prior to my meeting him. Hiking, in tents. She was blonde and had a strong, healthy figure. I remember thinking I’d like making memories like that with him which is why I went camping with him at Lake Bishop for four days. We were at a very high elevation and it was exhausting because we carried everything on our backs. I remember thinking I had better suck it up and have a good attitude (even though I really don’t like hiking) because I wanted to be as outgoing and athletic as his previous girlfriend. It’s a coincidence that Eliza was also called Lisa. Just as it’s a coincidence that his sister and I have the same name. I certainly don’t mean to besmirch anyone’s perceptions of Brandon. My story is simply mine. It’s not the whole story, but there it is.

  60. Leila, just because you were still a preteen at the time of Brandon’s death does not make you a BL encyclopedia. Her memories are hers, so you can be a true fan and appreciate her sharing them or you can be extremely critical and judgmental and nobody ever publish their memoirs of Brandon for fear of public reprisal. I, choose to be thankful for the insight into the things I didn’t know about him that Shannon dared to share with the world rather than focus on the “I’ve studied his history and the dates you have are obviously wrong”. They can’t be too far off, I think Shannon would know,she was there, not you or I. Has Eliza come out with any private memories of Brandon? No.

    Shannon, thank you for your beautifully written memories. Time does a wonderful job of taking hurt and most overwhelming feelings away from past loves where one can give a more accurate description, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are obviously a rarity in this world, I don’t know of too many other aspiring actresses that would have broken up with him if they thought they might have had a better chance at fame by staying with him. I have read that Brandon liked to play jokes a lot is there any particular joke he ever played on you that still makes you smile to this day? If that’s too personal I understand. Have you found happiness?

    1. Hi CJ — thanks for your words. It’s kind of strange to realize there are so many people who didn’t personally know Brandon but have so many feelings about him. I realize this means some people are going to be critical of this piece. It doesn’t make me angry. I take it all with a grain of salt. But I do appreciate you for having my back.

      I don’t remember any pranks directed at me. But one time Brandon caught be having my way with one of the jets in the jacuzzi bathtub in his Big Bear cabin. I looked up, mortified, and he had this devilish smile on his face and said, “I see you’ve made a new friend.” He was a funny guy.

    2. Okay, time for me to way in. CJ, this whole Blog is wrong.

      Of course, there are lots of people like you that want to hear stories and gossip and would have loved if Shannon would have made a soap-opera out of this relationship for television. Many people just go into Blogs and Gossip headless (Brainless) and will believe anything thrown at them.
      Like being a cow led to the fields of grass; just go there. This is how it is and how it is going to be. Don’t think for yourself.

      But, any way that you cut this, with the dates or without the dates, this Blog is wrong and disrespectful.
      Shannon has no respect for Eliza. If his soon to be wife can respect Brandon and keep their relationship private, why should this, back-in-the-day side-kick, do the opposite for gain of having a Blog. She should have done the same respectful thing too.
      And, this is someone that will have an excuse for anything she doesn’t know.
      She has an excuse for never visiting Brandon’s grave when there are many fans that have over and over again visited where Brandon was buried.
      She talks about the fun they had and how she was so close to him, but she didn’t find the time to visit his grave?
      Lets use some common-sense here and call all of this for what it is.
      CJ needs to stop being the “Cow.”

  61. Hi Shannon,don’t get me wrong,I don’t want to be rude but to be honest with you,I agree with Leila.You claim that,your relationship was going on in spring of 1990,but we all know Eliza and Brandon met and started dating at that time.Secondly,I know what kind of music people listen even I don’t know them too well,but you claim you don’t know or remember what kind of music Brandon listened,a man who you had a relationship a big ONE YEAR! It seems like your relationship only based on sex and maybe friendship at some level,but nothing much than that.Besides it,if you want to tell private things about a person,unfortunately not alive today,I think it’s not rigth at all,it’s not respectfull.But it’s your choice of course.Finally,I want to say,I’m sorry abaout a beautiful soul’s loss like him,and his relatives and everybody he met and loved him, included you.

  62. Hi! I saw the Crow when i was only 9 or 10 years old back when it was first available on VHS. It ended up being one of my favorite movies. I had the soundtrack, movie poster, movie shirt, books, trading cards. I saw Rapid Fire as well. This was so interesting but sad to read. You are a great writer!

  63. Thanks for the answer Shannon.Actually you’re rigth.İf it’s, the only one who knows Brandon.Anyway,I wish a happy life for you and peace for Brandon’s soul.

  64. I really don’t care if the dates are right or wrong. Who cares. What I got out of the story was what fame and ego can do. Did you feel still competitive with him after you broke up? It would be hard to be waiting tables as your ex or several of them (that friends guy too?) reach the heights of fame.

    1. Hi Emilie — The weird thing is that I didn’t feel jealous. And I don’t know why. I guess by that time I was coming to the realization that it was time to do something different with my life so I was already letting go of being an actress.

  65. hey shannon thanks for sharing so very beautifully . so from the heart and really very pure. you have displayed a lot of courage by writing such an honest piece. really loved reading it. thanks.

  66. Thank you for the beautiful story about my most favorite actor it brought tears to my eyes he was a great actor and when he passed away I had to stay home for two weeks from school I couldn’t stop crying it breaks my heart still to this day I named my son after him the one thing that’s important to me is that I visit him at his gravesite..One thing I would like to say to you is thank you for loving him and being there for him when he was sad your a beautiful person and very lucky to have known him I would’ve done anything to have known him..SO thank you again for this wonderful article and video you posted your a beautiful soul…

  67. Wow, this blog seems to REALLY have pissed off the people at the Brandon Lee movement website and I’m not sure why. This is why though you’re getting angry comments. They even changed their love story about Eliza to villainize you even stating you broke up with him because he wasn’t a big enough star for you. I’m not sure where they got that out of this. Anyways I have a question regarding the interview they claim happened in Feb of 1990 for Le Lundi magazine where he says he didn’t have a gf but only ‘casual friends’ and couldn’t find a girl that made him happy. Do you remember any of this? If you were dating you would surely have known. You even stated he gave you earrings for that Valentines day. Sorry I know you must be sick of BL fans bugging you about it, but what is the truth? And you do you remember him meeting Renny Harlin meeting when he supposedly fell in love with her? I’d love to hear your perspective. I thought everything you said sounds very honest and true.

    1. Hi Tonia — I’m not sure what to say. I’ve written my story of my time with Brandon. I truly don’t think it has anything to do with Brandon’s relationship with Eliza Hutton. I have no idea when he met her. Things were rocky in our relationship the last four months, which is ultimately why we broke up. Did he meet her during that time? Only he (or she) would know. He made no mention of it to me. And at this point I don’t think it really matters. I’m grateful he found the love of his life. It wasn’t me and he certainly deserved to have that. She seems to have been a wonderful partner to Brandon. And after his death I felt so grateful he’d found his home because I felt very badly I wasn’t able to love him as he deserved.

  68. I think you’re absolutely right. Everyone in this story is now pushing 50 and now you have 20 year olds (I am not I am pushing 40 and do remember this) trying to defend and argue over something that they really will have no idea about, ever. Can you imagine if this story happened in todays paparazzi culture? His privacy that he so desired would be absolutely impossible. Interesting to think about. Just understand that pretty much everyone in the BL camp has remained completely mum about him for over 20 years except for the recycled ‘he loved life and was a unique soul’ bit everyone has heard. You’re one of the first people who has ever offered true insight into his character and life so I imagine this will stir interest in you for quite awhile.

  69. It is so amazing to hear something new about Brandon. For 20 years all us fans ever had were the same stories that, in my opinion seemed contrived. I know he was in love but he was human and in his 20’s. The story of him & Eliza always seemed to perfect to be true. ALL couples have their problems & ups & downs. NOBODY has such a perfect relationship. No disrespect to his fiancée but people act like Brandon never had any other relationships. These fan girls are a little crazy, you have a video of you & him together what other “proof” do they need? You are very fortunate to have shared your life with him and thank you so very much for giving the world a new perspective on Brandon. It’s worth more than you could ever imagine for this “fan girl” 😉

  70. Actually that was a question I had to, the BLM states he gave an interview to some french magazine in February of the year you were dating saying he was single and never going to settle down. Is that true? Were you guys never that serious? Or were there dates wrong? They are telling anyone who asks about this blog you are making up dates and embellishing this story to sell your book. Did that interview actually happen? I believe you by the way 🙂 beautiful story but more details! Can’t get enough. Tell us about this interview?

    1. Hi Julie — I don’t know about the interview Brandon gave. It’s certainly possible. But I either don’t remember it or didn’t know about it. I’m a little surprised there’s any controversy about my post, but I accept that I’m writing about a public figure and people are going to have their opinions. I dug up the journal I kept from July 1988 to July 1990 to double check my dates. I was wrong about spending my 25th bday with Brandon on June 27, 1990 because my entry on June 23rd, 1990 reads “Brandon and I said good-bye last night. I feel like shit. I feel very alone and just shitty. I hate this so much, this sense of not belonging. I know this has been coming for months, it was doomed from the beginning probably, but it still hurts like hell.” That’s the last thing I’ll print about dates and times,but I hope it’s helpful to people who are troubled by my timeline. Best, S

  71. Shannon hi, okay? I have not read everything he wrote I’m from Brazil and I love Brandon. Sorry my bad English. I wish Brandon was okay. Do you remember when Brandon had some faith? It is important for me to know, because I had a dream. Thanks, congratulations and thanks for the memories….

  72. The timeline issue aside, I think what is bothering people is, like someone else said, your story and book seem a bit disrespectful. I think the timeline is important for this reason. Eliza has been through so much and if it were me, all these years later, it would devastate me if I found out the love of my life was with someone else when we started dating, especially if I had not known that. So u say you are telling your story, but your story may be very hurtful to his loved ones. If u had dated him years before Eliza, that’s different. Judging by the websites dedicated to brandon and Eliza, his relationship is as much a legacy as him. Look, I know they are your memories too and I don’t mean to minimize them, but this just sort of rubs me the wrong way.

    1. Hi Bru — Yes. I see what you’re saying. I didn’t think our relationships overlapped, but it’s possible. I wanted to do no harm in writing this piece, but I can see that it wouldn’t be welcomed by Eliza if there was an overlap. Having said that, I have no doubt she was the love of his life regardless of when their relationship began or how quickly it blossomed. I’m a writer who writes about a lot of things and I waited 20 years to write this story. Does this exonerate me entirely? I don’t know. In any case, I appreciate your point of view and entirely get it.

    2. Yes.
      This seems wrong.
      You know in the movies, there is that person that wasn’t invited to the funeral but they loved that person so much, they stood behind the trees to hide so that later they could show their respect.
      Well, this person is NOT here today.

  73. I have to say I agree with the above poster. You look like you are cashing in on someone’s death. Or using it for attention. You really think Brandon would want this? For Eliza to potentially catch wind of it and be hurt even more? He was apparently very private. Even if it was a boyfriend whom I wasn’t really serious with, if I saw they found happiness, I would close the book for good. I’m sure Brandon had many girlfriends, you don’t see them going public about it.

    I should also say I live in LA and work in entertainment, where lots of people know celebrities, including late ones like Heath Ledger and I’ve even met someone who worked with Brandon. Anyone close to a celebrity knows the code-keep it private and be discreet. This is a dead giveaway for how you can tell who is friends with celebrities and who faking it-the ones who fake it are always the ones name-dropping.

    Also, I’m not sure I believe your story either. A big part of journalism is fact-checking. You are unsure yourself about the dates, so I’m not sure what to believe as someone reading it. I also notice you don’t really answer people’s questions, which makes me think you are trying to gloss over the fact you didn’t know Brandon that well.

    Sorry to be harsh, but like I say, it looks like you are using someone’s death as a way to get attention and that seems pretty cold to me.

    1. Hi Kate — I’m in a place now where I have no desire to defend myself or bring anyone over to my point of view. I accept that some people will have negative opinions of me and I’m ok with that. All the best.

      1. But, it is not all the best.
        And, this is not right.
        Kate is totally right about what she has said about you.
        It isn’t about being “Negative” about this Blog.
        It is about the “Code.”
        There is a way to be and you are not being the right way.

        And, yes, it does concern me that you have not once gone to where Brandon was buried.
        You have given excuses.
        I don’t think you loved him.
        You want to have attention from knowing him.

    2. Melissa aka mellycamacho

      Kate, the above comment. I understand you are a journalist and everything, but did it ever occur to you that alot of people don’t remember the exact dating dates from almost 20 years ago??? Second, one of the reasons why you have difficulty believing, yeah cuz, the dates are somehow parallel to Eliza’s. I really think if she was trying so hard to make her story so real or be a con writer, she would’ve looked in on that easily. Third you seem more of a show off yourself with ur profession over someone’s death, yeah cuz you cud be getting paid for it like those reporters. Oh and last, but not least, another reason why you find it hard is because you feel Brandon was so incapable of cheating, right? Ok, he really did seem like a nice guy, but it doesn’t make him a saint necessarily. Who knows, he probably did slip. He was human after all. And I really don’t care if you know someone who knew Brandon, you CERTAINLY didn’t seem to have had any relationship with him, and i’m not debating the facts of her story to be true, but you and a few others didn’t try hard enough to prove your point. And just in case you are trying to work your way up to be the center of Brandon’s factual life and encounters, a I also have communicated with someone who worked with Brandon in the past year, who later turned out to be a shady, judgemental, attention freak,SOB (will not say who) as opposed to may I say and so far this mature sweet author

      1. Hey Melly — You are my champion in all things. Thank you for your fierce protectiveness. Neither Brandon nor I were perfect during our year together, but we were in love for much of that year and I will always be grateful to have had him in my life.

      2. My grandmother was 110 years of age when she died. Many, many years ago, she started keep a journal with pictures to share with her future grand-children.
        She had all of her dates together.
        There was no excuse.
        She used to say, “Excuses only sound good to those that make them.”
        So, she didn’t want to hear it.
        She wrote about everything.
        She had it together.
        And, she visited, over the years, all the graves of the people that met something to her.
        She introduced their graves to me and told me when and where they did certain things.
        What they liked and didn’t like.
        She even had the time of the day that they did this or that.
        So, she was a woman without excuses.
        She would laugh at some of the stupid things certain people in the family did and tell me when they did it.
        She was not a journalist.
        So, don’t tell me that someone that writes for a living doesn’t have to have their stuff together.
        What is this, let anyone do anything they want with excuses?
        Do it the right way so there will not be any excuses down the road.

        1. I bow to you Jack. I am shaking your hand now.
          And, Shannon should have been visited Brandon grave years ago.
          My mouth dropped when she said she had not even “Once” gone to where he was laid him to rest.
          And, this is someone that is writing this blog about her love for him.
          I really don’t understand this; not one bit.
          It makes you think.
          Yes, this makes you think and wonder.

    3. Exactly. I put myself in Eliza Hutton’s shoes, and with the comments my husband laid out to me, after we were having a conversation, he said twenty years later was not a time for this Blog coming from a old lover.
      This isn’t right. And, it definitely is not about trying to hurt Shannon, it is about the disrespect of the timing of putting this Blog being put into motion.
      And, hearing how Brandon masterbated on Acting Stage during an Acting Class. This made Brandon Lee look very very bad and arrogant. Even some Bloggers saying nasty things about Eliza wearing her wedding dress to the funeral, then using that to say something demeaning about Eliza. And that Brandon should have been with Shannon.
      Shannon, is this what you wanted?

  74. Hi Shannon,

    I enjoyed the reading of your post and I don’t really get all this discussion about dates. I mean, who cares if the two stories did overlap or not, for what matters we don’t even know all details of Brandon and Eliza’s story. It might also be possible that she knew he was ending a relationship, you were all grownups after all!

    Eliza has stayed silent for all these years because she sure had her good reasons and she deserves all the respect in the world. By the reading of your post I was a bit surprised to get to know that she didn’t want any of Brandon’s former girlfiends at the memorial service, because I think that anybody who loved him should have had the chance to say goodbye. But after all who am I to judge her? I might have done the same in that situation.

    In the end I thank you for sharing some of your memories with Brandon, because you know, we fans love this kind of things, we all are curious and want to know as much as we can of our favorite celeb! I don’t think that your post was disrespectful at all.

    On the other side your other post, the one with that footage of you two, shot in his bedroom, well that one was a bit too much in my opinion. That is definitely something that you should have kept for yourself, not only because it is disrespectful to Eliza (I hope she did’t watch it), but more than that, I think that this is not what Brandon whould have wanted. One thing is to share your memories, one other thing is to post a private footage of a late celebrity who can’t say anything about it. I of course didn’t know Brandon, but I am pretty sure that the last thing he would have wanted to be public is a video of himself, in his bedroom, half naked and clearly intimate with another woman (you), when he was engaged and about to marry someone else.

    1. Hi Maria — thanks for your thoughtful comments. The one thing I’ll say in my defense regarding the video is that Brandon and I edited it together and it was a scene from a play. It in no way reflects our relationship. We were acting (to the best of our abilities I might add). There are hours of footage that won’t see the light of day.

    2. What people are trying to point out is that when someone is a writer, they “Have To” have the dates right,.
      This is their first job to put things in order.
      How can you think it is okay for someone to just put anything out there without any concern of how it looks?
      Research, write dates, put your stuff in order.
      Then, come to the public.
      So, that you can have your stuff together….In Order.
      It will make you look like a serious writer.
      You cannot have things all over the place.
      Because someone will point-it-out to you.
      This is the point of being a writer.
      Writing is a serious job.
      People that write for the News Agency have to have their dates together too. They can’t just throw stuff out there.
      It is not right.

  75. Hi Shannon,
    I really enjoyed the glimpse into Brandon’s personal side that we as fans rarely get to see of him. You are a great writer. And don’t worry about the exact dates about everything that people are somewhat demanding of you. For crying out loud its not a history exam, it’s memories and those can be hard to come by, so thank you for sharing what you do remember. If I were Eliza I would have allowed ex-girlfriends to come to the memorial, as its the respectful thing to do for Brandon. But I’m certainly not Eliza. I loved the bat story–it was hilarious. But, I wanted to ask about the dim sum you guys used to get in Chinatown. Do you, and it’s fine of course if you don’t, happen to remember which restaurant you guys went to? Or, was it several? My favorite down there is Hop Louie, the old two-story one, but I don’t remember if they do dim sum. Well, anyway thanks again for the peek into your private life with Brandon, it was fun.

    1. Hi Julie — so nice to receive a glad comment on this thread. I do understand why some people are upset by this post. When we love a celebrity it’s hard to learn things about them that don’t jibe with the way we envision them. Anyhow, regarding the restaurant we had Dim-Sum in, I really can’t remember the name. I haven’t been back there since I was with Brandon. Sorry.

      1. Being upset and having common-sense are definitely two different things.
        This is your Blog.
        This is your Story.
        This is your “Reputation” Not Someone else down the street.
        People in the street will tell you to jump off a cliff.
        Will you then jump off the cliff?
        You should have no excuses for not knowing anything.
        Now, I can very much understand why you love those folk that want the “Wild-Wild-West of writers.
        You love the pat-on-the-back of the person that say Don’t worry about the disrespect, just give us the dirt.
        Those that say “We Want To Just Read Anything Written”
        The world is full of crooked roads.
        Some people that drive fast go over the cliff.
        Are you so desperate for followers that you want to go as fast as you can go; even on a crooked road?
        So, this means you don’t want to have “CLASS.”
        You really don’t care about your own reputation here.

  76. Hi Shannon,
    That’s ok, I know specific things like that can be hard to remember. That’s why I became an archaeologist instead of an historian–hate those exact dates. I prefer decades to years. Anyway, just so glad you shared what you did; I want to read your book. Is it available in a hard copy or just on a kindle-type thing? (I am one of those archaeologists who was trained old school, so I’m not so good with the newest technologies. I prefer hard copies in their original text, even though I should be better considering my age (35)). I guess I’m just an old soul :).

    1. Julie, I am much older than you.
      Remember, an old fool used to be a young fool.
      Lets not use any excuse for doing anything.
      When you were little, did your family ever tell you once you go in a certain direction, and years go by, it would be hard to go back to make corrections.
      Have some class from the beginning so excuses don’t have to exists.
      This is not a good road.

  77. I was 18 when he passed… Getting to know his movies and definitely intriqued by what I saw a mysterious creature. He wasn’t the typical and I think that is what clenches me about Brandon 20-years later.
    I appreciate the writing. It was beautiful however can you give us insight to what you’ve been doing since then? I caught myself asking, “So after all this, where did life take her?”

    And thank you for this glimpse into your world.

    1. Hi Shere — thanks for your comment. After Brandon and I split I pursued acting for five more years. I had some nice jobs, predominantly in theater — one taking me to the east coast for half a year — but could never get enough traction to support myself consistently. I decided to let go of my acting ambitions, but managed to land one national commercial that ended up paying for my master’s degree in screenwriting at UCLA. I met my husband there, sold my first script while still in college and worked a number of years as a screenwriter. I’ve since married and now have two daughters. It’s funny, my husband (also a screenwriter) has been in a position to give me acting work, but I realized, at the time, I wasn’t interested in doing that anymore. Strange how we change. I’ve been blogging three years and have written a book about my acting years that’s currently out to agents. Which is why I finally decided to write about Brandon. Thanks for your interest. xo S

  78. Hello Shannon, I hope you are well. I am unfortunately someone who was born a year before his departing. Having become a huge fan of his work in the crow, back when I was in high school, I became curious as to what kind of a man he was. Reading your article, it seems he was a cheeky, smart character, with a rock and roll persona, not like today’s ‘rock and roll’. He sounds like he had a warm heart. I suppose the movie is all I had to go by. That and the interview, which was equally warming.
    So I thank you for your view of Brandon. It fed my curiosity as a fan and made for lovely reading.
    Do you write for your career or do you pursue other things?

    Take care x

    1. Hi Catherine –thanks for your thoughtful comment. I do write for my profession, but in many different ways. Screenwriting, blogging and non-fiction.

  79. This is a beautiful piece. I’m not ashamed to say I had more than a few tears in my eyes at many a few lines, some while laughing-especially with the bat, but for sadness also. I was 18 when Brandon died, what made it feel worse for me was it was the day before my birthday (1st April). I know I never had the pleasure of knowing or even seeing Brandon in the flesh, but I do feel sad looking at pictures and seeing a gorgeous young man looking back. It is such a sad loss, not only for us-the fans, but also and especially his family (including Eliza!) is there anywhere that runs a fan page/group? I’d love to see more pictures. Thank you for everyone for keeping his memory going!!!x

  80. Wow, thanks so much for sharing and answering questions from Brandon fans. I’ve always thought he was oh so dreamy. I would love to hear anymore you remember about him. Do you remember any of the lesser known things like his fav color, his cologne, did he have any quirks that drove you crazy (cracking his knuckles, picking his ear, ect….), his fav holiday, if he ever wanted kids, if he had any special jewelry he wore, favorite foods, or anything else you could share. Loved reading your memories, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Stephanie — thanks for checking in. Most of what I remember about Brandon is already in my post. It’s been over 23 years since I last saw him, which I can hardly believe. Anyhow, I’m glad my reminiscences are positive for you.

  81. Leighanne Spinney

    All I can say is that Brandon Lee has to be, hands down, one of the hottest men I have ever seen. Everything about him, the way he explains every thought in detail, so you fully understand him. I would say the image I have of him, he would be “The Perfect Male!” Sadly I don’t think one exists or at least I haven’t found him yet.

    1. Hi Leighanne — Brandon was certainly a dish, however even he would say he wasn’t perfect were he still with us. I’m sure there’s a guy out there for you who won’t be perfect, but will be lovely anyway, as Brandon was.

    2. You are not alone! I feel the same way. whether I deserve it, dunno. Hollywood is a different world, sometimes their values are alittle different. I would also like someone like Brandon, but @ the same time I realize he had specific types, especially if he was famous. It’s rare that a great looking guy like him, doesn’t have such high standards. His fiancée wasn’t an actress, but she work for a famous actor an assistant n she looked so perfect apart from being kind, plus, but if I was told I will be blessed, maybe I will be and so will you:-) she made or probably made loads of u know what, that’s how I feel, Just being real

    3. This is to you Leighanne Spinney; where ever you are today.

      You should NOT compare people
      And, you should never allow infatuations about Celebrities.

      Because you definitely are infatuated with Brandon Lee.

      You are judging the book by the cover.

      Don’t do this to yourself; it isn’t fair.
      We should never be the Foot Stool for anyone.
      Go out there and find yourself a good man.
      And, don’t compare him to someone you are infatuated with.

  82. Shannon, I just watched the crow this evening for the first time in 20 years. When it first came out I was a senior in high school, and I, like many others, had a huge poster of it on my wall. I can even remember the theater I first saw it in, and where I sat. The theater was packed. When the movie ended, I remember that everyone just sat in silence. Nobody got up to leave and I noticed there was hardly a dry eye in the place as people finally started walking out. I think everyone was moved knowing that Brandon had died during filming more so than they had realized they would be. I know I was. So here it is, 20 years later and during my trip down memory lane watching the film,I was just overcome with sadness. It’s probably the reason why though I had bought the movie when it came out, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again until now. I cannot imagine how Brandon’s friends and family would feel about the movie. If they ever saw it, and if they did, the sorrow it surely must have brought them. Well, I’m just yammering here. Did a search on his death after I saw the movie tonight, and found your blog. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are a beautiful writer. Such precious memories of a man we will never know, yet that we somehow just got a little closer to knowing. He really must have been amazing. One thing about your blog that I can relate to is Eliza’s request to not have any ex girlfriend’s at the service. My first husband died when he was 36, and I was 26. He too was gorgeous, and a larger than life character who was known and loved by many. There were more than 500 people at his funeral but being that I’d come along so much later in his life, I knew only a fraction of them. One thing I remember when getting ready to meet with his old friends, and smaller memorial services was how sick to my stomach I became when I thought of the possibility of meeting any number of his ex girlfriends and women he had dated before. His friends tried to reassure me that out of all of them he had picked me, but my heart was already torn out from his death, and the though of meeting these other (no doubt beautiful) women in that moment, was more than I could bear. I’m sorry that you were unable to attend the service. I’m sure it was just more than she could handle in that moment as well. Again, thanks for sharing these intimate moments of your life with us. Tonight when I lay my head on my pillow, instead of rethinking all the events surrounding his death, I’m going to think about your bat story, and smile.

    1. Dear Lisa — I am so sorry you lost your husband. I can’t imagine losing my own. And I thank you for the words you wrote in sympathy for Eliza. At the time I was sad not to be able to attend his funeral, but even then I knew the most important thing was that this woman, whose world had been absolutely torn asunder, shouldn’t have to endure anything else that might hurt her. So, even then, I completely understood her decision and it was the right one. I think I’m able to share this story about Brandon because he was a young, and (on my part) immature love. I don’t know, because I don’t know Eliza, but I suspect theirs should have lasted both of their lifetimes. And that is the true tragedy.

    2. With regards to former girlfriends being allowed to his memorial service. Brandon and Eliza weren’t legally married therefore she would not have any legal right as to say who’s allowed to show or not. That would have been Brandons mom.

      1. This is so NOT True.
        But, someone like Shannon would be so happy for anyone to say what you just did say.

        Girlfriends is NOT Fiancé

        The Wedding date was set.

        Brandon was bragging about it.

        His mother and sister was happy about the upcoming wedding and the past two years that Brandon had actually lived with Eliza.

        Now, the people, like yourself, that are coming out of the Woodwork, like Shannon is coming out of the Woodwork, like to pump her up for this type of gossip.

        This Verly Without Class if you ask me.

        Eliza was not just a girlfriend, as Shannon supposedly was.
        Who really knows what Shannon was to Brandon.
        She probably was one of the many just plain girls having SEX with him.
        But, Eliza was the Fiancé. Not Just A Girl Friend.
        Shannon was left on the roadside.
        She was the girl that didn’t get to come home and meet MOM.

        She never even found time to visit Brandon’s Grave.
        There are Fans that have gone many times to see where Brandon was buried.

  83. Hi Shannon! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories. I’m an Asian male who worshipped Bruce Lee growing up. (last most Asian kids) He was our Superman and Muhammed Ali. But he died the year I was born. So when I first heard about Brandon, I was excited. Someone who’d carry his torch for us. I remember 1993 very well. With Dragon: the bruce lee story coming out and the crow being filmed, Bruce Lee fans everywhere were elated. Then I remember reading the newspaper healdine when Brandon died. I couldn’t believe it. at first i thought it was a misprint. this has to WB’s sick way of promoting “Dragon”. Taken so young, yet once again. So ever since then i have become borderline obsessed with Brandon Lee. i have watched every movies, every interviews, and been on all the fansites. I moved out to LA few years back to pursue music and sometimes would drive through benedict canyon and passing by his last known address. (yes, i was that obsessed..) and i have always wanted more! I really can’t understand all the negativity from “fans”. You waited 20 years! had toy done this in 93? yeah i can make an argument that you’re trying to “cash in”. and these are your memories as well. as a fan, i’m glad that you’ve shared this with us. I really enjoyed the video since he was obvioudly very into theater, it was good seeing it! sorry if i rambled on but thanks again and please disregard the fanboys/girls.

    1. Dear Sung — thank you for your kind comments. What’s strange is that I too became obsessed with Brandon’s death (as I hadn’t seen him in over two years when he passed) and the feeling that this was some kind of strange, karmic voodoo. It’s taken years for me to understand that what happened to Brandon was simply bad luck. It’s shocking when someone so young and full of promise is taken so suddenly and, in trying to find meaning behind this kind of occurrence, we ascribe some kind of deeper meaning. Add celebrity to that and suddenly you have iconography and legend. In my memory Brandon was simply a beautiful boy, walking his path like the rest of us, who didn’t have as much time as he should have.

  84. I really enjoyed this article. It was interesting and very sad. But how did he feel when you broke yup with him thatday? Do you believe his spirit is around, I do for some reason. That story with the bat is hilarious btw.DID you ever meet Eliza? Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn’t say anything good or bad about her. The fact that she didn’t want his old girlfriends at the funeral, no disrespect cuz she was probably a great person to him, but whatever, those might be his funeral wishes, just saying. Happy New Year

    1. Hi Melissa — thanks so much for your comment and your warm heart toward Eliza. As I’ve said before I don’t know her. But I do, in an odd way, idealize her because she and Brandon were to marry, which means she loved him better and more deeply than I did. And he loved her better and more deeply than he loved me. Had I been in her position I wouldn’t have wanted old girlfriends around or frankly anyone who wasn’t truly close to Brandon anymore. I can’t possibly understand their love or their union.

  85. *sorry, I meant might not have been his funeral wishes to not have his old girlfriends @ funeral:-)

  86. Shannon~The Brandon Lee Movement means well,but they are about as genuine as an anal wort.They dont know everything.They dont have first hand stories or accounts.They are JUST fans like everyone else.Brandon would dismiss all their intrusive efforts much the way The Lee family has.If you guys want the truth about Brandon Bruce Lee then wait for the film by his best friend Bill Allen & Lou Diamond Phillips.Thank You.

    1. Hi Joel — you have a way with words. “Anal Wort” being a phrase I may steal from you. The truth is that Bill knew Brandon a lot longer than I did (though not intimately in certain ways I don’t need to elaborate upon), so I’m sure I will be interested to see his point of view.

      1. Shannon~ Your a Goddess! Im coming to your defense not that you need it but just the same.The BLM needs to mind their Australian business & stick to chasing wallabees.Crocodile Dundee could use a carreer.That man is apparently a National Treasure so,Investigate that,BLM.Brandon Lee was a California Boy! Let those who knew him intimately, SPEAK!

      2. I forgot to say that envy you, for having the chance of knowing him. And who sang the song “Beautiful Boy”?

  87. Hi Shannon, another ‘timeline’ question from just a curious fan… You said the last time you talked he wanted to get back together, and told you to get your shit together… so was that later in the summer? Just curiousity.. I think the BLM is romanticizing certain things, and to have an ex gf that he did love doesn’t fit into their ‘story’ of his life. Was he still trying to get back together even after dating Eliza? If he was trying to contact you in July/Aug/Sept then he certainly was…

    1. Hi Tiffany — I agree that there may be a romanticization of Brandon’s story. I think he and I were just regular 20-somethings with a messy relationship. It’s true that in Feb. of 1990 I had one foot out of our relationship, but his kindness during Valentine’s Day made me reconsider. He may well, at that time, been looking for another girl. I just don’t know. And I’d really rather not comment on how long it took us to finally stop seeing one another at all. I just don’t think it has any bearing on his feelings for Eliza. He wanted to marry her, which I think speaks for itself. Marriage was never once an option for he and I.

  88. Hi Shannon – Um, to be blunt there appears to be romanticization on your part when it comes to your brief time with Brandon. I find it hard to believe that for someone who claims to have ended the relationship that you reacted in a way that causes me to wonder if perhaps he was the one who ended it with you. The change of dates and story aside (which seems to keep being altered by you), do you think you are being fair and respectful to Brandon since he is not here to tell us if this is the “truth”?

    I can understand you being fascinated in his death when he died, but to be still obsessed about it now and his relationship with his chosen life partner. He died 20 years ago! That is a bit perplexing, especially since you have a husband and two kids.

    At the end of the day, for whatever reason, he didn’t wish to commit to your union; however, I don’t think you minded that much. As a reader I didn’t really get the feeling of “love” in your chosen words or in his behavior since you admitted he was more into his friends than you. I just wonder if your disappointment about Brandon in your relationship is more career related.

    As a longtime fan of The Crow and martial arts, I was hoping that this story was going to be a great retrospective on the chaotic nature of dating in Hollywood, rather than just a typical “woman scorned” one about a dead celebrity. Pity!

    1. Gina, I’m no longer obsessed with Brandon’s death, but I was for several months after he died. I’m also not currently obsessed with his love life (His fans seem to be)but I was in the weeks following his death.

      I wrote about these things now — 20 years later — but they are no longer obsessions.

      In writing this piece – which I meant to be a loving requiem to a talented man taken too soon – I tried to focus on the ways I fell short in our relationship, rather than how he may have. This was my way of respecting the fact that Brandon cannot tell his version. I’m sorry if I’ve fallen short.

      I see now that the main controversy my piece has engendered is the possibility that my relationship with Brandon hadn’t ended when he met Eliza Hutton.

      It was my understanding that he met Eliza in the fall of 1990. If he actually met her and started dating her in the spring then he was dating us at the same time.

      It wouldn’t be the first time a very young man in a dying relationship juggled his love life. I would have been hurt to know that at the time, but as a mature woman I understand life is messy. I know the feelings we shared, what was good and what didn’t work and that’s what I tried to express in this rite of passage piece which is one small part of a larger story which I fondly remember as my “acting years.”

    2. Shannon seems to be the girl that gave Brandon the sex, a video, and photos.
      Just a girl of being a friend.
      Someone that eventually got married, had some kids, and cashing on making some money out of the relationship many years later. No matter who got hurt.
      Just like when the Media don’t mind who they hurt.
      People that don’t mind the “Respect” part, continue to pump her up and give her what she wants.

  89. Shannon – Thanks for answering.

    I am a fan of The Crow and his performance, but that’s the extent of it. I don’t care to know anything about his relationship with his fiance which judging by comments was a pretty deep match and that is something only those two people can comment on. I barely know anything about him personally to comment on anything else. Certain details in any relationship should be kept private (something my grandmother refers to as class) and that might be where some of the other comments in this blog are inferring to because Brandon isn’t here. We don’t know what he would be comfortable with the public knowing.

    But as an avid blog reader (like BlogHer) I do find the stories of actors in quirky and dysfunctional relationships very funny which is why I clicked on your “Hollywood Tales” page. I realize there may be a reason for your vagueness in some details in this entry which you do not wish to elaborate on. I do hope though, just on a human level, that it is coming from a place of respect no matter who ended what when.

    I saw The Crow recently again on cable and couldn’t possibly understand what it must of been like for those who loved him like his fiance, friends and family. That ending – what a reminder!

  90. Hi Shannon
    I loved the fact that you shared something of your life before and after Brandon and that you were honest with yourself and broke it off even though it obviously hurt a great deal.
    I was wondering though after starting this page did you ever hear anything from the rest of the Lee family?
    I know that Brandon wouldn’t have wanted anyone who was ever a part of his life to be excluded from his services but I could understand why Eliza would have wanted to take that stance given not all of the ex-girlfriends would have showed to pay their respects and say their final goodbyes but to grab a piece of limelight as distasteful as that sounds it is understandable.
    I thank you for sharing your memories of Brandon and hope your career takes off as I’m sure Brandon would want it to as well.

    1. Hi David — thanks for your kind words. No I haven’t heard from Linda or Shannon. And I absolutely don’t blame Brandon’s fiancé for disallowing ex-girlfriends at the funeral. In fact, I can’t know for sure if she actually said that, Bill Allen’s girlfriend at the time passed that information along to me. Regardless, he was about to become her husband, she had every right to protect herself at that time.

  91. Thank you Shannon for sharing. I must admit the posts where people were doubting your recollection of events between you and Brandon were “ticking” me off. I wasn’t there (wink), but I believe you. To me, Brandon seemed like an easygoing, laid-back human being with a heart of gold. My all-time favorite interview is with Jay Leno when Brandon was promoting Rapid Fire. And if I may add my “entitled” opinion – I don’t think it was right to purposely exclude Brandon’s ex-girlfriends from his funeral – considering how he died. I’m sure you were just as devastated as us fans . It would break my heart if I couldn’t pay my final respects to someone I once cared for and loved. I still remember like it was yesterday where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news of Brandon’s passing – watching my son (Brandon Lee) in karate class.

  92. I grew up on Bruce Lee like the millions out there. Seeing Brandon on film for the first time when I was 12/13 (Showdown in Little Tokyo) made me ecstatic to know that Bruce’s legacy was alive. It was great to see him come into his own and apply the principles one of his father’s philosophy on Jeet Kune Do

  93. I grew up on Bruce Lee like the millions out there. Seeing Brandon on film for the first time when I was 12/13 (Showdown in Little Tokyo) made me ecstatic to know that Bruce’s legacy was alive. It was great to see him come into his own and apply one of the principles of his father’s philosophy on Jeet Kune Do and life; “Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.” I watched Rapid Fire last weekend to see his Jeet Kune Do in action, I was like a 12 year old boy again.

    Every year I Google Bruce and Brandon’s names to see what else I can learn from and about these two magnificent and intriguing individuals that left us too soon. You know that question, “if you can meet any person, dead or alive, who would it be?” My answer would be these two. You can call it an obsession and idolization, I’ll own it. I find immense envy that you were able to know Brandon at one point.

    To keep busy on a slowass week at work (I’m in NYC and I work in the building industry, ain’t nothing happening with this snow and ice), I do my annual readings of these two and stumbled upon your blog. I feel the heart sore of a lost love and you caused me to bite down and choke back my tears. I hate you for making this grown man nearly bawl at his workplace. Beautifully written and recounted, gives me another understanding of Brandon. My heart definitely goes out to Linda, Shannon and Eliza.

    Thank you for sharing this intimate period.

  94. This was wonderful. He had died before I was born, but I love his work. He seemed like a very wonderful person. Its so sad that he died at such a young age, he had alot going for him. His career was definitely going somewhere. This made me cry a little. But you did an amazing job. He will forever be missed.

  95. There has to be more. I am so stuck reading. This is just incredibly amazing. While I was reading I am laying here and the events are just playing in my mind. The part that angers me but at the same time I can understand is you not being able to see him after the events happen. My heart goes out to you. You got the BEST of him, his Love <3

  96. The love you clearly had for him shows here. I love The Crow, it’s actually my favorite movie and I’m happy they let it become his legacy. He had such a special talent, you could see the love and the passion he had in his eyes. He was such a special soul and I’m thankful for your stories of him. In that way, it’s like he still lives on. Your stories of him break my heart and make me want to smile all at once, I wish I could word this better but thank you, for sharing your memories of Brandon. 🙂 It’s hard to hold back tears reading your recollections of him but it’s wonderful to see this side of him.

      1. You’re very welcome, I hope it’s not too hard to read. Thank you for sharing your memories of this beautiful boy. 🙂

        I’m so sorry you have to sort through so many awful comments. People are so cruel, everyone grieves differently. You were more than just one of his fans, you loved him and had his love in return. You two were intimate and you held a piece of his heart. If someone I loved passed away suddenly I would be obsessed with wanting to know what happened too, no matter how long it had been since we talked. I hope these comments from others don’t get you down too much, don’t ever feel like you have to justify how you feel. It sounds like you helped him learn about himself and brought a lot of light and happiness into his short life, and you sharing these precious memories with us means a lot. 🙂

        1. Kelly, what I have pointed out isn’t cruel. And, when people have questions, it is because that is what “normal” folk do in life.
          We all think differently.
          We all have our point-of-view.
          What really makes me wonder, is that it has been many, many years since Brandon Lee has passed away.
          Now, if I was in love with him, in a certain time in my life, it would be no way, I would have never visited where he was buried.
          As a matter of fact, I would be waiting for the funeral, to be over so that I could then show my respects.
          Hold the fresh dirt in my hands from his grave while I cried.
          My love would have me sit, at a distance, so that when I go to his grave and put my bundle of flowers, it would be very personal.
          Now, with that all and said.
          Shannon say she loved Brandon.
          But, she has never, ever, visited his grave.
          Use your own “Common Sense.”
          Excuses sound good to those that make them.
          Remember, that.
          Shannon should have visited Brandon’s Grave Site. Period.

  97. Thank you for posting this.
    Just to clear up any misunderstanding I read in one of the comments above.
    I believe Brandon’s ex girlfriend you mention in your piece was Lisa Griffin. (His fianceé was Eliza Hutton). I believe Lisa had a small part at the very end of the film ‘Legacy Of Rage’. She is also interviewed on ‘You Tube’ in a news broadcast made in 1994 marking the one year anniversary of his passing. I think it is the same person.
    ‘Google Images’ has a recent picture of Eliza as she is today. Or so I am led to believe. Such a strong wonderful person she is.

    And Brandon was a remarkable talented person.

    Thank you for sharing your memories. 🙂

    1. Hi Claire — thanks so much for clarifying the two “Lisas” confusion. I understand why people are ticked at me. I’m sure it has to do with the line I wrote about not being allowed at the funeral. I truly support Brandon’s fiance’s decision and right to have an intimate, private and safe service. Even at the time I understood.

  98. Gosh, sorry, I meant Lisa had a small part at the end of ‘Laser Mission’ as the daughter of one of the character’s. She gets out of the helicopter at the end. It is not the main female lead, that is Debi Monahan. Sorry, I always get those two films mixed up. 🙂

  99. The Crow is my favorite movie and Brandon a favorite actor. Your piece is beautifully written and the love you felt towards Brandon is clearly evident, unfortunately love is sometimes not enough! Do not let other people rain on your memories, you have written some of them down for others to share in and see a different side of a man who most only knew on a screen. I am sure Eliza was absolutely heartbroken and will always have a piece of her heart reserved for Brandon, but you respectfully waited 20 years. As much as Eliza will never forget him or the life she had with him she has moved on. Brandon had a life before he met Eliza which you were part of. It is also perhaps a bit disrespectful to Eliza’s now husband and child that even after 20 years have passed that the fansites etc won’t let their relationship go.

    Brandon Lee – Beautiful man, taken far too soon x

    1. Jayde thank you so much for your comment. You know I hadn’t thought about Eliza’s husband and child and how the story woven about her relationship with Brandon might come across to them. Time has gone by. We are all living our lives today, but that young man certainly made a lasting impression. I’ve tried to write about the impression he made upon me, not trying to compare that to anyone else.

  100. Hi Shannon, The Crow will always be my favorite movie , that is The Crow with Mr. Brandon Lee…. The line
    “this is the small part of his story that is mine as well. I remember you, beautiful boy. ” really is touching.
    Brandon is such a lucky guy to have met you ( aside from being the only son of a legend ;-))..By the way I’ve named my youngest son Brandon ,,need I say more?

  101. Did you ask to go to the funeral or the memorial service? You say memorial service in your article but I notice you have said funeral a few times in the comments. From what I’ve read only family and close friends were allowed at the funeral. I don’t think you were purposely left out in that case, I would say his family only wanted people in his life there probably to keep it private. Bruce Lee’s funeral was a circus. I would guess Eliza was out of it to think logically anyway. Did you send your condolences to the family and Eliza?

    No disrespect to you, but Eliza was important to Brandon and his story. And relationships influence who we are and who we become. I’m sure all of his previous girlfriends did the same, though Eliza was his most serious as they lived together and were to be married. I’m sure you impacted Brandon in the brief time you had and I saw the documentary on him and friends said that he was very different before her which is obvious from your blog. Your perspective has given pause as how different he became after that period. I don’t think a past relationship is disrespectful to a future one. Everyone moves on, his family included. I don’t think Eliza would even care, I mean I would think Brandon told her about his past anyway. If your husband doesn’t mind then why would hers? I assume she would feel comforted that Brandon matured to be with her.

    1. Hi Jane — nice to hear from you. The truth is I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to keep his memorial service (which is what I meant) small and private. At the time, however, because his death was so shocking and sudden, I wanted to go to the memorial service to say my farewells and be near other people who’d known and loved him (that I knew) in order to make sense of it and process the feelings. But even then I recognized this was not about me, but about those closest and most beloved by him. I can’t speculate any longer on Eliza as I don’t know her and never did. But as you said, she was the most important woman in his life (besides his mother) because she was to be his wife.

  102. Hello, I’m an Italian girl and I’ve always liked the myth of Brandon Lee (I apologize for the incorrect English!). I was pleased to read your testimony about your history with Brandon, you blessed! I would have liked to know him, I’m sure I’d be in love with him me too!

  103. Thanks Shannon honestly for humanizing Brandon. I think people forget he was more than just Bruce Lee’s son sometimes and he was indeed SOOO much more than that. The funny moments in the cabin are sooo endearing and totally Brandon. I have to admit you and Brandon represent the kind of coupling I look for in all my relationships…but I know what you mean about being with someone who you just can’t seem to really know on an un-pretty level. I’m sure you caught glimpses of the non-on sides of him but being with someone who’s always on can be just a wee bit draining especially after a year. I miss him and I miss what he could’ve been.

  104. His “on” all the time possibly stemmed from a fear of letting you too close to the man behind the legend and possibly losing his charm on you. In my opinion your thoughts of using him where unfounded & unconscious undeserving, and painful side effects of his success. Note to self dont become successful. It sounds like you where there for him in times he needed someone and he deeply cared for you for blessing his life with your presence as a result.

  105. So, you have had many people reply to your post made last year. I am just now reading it. I was just a child when Brandon Lee died, so I didn’t even know anything about it until I watched The Crow in the late nineties. I have had many young actors die in my lifetime as well as friends in my own life and it is always depressing.

    I don’t know why I all of a sudden looked into Brandon’s death, but I did and I was horribly sad for the whole situation, but the one good thing that came out of it is that I found your website and am interested in your writing. I would love to friend you on Facebook if you have it and that isn’t too creepy. I did not see a contact tab on your website however.

    I would love to say that the past is the past, but there is always an ache that comes with the remembrance of past loves, past friends, past tragedies, and the past in general. I applaud your speaking out.

    1. Hi Jessica –thanks so much for reaching out and commenting. You can actually join my Facebook fan page by clicking on the social media widget in the righthand sidebar and you can communicate through direct messaging with me there and keep abreast of my postings. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some encouragement. It means the world.

      1. Brandon Lee’s Sister has a Facebook page for him.

        Have you commented on it yet?.

        Have you left her a link to show her what you are writing here about her brother?

        Have you ever wanted to reach out to his mother and sister?

        Had Brandon ever introduced you to his family?

        It also has been 25 years since Brandon died. Have you since taken any of your valuable time, using that “Love” that you have for Brandon Lee to visit where he has been buried?

  106. Hi Shannon,did you ever read up on brandons wild antics in Lynne Katzellas acting class? Were you able to google her 🙂 Looks like bran certainly planned too…haha!

    1. Hey Joel — okay I googled Lynne just so you’d know that I did. And nothing came up? Hmmm. Did you have a little crush on her too?

  107. Hello I am Miguel from Mexico. I recently watched the movie The Crow on youtube. It had been a while since I watched it. It is a very good movie and I must say it had me thinking about Brandon Lee for a couple of days after. I just couldn’t believe the tragic circumstances that led to his dead. Such a young guy, shot while filming a movie. In his last interview he talks about the character from the movie The Crow and what he would do if he died and had the chance to come back, he said he’d like to see his fiance because she loves her and they were going to get married in a couple of days after the movie was completed. I felt sad when I saw that interview, I mean he was talking so much about dead and the separation of two people who love each other, etc.. and I just couldn’t believe that he was going to be killed some days after that interview. It also made me sad that he didn’t seem to be a crazy young guy living on the edge, using drugs and behaving crazy, he seemed more like a very healthy, young and talented guy who just wanted to make movies and marry his fiance. Only god knows why these things happen. I wish he could come back, like the character Eric Draven, even for a few days, with his mind intact up to the time where he got shot. I am sure he would like to say good bye personally to the people whom he loved and the people who loved him. Reading your memories, I am sure you would be one of the people he’d visit, I am sure he’d like to see you just once more. I hope he visits you in your dreams. Thank you for sharing your memories and showing us the person behind the actor. All the best for you.
    Rip Brandon Lee.

    1. Hello Miguel — thank you for this beautiful comment. I can feel your heart here, and also your sadness. It never makes sense when young people are taken so suddenly. It’s a shock and seems senseless. For a long time after, I wondered why we bother to love someone, why we take such a chance with our hearts when there’s no promise of tomorrow. The fact that human beings choose to love despite the vulnerability this brings makes me love the human race. Anyhow, thanks again for your words. xo S

  108. Haha! Ummm,No!..Brans hilarity & wild antics are strewn throughout Lou & Bills screenplay.I laughed my ass off while reading it.God,I cant wait for the masses to see brans bizarre dimensions as a prankster.Im soooo tired of hearing about THE CROW!!! This cat led a full & beautiful life before even coming any where near THE CROW! Id love for people to Humanize him & do their godamn research on the boy! 🙂 He was an extraordinarily gifted young soul….THE CROW was a beautiful glimpse but he led a GREAT LIFE leading up to it…..Do your research kiddies!

  109. I appreciate that you shared your story. Very nicely written. Brandon was 3 years younger than me. Years after the release of his final movie The Crow… strangers, coworkers and even friends would tell me that i looked like Brandon. Of course many years have passed, but I always think back and remember the compliments… You have shared so much that would have otherwise been forgotten. Thank you for writing and sharing your life with him.

  110. For some reason I was on YouTube last night and looking at videos of Bruce And Brandon Lee so I googled this this morning and I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading your story and you telling us a piece of your history with Brandon, I’ve also just liked your FB page. Thanks for your memories.

  111. Brandon lee in the crow was a iconic, a wonderful love story, and still to this day a great movie. As for the up and rising star with huge shoes to fill, which he could have done it still to this day. Brandon was an icon in my eyes and even in the famous wrestler Steve Borden. I wore my hair like Brandon’s after 93 when I was in high school, even had a trench coat that was similar. Guess who I was for the Halloween party at school every year after the crow movie? STING!! Well at least that is who everyone thought I was dressed up like. They just did not know. Just the story behind the crow inspired a lot of people to Brandon lee, not because he was Bruce’s son but because of himself. Your words spoken are spoken very well, and writing is a great talent you have. Thank you for your story. I enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Rhine– thanks for your comment. Brandon certainly was one of the most charismatic, gorgeous men I’ve ever known as worthy of all adulation from his fans.

  112. I somehow found myself to this article (I was a huge fan of the film, still am). What a beautiful and talented writer you are. And I am loving your entire blog, especially #loveyourbodynowproject, as someone who’s struggled with body issues for most of her life it’s great seeing things like this. I’m happy to have found your site so I can read more from you 🙂

  113. This is just so wonderfully written, i thank you for sharing these private moments and giving us such a great glimpse at a great person. It pains me that there isn’t an official biographical book available on Brandon’s life and as much as i respect the decision, it’s frustrating that more of Brandon’s friends and family don’t share more in this way. They have a right to privacy with their own memories of course, but for such an inspirational person to not have more exposure is difficult to take sometimes. I worry that despite the renewed interest created by the 20th anniversary of The Crow, there is a risk of losing precious stories and anecdotes like this one, to time.
    I was a teenager when he died and for whatever reason i just locked onto his life and story and it effected me profoundly for reasons i don’t understand to this day! Maybe it was the teenage angst, the fact that i was at that intense emotional phase in my relationship with my girlfriend/now wife, and emotionally charged as a result, also dealing with the loss of my father. Either way he became a massive part of who i was back then, and after seeing Rapid Fire, even got me into studying Wing Chun Kung Fu.
    As he was unable to realise what no doubt would have been an A list career, all we have to enjoy him are the 5 movies he made and the stories that are all too rarely told about the person he was. Once exposed to this, there is an unstoppable urge to want more but unfortunately there just isn’t enough material on the net to satisfy this. The Brandon Lee Foundation are doing a wonderful job at preserving and promoting the memory of the man, and again, you deserve to be commended for the decision to share this information as i firmly believe it fans the flames of a legacy in danger of being lost. In a time where ‘false’ celebrity and cheap personalities are held aloft as idols, I cling even more fondly to the influence i have gained in my life from Brandon, a man that genuinely deserves the status he has and so much more.

    1. Hi Dan — it’s so nice to see you here and thank you for your kind words. I think it’s a testament to Brandon’s talent and raw magnetism that so many people still miss him and seek to learn more about him over 20 years after his passing. He left a hole inside many of us and unfortunately no amount of information can fill that hole. There will always be a point of pain at his passing so young and full of promise.

      1. Those are very nice words, Shannon.
        But, I don’t think that they are truly real.
        Usually, we can say we do not know people we have never met.
        But, as I am sitting here and reading all of this stuff, I have begun to understand that writing all of this stuff is to make a buck and to get attention from knowing Brandon Lee.
        Once I read that you have never “Not Once” visited where Brandon Lee was buried, I knew something was not right here.
        It just didn’t click.
        Something didn’t ring the right way.
        You had led me to the water, but I cannot just drink.

  114. hi shannon, i watched the crow 10 times , but still love to watch BRANDON’S performance in it again and again

  115. hi Shannon , You write so well, try to write a novel, maybe u become next J K rowling

  116. Hi shannon, thank you so much for sharing such wonderful memories of brandon. He sounded charming and wonderful to be with. Its very rare to find something new about brandon in print and to come across this was a real treat for us fans.. I loved your book bytheway, laugh out loud stuff!! It is a shame that brandon is no longer with us but by sharing his stories from people who knew him (be it 5mins in his company or a lifetime by his side)..its these stories that keep his memory alive so thanks for sharing shannon xoxo

    1. Judie — thanks for reading and commenting. It makes my day to know someone enjoys this story and that it’s keeping Bran’s memory alive in a positive way.

  117. Hey Shannon,

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experiences with/about Brandon. I, like many others feel a connection with him. Not because we knew him but lost him too soon like his father. The main difference between the Lee’s and other celebs being they didn’t take life for granted. Or abuse the fame like others do. That being said those who attack you over dates, etc should shut up. I don’t mean to sound or be rude but Jeff Most, Ed Pressman and James O’Barr have all used Brandon for their own financial gain. O’barr used/draws Eric(The Crow) using Lee’s likeliness and now that they are remaking the crow says he isn’t drawing Lee as the crow again. Jeff Most and Ed Pressman signed Lee to a 3-4 picture deal and turned around and said someone new was going to play the crow in each film. After Lee died. I think the hate/dislike should be directed at those who cut corners on that film set. Mainly the producers who let the weapons masters go. Plus I read somewhere Lee’s manger complained that they were killing Lee with poor working conditions and 16-19 hour days. Bob Rosen a producer was quoted as saying he didn’t care. Those greedy bloodsuckers are to blame. Anyways take care and be safe. Thank you for your time and anyone else’s who reads this.

    1. Hi Gabe — thanks for your comment and thoughtful words. It’s difficult not to assign blame in Brandon’s death, and certainly cutting corners and attempts to save money on the production played a great part in for this horrific accident, but all these years later I really wish people could just celebrate Brandon, his life and his work.

      1. Are you going to celebrate his living days by finally flying out to where he has been buried?
        Use your love to sit there on the bench and say a prayer for him.
        Unless, you just don’t want to.
        What is the real reason, you never visited his grave?

  118. I was only 10 for 2 days (my birthday is March 29th) when the news spread about Brandon Lee. Although I was young, I was a fan of Bruce Lee and followed Brandon by default. I remember even crying and being so sad about it as if I knew him, The Crow is still one of my favorite movies today. I haven’t watched it in quite some time though, this definitely just made me remember my deep interest in him and this story, and it also made me want to watch the movie again since I haven’t seen it since about 2000. It’s funny how just surfing the internet takes you to the most random places because I’m clueless about what I was doing that made me start searching everything Brandon Lee and stumbling on this blog post, but it was a fabulous read! I really love how you took the time to respond to all of the comments, I love when people engage with their audience. Thanks for sharing your memories with him. I personally feel you accomplished exactly what you sought out to do, share your story without doing any harm to anyone else. Time is a non-factor when it comes to people and things we once loved, so if you decided to remember him 20 years later so be it. Our past shapes our present and builds us for our future, so I’m sure that although you are happily married with those 2 beautiful girls, you will ALWAYS remember your year with Brandon. You have that right and don’t allow anyone to make you feel any different. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Dear Ebony — thanks so much for your kind comment. I was a little surprised that this piece was controversial at all, but I also do understand people trying to protect Brandon’s legacy and if my story doesn’t jibe with how the envision him it makes people uncomfortable. Brandon was multi-faceted and, like all of us, didn’t fit into one tiny box. xo S

      1. Yes. but what does fit into a tiny box could be a little respect.
        And, if you was MORE than another girl from the street then he would have introduced you to his Mother and his Sister.
        It is 25 years later.
        Fans have brought flowers to his grave.
        But, Shannon you have never gone to his grave.
        Have you ever set flowers to his family.
        Like I said before, this isn’t right.
        You are cashing in on Brandon Lee.

  119. Hey Shannon,

    All I was trying to get at was that there was no reason for the senselessness of it all. Also, the director and screen writer had done an 1 1/2 hour documentary type film called The Crow Chronicles. It started on Brandon’s 28th birthday and went up as far as 2 weeks before the accident. It was to be released with the box set edition of all 3 Crow films and it ended up being pulled out. They claim cause of a falling out with Jeff Most. It is frustrating knowing that there is more footage of Brandon behind the scenes of The Crow and fans aren’t allowed to see it. Some stuff has leaked out onto youtube. However, I just feel that with the right people it could be done tastefully to honour his memory. Much like they did with Enter The Dragon and the new Bruce Lee Collection of blu rays. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Gabe — I didn’t know about the documentary. Oddly Jeff Most is a friend of my husband’s. Jeff was actually at our wedding. I don’t know him that well and he’s not an intimate of my husband’s, but my husband believes he was devastated by Brandon’s death. I can’t imagine the complexities of feeling you might have if you feel you are in any way at fault in someone’s death and I have no insight into how culpable Jeff feels or how he’s processed the death. I suspect when you cut corners on production (and I’m sure it happens frequently) you can’t fully understand the consequences until it’s too late. Again, prognosticating on something I’m not privy to.

  120. I’m Brandon’s fan from Brazil. My father always loved to watch Bruce Lee’s films and make me watch since I was a little girl. When I grow up I just started to search about his life and fall in love with Brandon. I saw The Crow more them 20 times…always crying in the end.
    I just loved to find your site and know a little bit more about him.
    I think you’re lucky to had him in your life. I don’t know why I’m so facinated about him…I saw Rapid Fire more than 20 times too…I just love to see him in this film.
    Thanks for sharing our history with us.
    SOrry about my english…
    Wish you all the best.

  121. Im from norway, im 35 years old, i could never get over this tragedy, even so young as i was then at 16/17, in 1995/96 i was mesmerized by this movie and his death..Such a charismatic man, your stories bring me to tears, and still its such a beautifull piece of brandons life you have shared..
    i still wonder,,, what happened to eliza hutton, what does she looks like in 2014 and what is shes doing…shes like gone under the radar….

    I guess im still obsessed with this man, who i always dreamed of being with…
    Thank you for sharing this…

    love from north of norway…

  122. I’m so sorry for your loss, and for the Lee family as well. This was beautiful. Your writing is beautiful. Your voice just comes through. There’s nothing ‘former’ about your beauty at all. Thank you for sharing this.

  123. Thank you for this story! I love the Lees and followed Brandin closely! Bless you and hope you have a wonderful life!

  124. Shannon
    You are very lucky to ha e met him and had a special relationship with him. Treasure that. If you don’t mind me asking sorry if you do. Have you been to his grave in the past 20 yrs?
    If Linda and Shannon ran into you would they remember you.
    I never be lived that Bruce past away from taking medicine. To hard for me to swallow.

    1. Hello Michael — Nice to see you here. In answer to your question I haven’t been to Brandon’s grave. I don’t know if I’ll ever go. I don’t like cemeteries. Or maybe I should say I don’t ever want to be in a cemetery. I want to be cremated and to have my ashes scattered somewhere airy and bright. I don’t think I would find Brandon in a cemetery. He is woven in my memory, both spiritually and cellularly. That’s where I find him. And writing this piece about him is, I suppose, my memorial on the side of the road.

      1. Really.
        You should have visited where he was buried years ago.

        If you loved Brandon, you would have visited his grave right after he was buried. Especially since it would have been very inappropriate to be at the funeral.
        He has been gone for 25 years now. You called him “Beautiful Boy” but you have not once visited his burial site.
        Take a good walk around the block, take a deep breath, and ask yourself why you never took the time to fly out there to visit where he was buried but you took the time to write all of this stuff about your relationship with him.
        How would you expect for your readers to really think?
        Unless you want to tell us how to think too.
        Does this sound right to you?
        What is really going on here?

  125. I dont know why but I was thinking about Brandon today for some reason and came across your website. I knew Brandon around 87 and 88. I actually worked on that hearse. I guess he had just bought it and it wasnt very realiable so he had us do a few things to it, he and my boss got to be good friends. He used to come in the shop a lot just to hang out even when it didnt need work. Dont know why he would want to hang out there! But whenever he did I would think, “I wish I was his girlfriend!” but he had one at the time…oh well! He was always very nice to me anyway. I cant believe it’s been over 20 years since he died…I still wonder what happened to that hearse.

    1. Hi Lynn — So glad to see you here. Did we ever meet? Maybe not. I think I dated Brandon after the time period you suggest. Brandon and I actually camped overnight in the hearse at Lake Cachuma and I have to say it was incredibly comfortable. It may be strange, but it didn’t seem morbid at all. Now, I wonder. Anyhow, glad to connect. xo S

  126. No, we never did meet, but I did meet the girlfriend he had before you, Lisa. He brought her to the shop once and she was very nice. Brandon did seem to have some kind of weird obsession with death, well maybe not an obsession actually, dont know what Id call it. He told me he was planning to paint “DEATH” on the tailgate of the hearse…
    One day when he was there I told him I was quitting and moving out of state for a few months and asked if I could call him…he said “you can call me anytime” and wrote his number on the wall in the office. But I never did call him cus I thought his girlfriend might get upset. I did write him when I got back but the letter was returned, I guess he had moved from the house in Silverlake and there was no forwarding address. I never did see him again. I went to see “The Crow” when it came out but I cried the whole time…I wish i hadnt seen it. I only went cus I thought Brandon would want me to see it…but I havent watched it since.

  127. Actually I dont think the car is technically a “hearse”, I think it’s a coroner’s wagon because it didnt have curtains or satin in the interior, and it had all those weird little compartments, and it had a weird smell to it too.At least to me it did.

  128. Hi Shannon,
    Thanks for shedding a brighter light on Brandon. Ever since his unfortunate passing, he’s been tied to the Crow, it all felt so dark, even his engagement felt dark. After reading your writings, it seems that the dark veil has been lifted. I most like remembering him as Johnny Murata and Jake Lo. You’ve returned a brightness to him and I love you a thousand times for that. I have two questions: 1. Will you share more photos you have of Brandon? 2. Did Brandon believe in God or an after-life? Also, I noticed that Eliza looked a lot like you, maybe he wasn’t as over you as he thought. I wish she had let you say good-bye, jealous of someone else possibly stealing her “limelight” at that time would have been petty if that was her reasoning. Anyway, wish you the best.

    1. Hi Karen — I’m so glad this story brings some lightness to Brandon’s history. I think when a person dies violently we forget that was just a brief moment in their lives and shouldn’t define them. As far as Eliza goes I now completely understand her need for privacy and intimacy at Brandon’s funeral. I was a big part of his life for one year. She was a much larger, more vital part of his life for much longer and was to build a life with him. I can’t imagine how profound her loss was and mine certainly doesn’t even compare. In fact I really respect and admire her for keeping her experiences with Brandon private. Once you share your memories it does, in some way, disperse them – and I think she has every right to keep them close and treasured. In any case, thanks Karen for your kind words and for visiting.

  129. Michelle Smith

    Shannon, thanks so very much for sharing your story. I wish I had read it sooner. It was beautifully written. My son will be 13 inSeptember & ‘The Crow’ is one of his favorite movies. It just goes toshow you Brandon’s masterpiece is timeless. All the best to you.

  130. I stumbled upon this gorgeous gem today. So beautifully written that it brought a few tears to my eyes. To share these moments is a true blessing and I thank you for allowing so many into your heart.

  131. Marlene Melendez

    I too just stumbled upon this article today. Like everyone has stated themselves, I’ve been a fan of the Crow and Brandon Lee’s since I was a kid. The Crow is the reason why I went to college to pursue an art degree. Now that I’m older, I’ve recently gotten the chance to meet the actors and creator, James O Barr at comic cons. I have to say, everyone is so down to earth and grateful for the fans. Everyone is very personable. I often think if Brandon were alive today, if he would do appearances at comic cons and how he would be to meet haha! After reading your article, it seems like Brandon would’ve been an amazing and hilarious man to meet. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are so lucky to have had that precious time with him.

    1. Hi Marlene — Thanks for visiting and commenting. It’s so wonderful to hear from the myriad people whose lives Brandon touched and influenced. What a gift her left us in his work.

  132. Hello Shannon! Thank you for such an amazing Post about Brandon. I was wondering about his smoking habit. Did he smoke when you two were together? And did he smoke a lot? I myself used to smoke and am a practicing Gymnast and I know it sure hurt the Cardio aspect of my training. Thank you so much! Jon

    1. Hi Johahan — I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED ME THAT QUESTION!! Brandon never smoked when we were together, not even once that I saw. I, like all the rest of you, saw his interview for The Crow and was completely startled to see him for a cigarette. My suspicion is that the cigarette helped get him into character. He would never have done anything to compromise his health, in my humble opinion.

  133. Dear Shannon, I hope you are doing okay. I just wanted to share with you that before Princess Diana died, I thought about writing to her because of how she touched my life at that time. I never got that chance due of the unexpected event that happened. We don’t know what can happen during our lives when we least expect it. Sometimes we don’t know what to write or we think that, Oh, well, they’ll live for a long time, I’ll wait. That’s why I’d like to have this chance to ask you if you have seen or own any of Brandon’s movies and if you have the “Jesus of Montreal” movie. An interesting thing about life is that we don’t know who deeply touches us until we lose them. The one song that keeps repeating in my head is Cat Stevens’ “Oh very young what will you leave us this time?, You’re only dancing on this earth for a short while, And though you want to last forever, You know you never will, And the goodbye makes the journey harder still…” Thank you for keeping Brandon alive in the hearts of many, and in mine as well, who continue to reflect on the impact he had in your life. I wanted to get this out to you, Shannon, because to me, you seem like a fantastic person. I hope I can meet you someday. Thanks for your warmth, humor and great stories. May God bless you! Respectfully yours, DianeL

    1. Diane thank you so much for this kind letter. I just came out to the office to answer emails after my daughters and I watched “The Fault in Our Stars.” Needless to say my eyes are red and my nose is stuffy from crying. I didn’t know whether I should write anything about Brandon in my work, but I’m so happy I did, because during that time he really came back into my life in a gentle way. I did watch “Jesus of Montreal” again to try to understand why it had affected me so much and was the catalyst for me letting Brandon walk out of my life, but I haven’t watched any of Brandon’s films probably in fifteen years. I don’t really find him there. Thank you for the quote from the Cat Steven’s song and all of your kind words. Best, Shannon

      1. Hello, Shannon! You are so welcome! I looked up the trailer to the movie you watched with your two daughters “The Fault in Our Stars”, and that just made me melt. My husband and I went to see the movie “If I Stay” on Saturday. If you have not seen it yet, please do. We were crying (yes, he was crying!), just like the rest of the audience at the cinema. I own the “Jesus of Montreal” movie, and when I watched it today, I realized that the actor who portrayed Jesus was similar to Brandon’s gentle nature…(perhaps in your eyes). I believe you when you said you don’t really find him there in his movies. But you know, after I read your reply, I felt a chill in me because I wondered if you found Brandon in the “Jesus of Montreal” movie. I think it made sense. Please don’t stop bringing back the memories you had with a former love you really cared about. Those memories only make you stronger to appreciate the life you both were able to share. My brother Chris passed away at 36, ten years ago. I was unable to be with him when he died. But every day, I live for him and for all those who have touched my life. Stay happy – and please never let go of Brandon who meant a lot to you. I’m sure he needed you in so many ways, and cherished those times with you as well. Shannon, when you have the chance, there’s a song by Summer Heart entitled “I Wanted You to Stay on the Other Side” – the Album is called: “About a Feeling”. You’ll hear “heartbeats” throughout the song. If you listen to this song and look at a photo of Brandon, it’s touching. Take care, DianeL.

        1. Dear Shannon, I hope I didn’t make you feel sad in any way with my last entry on Sept. 1. If I have, I sincerely apologize for what I wrote. I hope you’re doing okay. I just wanted to thank you for replying to me, and I would also like to know if I may continue to correspond with you. Please let me know if you received this entry, so I will feel happy in knowing that it took. My only intent is to forward positive thoughts to you. May all your days be good ones! Respectfully yours, DianeL.

  134. Hi Shannon, sorry for another “timeline” question but rereading this a few times I got confused… You said you hadn’t talked to Brandon for two years and three months at the time of his death, but that would mean you were talking in January of 1991. By your admission he had been with Eliza for 3-4 months and by BLM maybe 6-9 months. You said you broke up at the end of June, and then last note he wrote you was in August which seems very much like you hadn’t talked or spoken in a long time. But then you say that the last time you talked it was on the phone and he was trying to get back together with you. So that was January of 1991? Wouldn’t you certainly have known he had a serious girlfriend by then or heard about it? But then you say you had no idea about her or knew who she was. I’m just confused by what really happened at the end. It may not be anyone’s business but you talked about it and it leaves a lot of questions so I’m just curious. Cheers.

    1. Hi Tina — I think maybe I need to pull out my journals again and look. Here’s what I know without going back with a fine-tooth comb in my journals. I met and started dating Brandon in the summer of 1989 (June). Our relationship started to get rocky around February of 1990 (I remember thinking me might break up that Valentine’s Day), then, due to another reader’s question, I re-checked my journal about when we broke up for the first time. In my journal entry for my 25th birthday, which was June 27th of 1990, I wrote that I’d finally left Brandon a few days prior. We had contact a few times after that. And I guess this is the place where things get murky regarding Eliza Hutton. Many people say Brandon met her in the spring of 1990. I have no idea if this is true. I didn’t know he was seeing anyone but me. Again, from Feb of 1990 until June of 1990 our relationship was not solid. He may have met her then and not told me. I’d be surprised if they were seeing each other frequently because I think I would have known just logistically. I think the last time I saw him face-to-face was probably two months after we broke up, which would have been August of 1990 and he died in March of 1993, which is why I said I hadn’t seen him in 2 and a half years. Again, I don’t know where his relationship with Eliza was in August of 1990. He had demonstrated some difficulty in letting me go,but that’s just my point of view. I don’t know what he was truly feeling or thinking. Maybe there was a time when we were ending and he was moving on that was a bit mucky. What I do know is that I loved him the best I could as he did me. And that his love of his fiance sounds much deeper, truer and committed. I’m grateful he found someone who seemed to love him so selflessly. I was too selfish and immature to do that and he certainly deserved it. I think that’s it with the timeline questions. I just don’t think it really matters who he loved when, but that he loved and was loved in return.

    2. Let us get our stories straight. Remember, if you tell the truth, you don’t every have to worry about back-tracking. And, then the people reading what you have written don’t have to apologize because they don’t want to look a certain way.
      Don’t ever feel sorry for laying something straight that seems to be told “Crooked.”
      We are not sheep.

  135. Thanks for sharing some of your personal experiences with Brandon Lee, it was a very poignant, entertaining, and sometimes, a very sad piece. It’s funny how some people criticized Brandon’s friends and fiancee for not giving interviews or writing a book about him. But when an ex love shares some of her more memorable experiences with him, they become interrogators and even doubt some of the story. I’m glad that you came forward and shared some of your memories. It’s further proof of how good and sensitive a person Brandon was.

    1. Hi Stacey — thanks for stopping by. What I’ve realized in my four years of blogging is that I really have to take what I like and leave the rest when it comes to commenters. Everyone sees the story through their own filter and it’s impossible to please everyone. I wanted to try to tell the best story I could about Brandon and my time with him and I think I really did the best I could have done and it’s actually given me closure I didn’t realize I needed regardless of people’s responses. Anyhow, thanks again for your kind words. xo S

      1. Now, Shannon, you don’t have to filter if you are doing the right thing from the start.
        It is like being bad in the streets, and then going to church to confess.
        We would not have to go to church to confess if we were doing the right thing.
        I know we are all human. We are Sinners. We get things wrong.
        When you go to that “Mirror” in your house, I hope that you have one, because you need to take a long look at yourself and say Who Am I.
        As long as you know who you are, and only then, will you be able to look at those comments that you Do Not Like and then stand back and tell yourself if what they are saying to you is the truth.

        Are we telling you the truth when we say something Negative about your Blog.

        That this whole Blog is to bring you the attention to your relationship with Brandon Lee.

        Look into the Mirror.

        Afterwards, read every Blog that isn’t in the best interest of your Blog and read it with complete TRUTH.
        Understand, what the “Negative” is trying to tell you.

  136. I was 13 at the time Brandon died and I didn’t know much about what had happened to him then. The one scene that stuck with me from The Crow film all these years was the part he played the guitar solo, it’s a memory of how haunting that film was and still is today. I just recently saw the film on netflix and it rekindled all those “feels” for Brandon and the Lee family. I have been searching online for something to give me a piece of mind, or I don’t even know, just something more on this tragedy. Instead i stumbled on to your article/story and it of course brought me to tears. I feel and understand everything you are expressing, it also gave me a “wow” emotion of how Lee was; a regular guy with personal battles just like all of us. I wanted to thank you for posting this public and I want you to know that I am one of those many people out there who still remembers Brandon even after so many years.

    1. Hi LexCorp213 thanks so much for letting me know this piece meant something to you. Brandon was such a larger than life character that I’m always a bit surprised when someone doesn’t know who he is. It makes me happy he still has such passionate fans that won’t forget him.

  137. I am speechless, as to how to explain my appreciation of your openness…(if that’s a word). I’ve been a fan of Brandon Lee, since maybe high school, and I am working towards writing a biopic of his life, hopefully one day. He didn’t have many movies before his life was cut short, but I watch everything of his I can find. He still has this ability to radiate an heir of friendliness, like you’re watching an old friend you just haven’t seen in a while in their movie. I didn’t know him, and I’m sad I didn’t get to tell him what an inspiration he is to my own aspirations, though it seems we were complete opposites in personality. I’m sorry you never got to speak to him once more, or see the memorial. Perhaps what you have written here, is in some sort a memorial of your very own, personal and real, and it means alot to those who have read it I’m sure.
    Okay, I’m being all “blah blah” right now. Really good writing.

    1. Hi, Shannon. Happy New Year! I realized that in 6 days Brandon would have turned 50. Your shared memories connected people together in ways nothing else can duplicate. He approached his dreams as if they were impossible to fail, and discovered that his journey to reality was only the beginning. He soared like an eagle. And he will always be an Angel. Thank you for being in his life. Also, thank you for being the beautiful person that you are. Take care, Shannon and May God Bless…DianeL

      1. Hi Daniel — thanks so much for the message. I was startled to think Brandon would be turning 50 this year, I guess that’s because it means I’m turning 50 this year. It doesn’t seem like so much time has passed. Will be thinking of him on his birthday. xo S

        1. Hello, Shannon! I didn’t know that you would be turning 50! A very Happy Birthday to you when you celebrate it! I don’t know when it is, but, believe, me, I’m just too modest to ask you. I recently turned 56 in January (I’m not by any means a “Cheetah”, “Cougar” or “Turtle”!) I don’t feel my age at all! My husband will be 50 in November and my sister, Susan, will also be 50 in July. You incidentally remind me of her: same blond hair, blue eyes and almost similar features of your faces. I’m the complete opposite with black hair and brown eyes…quite a contrast, huh! I’d also like to share with you, my first name, which is Diane. I will also be thinking about Brandon on his special day. May your memories always be of him, as he remains forever young in your heart. Shannon, it’s always so nice to hear from you! Take care, and be safe, xo- DianeL

      2. Remember, Brandon soared like an Eagle because steps were built for him to walk to anywhere he wanted to go. And, he was a good-looking Fellow; so that is a given. His father’s friends layed out the “Red Carpet” for him to walk without crawling. His twenty-eight years of life was better than most actors ever see. So, now his life is celebrated and everyone will remember Brandon Lee. So, there is nothing to feel sad about. He had a very nice life.

  138. This was a combination of an interesting, lovely, and sad story. Idk about Eliza but if I lost a good person like Brandon I wouldn’t want any other guy again I’d live and die single. The reason is so simple some of you may Understand, well first of all, you lost someone that you truly care and love deeply, you would want to live your life with just THAT ONE PERSON, have a life involving forever love until death do you both apart and have children and share eternal happiness that only you two will forever share and enjoy every moment you have with each other as long as you have the ability to draw your very breath. Some of us has that feeling where once you loose the person that you TRUELY care about and imagine what your life will be without them, it’s Iike you lost the part of yourself and you loose all your interest in love and want to be the shadow of the outside world and that’s it you don’t want to get close to anyone any more in fear of losing them as well. You figure what’s the point in loving anymore knowing deep In your heart that the person that you WERE with was forever gone away from your life and you put all your strength love soul and your all in the relationship and just end up loosing him if you’re a woman or woman if you’re a man. Ok, I never fell in love or had a boyfriend in my life and yes I’m a woman in my twenties, yes I feel that if I did end up finding a guy that I TRUELY love and if I lose him that I fear I’d NEVER find the will or the heart of mine to find love again. I figure I have one love and I want to give it to someone I TRUELY care about and do it just ONE time, but part of me is still scared to death to do it because I’m scared to death that I’d lose the guy that I love so much. Thinking about the loss of others and what I’ve seen heard and so on that made me change my mind on the whole rushy rushy I want a boyfriend thing that’s why I stayed single for so long and that’s why I am going to WAIT until I know that I know for a fact that I’m ready and find someone that I TRUELY trust with my life soul and heart. :/

      1. I doubt very seriously that you have any intentions of meeting Eliza. Especially, after putting on the internet this stuff.
        I feel so blessed that you wasn’t my husband old girlfriend because this writing you are doing now would be very disrespectful and hurtful for any normal woman.
        But, you know deep inside the type of person you really are and what your true meaning of making this stuff for Social Media is.

  139. Hi Shannon,
    thank you very much for sharing your memories about Brandon!!!
    It´s a hearbreaking story…!!!
    I am a big fan of Brandon and I wish I could have met him!
    I don´t know why, but I feel very close to him.
    By the way: You are a great writer!

    Best wishes from germany
    Marcel 🙂

    1. Marcel — thanks for reaching out. I’m glad these posts were a positive experience for you. There really are no words when it comes to how much time has passed. At times it feels like the blink of an eye.

  140. Hi Shannon…
    How r u…???
    I was just 8 months old when Brandon died…. My father was a big fan of Bruce… I’m a very big fan of Brandon from the past five years…. His life story taught me how to live life with our own guts n skills…. n how we should love all our loved ones…. thanks for sharing those memorable days u have spent with him….. Today in present u should feel proud n happy that u have met a wonderful person in ur life…. sometimes it hurts after reading his death story….
    In this small age I have just living my life in a different way which should be helpul to others n meaningful to myself instead of making money…one of m biggest aim in life is to visit Lakeview cementry once in m life…. I will remember him till I stop breathing…

  141. Hi Shannon,
    thank you very much for sharing your memories.
    I’m really sorry for your loss. It is hard to live with the memories of loss of beloved ones…….!!
    I’m a big fan of Bruce Lee and watch his movie Enter the dragon whenever I open movies folder in my laptop 🙂
    I also watched Brandon’s movie The Crow many many times.he was a brilliant actor.

    you are also a good writer and i like your posts on fb 🙂
    Thanks again and take care.

  142. Hi shannon,
    Thank you for sharing your memories…..
    I am a big fan of Bruce Lee and watch his movie “Enter the Dragon” and a fight scene of Bruce Lee with Kareem Abdul Jabar whenever I miss him.

    And you are a good writer. thanx again for writing this.
    take care nd be happy 🙂

  143. JKD Crow Fighter

    Hello Shannon, I want to ask you a few question regarding the mystery of Brandon Lee’s death. Would you allow me to email you some inquiries?

    1. Hi JDK I don’t really know anymore about the circumstances of his death than what is available to the public so I doubt I could shed any further light on it. Sorry about that.

      1. It would have been more of an honor to Brandon, if you would have done more research, which everyone else seems scared to do, about his death on making the Crow. And, not “at-all” write about your relationship. He did loose his life. And, you loved him, am I right?

        It would seem, Shannon, after all this writing you are doing, that you would want to find out the circumstances of Brandon’s death. More than what is available to the public.
        So, yes, you could shed more light but you really have no interest in what actually happened on his last gig that took his life.
        But, at the same time, you want to put private stuff.
        Something here isn’t right.

  144. Hi Shannon,
    Your story was wonderful….As I read it, there were parts that I saw myself in. Very weird!!
    I too dated Brandon….And it was right around 1989. I met him at the Red Lion Inn. Not sure if the city was Chino, or Upland. He was there in the bar area with A few others, one being Miquel Ferrar when my girlfriends and I walked in. They were there promomtin some boxing match. I had no idea who he was when he came up and asked me to dance a fast song with him, then a slow one right after. When the bar closed, he and the guys invited my friends and I to their room for more drinks. Before long it was time to leave, so we all approached the door to go when Brandon kissed me and put a home made yarn necklace type thing around my neck that had a little pouch in it. As I left he said call me. I looked in it and it was his phone number. At this point It really didnt hit me that he was the son of Bruce Lee. I just knew I was attracted to him and he was to me as well..Fast forward to us talking for hours on the phone and him coming to my place at wee hours in the a.m…One time he said Im coming over, I said ok. When he got there he was on his bike. He told me to get ready for the day. I did and I jumped on the back of his bike and off we went. I was not told where we were going, it was a surprise. We drove along way, then stopped at a restaurant where we talked and had a nice some good food. Jumped back on the bike and we were off again. This time we stopped at a store where he bought some Avocados, lemon and salsa. Got to our destination at his cabin..All this time I had it in my head it was in Lake Arrowhead, but reading your story, maybe it was Big Bear, unless they had 2. I was young and payed no attention where I was. All I knew was I was having a wonderful time with a very smart, funny and handsome guy. We laid on a big bean bag and watched TV in the living room. His sister was there briefly and I did meet her. He then got up and made the most incredible avocado dip I’ve ever eaten. I make it that same way to this day. We took a walk with a blanket and laid down where we cuddled and talked for hours. Went back up stairs to the cabin and slept there in the room for awhile. I needed to get home so we got back on his bike and headed back in the late night. All I remember on that ride home was holding on to him so tight. I had had the most wonderful date of my life!!!
    Another time I went to a outdoor concert with him at Glenn Helen. He was sooo funny and loud. We were having a great time. He went into a trailer they had there and did a live interview while I watched….It was cool. We went back to a friends place to stay the night. Laid by the pool, played pool and ate some good BBQ. The next time he came to my moms house for dinner. My brother did not believe me when I told him that Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon was coming over for dinner. All he kept saying was NO WAY, NO WAY! When my mom and I were getting dinner on the table Brandon was in the living room watching Jeopardy. We all were amazed at what we were hearing in the next room. Brandon was answering EVERY SINGLE QUESTION RIGHT!!!!! We were blown away at how smart he was. Aftyer dinner he showed us a martial arts move. He stood still with his arms in front of him with fingers locked together. He then jumped right through them!!!!!!! It was crazy and AMAZING!!!! We were in AAHHHHH! He was so talented. When he took off that evening to head home in his tiny convertible car, it wouldnt start. He and my brother had to push it down our street and I guess then it would start. HAHA
    Another time, my friends and I drove to Hollywood and met him at the Viper Room, where we danced and sat at a table where he then introduced me to Lou Diamond Phlllips and some others. I was in AWWW!!!! Getting ready to leave for the night he begged me to stay with him and go on a motorcycle roadtrip journey on his bike with him and a bunch of people. I could not go because the would be gone a few days and I had work. BOY WAS I DUMB!!!

    This is how young and dumb I was……….I was supposed to meet him for dinner one night in L.A. Well I had no cell phone then and no navigation, DARN IT!!! I got all dressed up and headed out. I had been driving along time and was getting late. I was getting concerned that I may be lost so I pulled over at the only gas sation I could find and used the pay phone to call my mom. She told me to tell her the name of a sign I may have passed,well……..I was in darn PALM SPRINGS!!!!!! I lived in Moreno Valley at the time and was kinda in the middle between L.A. and Palm Springs, so I took the wrong freeway and got VERY lost!!! I turned around and by the time I got to L.A. it was LATE!! I was lost there too. Stopping at a liquor store I used the pay phone to call Brandon. Of course he was not home, he was at the restaurant waiting for me!!!! I was lost again!!! By the time I got to where I was supposed to meet him, the lights were off, the chairs were up and they were closed!! I had no way of contacting him nor him me. :{ So I drove all the way back home, sad. When I got home I was sooooo exhausted. It was like 2 in the morning. I got in bed and called Brandon;s house again. This time he answered, saying “Where are you?” “Please drive back here”. There was no physical way my eyes would let me do that so I told him no, I couldnt. I think he may have been a bit upset, maybe thinking I stood him up, Im not sure. But unfortunately that would be the last time I heard from him.
    I had since got married and had a baby in 1991, not long after dating him. I cant lie……I had always wondered if it could have been possible that it was his daughter. But I knew it wasnt…My daughter was just about 5 months old when I remember soooo clearly like it was yesterday, when I was cleaning the shower and my phone rang. It was my best friend…..She said are you sitting down? I said no, why? She said are you watching the news? Again I said no. She told me what happened and I started freaking out!!!!! I must have bawled my eyes out for months. Like the rest of you, I could not believe this was happening…It was the saddest day of my life. He was such an amazing spirit. So witty, funny, fun, sarcastic, loving, with a sure dare devil side. Nothing scared him. He was a free spirit, that wanted to do what Brandon wanted to do and he would conquer it. Something Im so sad/mad at is the whole time we dated, which really was not that long, I got ZERO ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA NOOOO pictures of him or us together!! Thats very sad. So the memories that I have are just locked in my mind, and ALWAYS will be….Even though he had moved on as well, and was about to be married, I will ALWAYS LOVE HIM and he will FOREVER be in my heart. There is not one day that goes by where I dont think of him still. He was amazing!

    This is the first time I have ever told this story in detail. It feels good to remember the fun times we had, and his distinct laugh. It was contagious…..
    Thank you for writing your story..I Loved it!! I would Love to hear back from you. If you would like to email me I would like that.

    1. Hi Vicki — Brandon was such a romantic! I guess I should thank you for accidentally standing him up so I could date him too! Best to you! xoS

    2. Shannon, this is what you are bringing to your Social Media to honor Brandon. You have all these worms coming from the Woodwork. Now, you have this girl Vicki with more old baggage. Can you see how this is connected to the “Can of Worms” you have opened from yourself being an old girlfriend? This is all wrong.
      This cannot be right.

  145. Romanian Girl

    Hello, I am new to your blog, madam, but I thank you for this post. You see, at my 18 years old, my crush still remains Brandon Lee. There are so few pictures and beautiful fragments of his life on the internet, that in my mind, he remains a beautiful ghost, almost like Eric Draven himself, an exotic mistery that invites me to dream of a time before I even existed, the 90’s I’ve never known…Therefore, your beautiful entry made me discover a little treasure: a part of him I’ve never known (since I’ve only known him as a brilliant actor who could’ve given the world so much more of his acting skills and also as an amazing martial artist). Thank you once more, and never stop writing, because you can paint pictures of joy and despair with your words! 🙂

  146. Thank you so much, Shannon, for sharing your memories, and precious photos. If you are ever ready to share more, we would be grateful to to see it. Also, please ignore the hurtful and ignorant comments made by instigators. This is a beautiful tribute to a memorable person in your life, and to a star who fell heartbreakingly too soon. How lucky you were to have known him. Cherish the memories. Best to you.

  147. Hey Shannon thank you for your story && I was wondering if you remember where In silverlake his home was located? What about the home in Ecco park that was broken into? Lastly do you remember what kind of music he would listen to often when you two were together? Rock?

    1. Hey Jon — I actually don’t remember the exact details of where he lived or what music we listened to. Wish I could be of more help but that was 25 years ago (which I can’t believe)

      1. I remember all the songs loved throughout my years and definitely all the places visited from age 5. I actually still sing the lyrics to certain songs from only hearing two of the beats, I can tell you the whole song. I can go to where I grew up and remember where all my friends used to live, what we liked to eat and how we played. And, mind you, this was over 40 years ago.
        I remember third grade teachers and those that liked or disliked me. I remember when I first tasted wheat bread in the 3rd grade and when it was actually served to me. My husband is like “WoW.” And, this is from third grade. I was born in the 60’s. So, okay, you can recount lots of stuff you wanted to write about, but certain things you cannot remember. Okay.

  148. Hey Shannon!
    I emailed you to the address that you listed in one of your comments. I love to read about your experiences and even the one from Vicki! There aren’t many articles that just tell us about what kind of guy he was other than smart. I have read soooo many articles and non of them really come close to yours being as how you had your own personal experiences with him. I crave info about him and you certainly have put the biggest smile on my face.
    One love,
    Ami W. from Brandon, Mississippi

  149. Ami from Mississippi

    Hi Shannon,
    I emailed you and your email sent me to a redirected email. I hope you got my message. 🙂
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for giving us an insite to Brandon as he was behind the scenes. Of all of the information that I’ve read about him, yours is my favorite. I love even the little tid bits about the things he bought you or funny things he said, “looks like you found a new friend”. Pricelss! Love, love, love it. 🙂

      1. Ami from Mississippi

        So sorry to post twice! An error came up on the first one and I thought it didn’t go through. 😀
        Yay, I will email ya. ❤

  150. Enjoyed reading you article about Brandon. I recall the day he died and still to this day find it hard to believe no one was held accountable for negligence leading to his death.

    Regarding his hearse do recall what happened to it? Perhaps you know someone else who knows?

    Don’t let the haters hate…


  151. Forget to ask this…

    he second photo shows him holding the black pepper and pointing toward it. What did he say or joke about in that pic? What was on the menu as well?



  152. Wow…what a moving and immediately magnetic read this was. I found myself absolutely tied to it off the bat. I can’t wait to pursue some more of your writing 🙂

    I was very young when Brandon was killed (though I do remember the story) but the situation has always interested me. It’s nice to gain some background and insight into the man, as opposed to the narrative.

  153. Zidders Roofurry

    Hi, Shannon. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing all that and for remaining classy despite some of the more negative posts here. Just wanted to say I hope you continue to have lots of love and happiness in your life. For whatever it’s worth I believe you and think you’ve done a great job of helping those of us who are fascinated by Brandon understand him a bit better.

  154. This is the only post I’ve seen on Brandon that really digs into who he was beyond the persona and hearsay of most blogs that just rehash the common knowledge we all have on Brandon Lee. Shannon gave us a firsthand account of what Brandon was really like and anybody that calls themselves a fan of his should be grateful. We are coming up on the 23rd anniversary of his death and articles like this one keep the legacy of him very much alive and breathing in the hearts of many. And for the naysayers…she may not have been his last love, but it’s clear she was in his life at some point. I can tell by way she embraced him from behind in the first picture she very much loved him at that time. It’s obvious there was a love and friendship there, and she was gracious enough to share that time with the fans of Brandon Lee. Thank You Shannon, your story is greatly appreciated.

      1. No, Thank you! I really enjoyed your article. It’s nice to get a multi faceted look into his life. I feel like you gave his story more layers because honestly I was getting tired of reading all the articles on his last relationship. No disrespect to Eliza, but it was getting redundant, and obviously at 28 he had other relationships in the past. It was refreshing to hear an old lover from the past tell her story in her own words. I thought you told it beautifully and stayed respectful to Brandon’s memory. I’m sure you could’ve told us things about Brandon that might have been unsavory, because let’s face it, in any relationship especially one that’s failing… there’s some unsavory moments. But you didn’t go there, you kept it about yourself and where you might have fell short in the relationship. I think that was big of you. You were also tremendously honest without giving too much away and letting the reader read between the lines. In the end I took from it that you two were both young and damaged from childhood issues that probably hadn’t been resolved yet (him probably more than you, because of the untimely passing of his dad) and neither one of you knew how to deal with them at the time. It also seems Brandon being an alpha male might have been domineering and preferred you play the background more while he shined. I believe he might have been emotionally needy as well. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t sweet, obviously from your account he made you feel like the only girl in the world. But you being an alpha female yourself grew tired of always being in Brandon’s shadow when you had dreams of being a big star too. Some people seem to think you disrespected his memory. I disagree 100%. What you did was bring more complexities to his character, and as human beings we’re all complex. He was just a human and humans make mistakes. I think the ones that are saying you are romanticizing, don’t want to face reality themselves and are in denial about their fav having feelings for another woman in the past. The layers you brought to the story and him as a person mixed with your feelings about everything that happened during the aftermath of his passing were remarkable. Real life happens and in real life people are flawed. In the future, whenever they tell Brandon’s life story, I think you should play an intricate part.

  155. I dont know if there’s another black African young man who’s such a great fun of Bruce Lee these years than me. Since single digits years of my life I’ve been liking Bruce Lee and anything around him untill I got that Brandon was his bio-son and died when I was only 1 year 9 months.
    At high school I ended up called Bruce Lee Kasangu (Kasangu my surname) due to my public interest in him then calked Dj Lee in our community Music Industry finally changed my nickname to Mr Lee.
    Brandon story always breaks me in tears and feel not enough of what happened to him as well as his father. Thank God Shannon you are still alive but I need more to learn about the lives of those two men if possible.
    Untill next time I say we love you Shannon.
    (Precious Harold Kasangu, Malawi).

  156. I literally read this chapter once every few months. My mom was a huge fan of his, and I watched The Crow in secret when I was six after she had gone to bed. I loved Brandon Lee right away. I watched every single VHS we had with him. Probably a bit too violent for a six year old. I was devastated to discover that he had already been dead for three years at that time. Since then, I’ve developed a sturdy crush, sure to never go away. Thank you so, so much for providing some kind of window into what he was like. I’ve always wanted that. I always wonder about Eliza. She’s so mysterious. Although, I suppose I probably would have done the same thing.

  157. Brandon Bruce Lee

    I love your blog. You made a beautiful couple with Brandon Lee and I love the way you still refer to him as a beautiful boy. Sorry to say Eliza Hutton was no match for Brandon. She was too plain boring looking and what I cant believe is how she is giving stories to media that Brandon was chasing her and he was not wealthy and very shallow! Worse one is she dressed up in wedding gown on Brandon’s funeral cause thats what a normal person does at losing a loved one unexpectedly. True love doesnt goes in shock for losing a magnificent man like Brandon but gets hair and makeup done on his funeral so people wont miss how she would have looked at his bride! Eliza didnt deserve him and thats why she didnt ended as a Lee.
    RIP Beautiful Brandon Lee. You are greatly missed :'(

    1. I too didn’t like Eliza at all. She always seemed to have a major attitude problem as someone got more than they deserved. And yes she was very plain ordinary looking in front of Brandon who was OMG WOW!!!!

      Miss you Brandon Lee.

      THANKS a bunch for sharing these precious memories Shannon. I don’t understand why people complain about sharing info when these people expect comments/likes for sharing selfies with a mc donalds burger! I love Brandon and its so nice that his memories are still alive. We can’t ask him but your story gave a little insight on how that gorgeous man was in real life.
      Thanks again xx

      1. Dude. We were not in their relationship to say anything about Eliza Hutton. He was going to marry her so have some respect for that. The marriage didn’t include you or me or the people in the public. And, Until this day, she has stayed away from Social Media. She doesn’t write about anything or share pictures. Plus, she is married now. We know really nothing about these people.

      2. Wait. Again, I had to step away and laugh a little, then come back. This stuff that people are writing is so mentally fun to read and I can’t believe how people really think in life.
        I am having a really good time. okay, here goes…So, you are in love with people you do NOT know and never met in your life.
        And, you hate someone you have never met just because you have read someone’s web page and book.
        Let me step away again. let me laugh a little.
        Okay, I am back…
        Now, If a man is beautiful and gorgeous, then he has to be a nice person. And, you then will have sex with him too because you cannot think out of a certain boundary.
        This World Is Crazy.

      1. I agree Eliza was no match for the gorgeous Brandon. He made a much better looking couple with Shannon. Wish you guys had made a baby just like Brandon.

        @notinlondon You are a moron! So what those with eyes dont find Eliza attractive at all? Its a fact not an opinion.

        1. So, you knew Eliza personally? And, you know Shannon and Brandon Lee personally? You have actually spent many hours and days with them to actually know them.
          And, if you don’t know people personally, then why wish they had a baby together. So, if a person is good looking, and if a person can write a book and put a website for people to read for entertainment, and nothing is said about their morals, then that means they should produce a baby. Now, this is without any more information about someone.
          I can see why so many children are messed up and crazy inside their heads if this is why their parents had children.
          Take a step back, and really think about what I have written here today. Do you really think you have made any type of sense with what you have said? Really.

        2. Okay. My turn. Have you ever met Eliza? Have you ever met Shannon? Have you ever met Brandon Lee? Don’t go making wishes on people that you do not know. Have you even read what you have just written and understand what you have just written?

      2. Thank you. Not all the time but it is fun to step back and laugh at how dumb people can be. Hating people they do not know. Loving people they do not know. Praying for people they do not know. I was in the SuperMarket the other day, and a lady sneezed, and a man said bless you. Then the lady turned around and said, Why would you say Bless You. You don’t know me. I could be a killer, or a very bad person. So, I might not need to be blessed.
        I have to say, it gave me a gigantic laugh. Both of them looked at me. The only thing I could say was that both of them made my day. And, I learned something. Don’t Bless Strangers and anyone can make anyone else laugh. Everyday is a new Day.

      3. No. I think what is happening here is that some “Females” are not thinking about what they are actually writing. Especially, when they get “GooGaa” over a celebrity that they never knew before. It is like they are love sick in their head. It seems that Brandon Lee wanted a more intelligent woman and this is why he was going to marry Eliza Hutton.

    2. Okay. Another One. Here goes…tell me about Eliza Hutton so I can learn something new. Then, tell me when you met her and of the many hours and days you have personally spent having conversations with her. Now, tell me the same thing with Shannon. Do you know her? Have you spent many hours visiting and talking with her?
      And, everyone is talking trash about the girl, Eliza. Brandon’s Mom, it is said, put Brandon on the Tuxedo he was fitted to be married in as respect to the woman he was getting married to. Now, this was his mother’s choice; not Eliza.
      So, the girl wanted to wear the wedding dress that she was fitted for and then she wore it one last time for Brandon. This is the person that she was going to marry.
      Now, you are judging someone by their looks. I think Eliza was pretty too. Looks like Brandon loved beautiful woman. Yes, Shannon is beautiful too. But, guess what, we do not know them anyway. And, we did not know Brandon Lee either.
      If Eliza was Brandon’s choice and you didn’t respect him for his choice then how are you respecting Brandon.
      You really are spitting in his face. Being very disrespectful. We do Not Know Them. It was Brandon’s choice; so lets respect that.

    3. I find Eliza to be extraordinary. And, Shannon refers to Brandon as a beautiful boy because she wanted to write this stuff for the public to see with no regard to Eliza.
      And to help herself personally so people can feel this way.
      So, I think it was beautiful that Eliza wore her wedding dress to his Funeral. WOW. What a romantic thing to do. Bless Her. And, Brandon’s mom put the Tux on Brandon that he was previously fitted for for his wedding but for him to be buried in since he died suddenly and unexpectedly. This is a true Love Story.
      And, I don’t think Brandon would appreciate what you have just written about Eliza to Shannon. It was very disrespectul.

    4. Remember during some Movies, how a certain person that really, really loved the person being buried, waited out for a very long time, until the funeral was over, because they were not invited, so that they could come in after everyone had left to be able to show their peace and love…Try to pick a movie and remember this particular moment.
      You will be able to find a movie that shows a person like this that wasn’t considered part of the group. Maybe in the rain they waited; and for a long time.
      Because they really loved the person being buried.
      This person is not Shannon.
      The excuse is coming. Let’s here it.
      She didn’t have the time.

      Well this person was Shannon.
      But, instead, she never showed up.
      Years and Years passed.
      Shannon never showed up to show her piece to the Beautiful Boy.
      Now, have I gotten your attention.
      It has been now 25 years.
      Many fans have visited Brandon Lee many times to show their love for him.
      Be honest.
      Please don’t embarrass yourself just to try and be right.
      Because this is just common sense.

      1. Rebecca, you have some errors in your writing but I can see what you are trying to say.
        I have seen that type of movie.
        Usually, it is someone that was running away from something.
        But, yes, I get it.
        Just read before you post. You are totally right.

  158. Thank you for opening apart of yourself and giving us a piece of him through your beautiful writing!! I was completely sucked in and didn’t want to leave!

    1. Then you must not have any place to go. Make your own life beautiful and celebrate yourself. Love Yourself.

  159. Thank you for sharing your story. My brother forced my sister and I to watch Bruce Lee films growing up,(lol) 🙂 so I knew who he was. Brandon.. so young, like he was here for such a short time. Very tragic and I am so sorry for your loss. I never wanna know that feeling. You are a beautiful story teller and Woman..Never let that go. My heart goes out to you and the family. Brandon Lee,, Gone for now… Never Forgotten. ONE LOVE. Meesha

    1. Meesha. I don’t understand the part of “Sorry For Your Lost” because they had broken up way before he passed. They were not getting married and making a life together. So, there was nothing to loose; it was already gone. And, it seems they were not even daily speaking anymore. So, what was lost?

  160. Thank you for writing your blog. I am a twenty four year old male ( Will be 25 this month) and lived in the city Brandon is buried in for years visited his grave a couple times and like Brandon Lee I am of mixed ancestry, Native American mixed with Caucasian and like the Chinese we are an oppressed people I look up to martial artists like Bruce And Brandon. I haven’t had many positive encounters with non Indigenous people but at the same time there was a certain universal beauty to both Brandon and his father. I think if more of us knew Jeet Kune Do we’d be pushed around as a people a lot less.

    As far as your blog I know this was meant to bring more joy and closure maybe for yourself and for fans of Brandon but in me despite seeing how beautiful it is, it created more sadness. I’ve been only in one relationship before and it was for three years and I’m not sure if I will ever pursue love again but if I did, these same questions of love bring in me deep questions like you said what is the point of loving if everyone we love will die? I’ve often thought that if I do fall in love again I would prefer to die first if we stay together forever but then this is just as cruel isn’t it because then said woman would be hurting. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to just stay away from romance after all. Many tell me that 24 is too young to think like that but I have a different mind than a lot of people.

    At the same time, I understand why you would be hurt if you did find out he was seeing Eliza before you broke up. You are surprisingly understanding about that. I actually am an aspiring film writer and actor too and I hope to make it in the film industry so it is interesting you and Brandon had the same sort of career goals even if both were short lived. It’s good to have that in common.

    As far as that goes though that just kind of speaks to me the short comings of monogamy. Sometimes it really is possible to love more than one person. My ancestors understood this. I am of Iroquois ancestry so not only did some men in our culture have more than one wife but also sometimes women could and did have more than one husband. To me this doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. We can love more than one child more than one parent more than one friend. I do hope you get to read this.

    And I have a slight confession to make it is because of Bruce and Brandon Lee that for a long time maybe to a degree today, I was/am obsessed with graveyards. I come from a culture with the view that the land of the living and the dead is only as far apart as a maple leaf. And i was sort of fascinated and horrified with the aspect of deterioration too because I always imagined Bruce and Brandon as they were alive and in their prime and I couldn’t believe that now they were just bones and eventually dust but we all return to the earth one way or another. This also created in me a sense of wrestling with the concept of the afterlife. I mean i want to believe not only that my ancestors and loved ones live on but yes even Brandon in some form., that he is alive in the way we once knew him. Interestingly enough, the crow’s premise is based on American Indian beliefs about the afterlife. The crow is a symbol of death to many tribes while in others the owl is.

    I mention the possibility of this comment not going through cause my last one didn’t cause i told a story before and i guess ill tell it again here.This is just a memory i hold dear from my childhood but i saw a lot of R rated movies as a child and the crow was one of them so when i was 9. I went to this sort of Christian day care when i was 9 or so and i was probably the only child there or at least one of the few that used profanity and was kind of well…bad LOL. Anyway, I had even then loved The Crow so I actually talked a bunch of kids younger than me into helping me reenact the crow as best as we could. Luckily we didn’t get caught but yeah. Too much profanity plus a lot of the reenacting of gunfights pretty sure that wouldn’t have been seen as ok. LOL.

    Anyway thank you for your blog.

  161. PS

    In case my last comment was too long to read. One more thing.

    I am sorry you lost him you must have been crying like crazy.I lost a friend Brittany Galindez her story was in the news she got stabbed in the throat I went to HS with her. It’s just surreal when someone is here and then they aren’t.

    Anyway, have you heard that song that plays at the end of the crow which was said to be a song Eric Draven’s character wrote in the movie It Can’t Rain All The Time? The words in that gave me some solace. Hopefully this will you too.

    Oh it won’t rain all the time.
    The sky won’t fall forever.
    And though the night seems long,
    your tears won’t fall, your tears won’t fall, your tears won’t fall

  162. I forgot to mention when I was at the grave the first time there was actually a pair of nunchucks on the grave. At first i thought it was so cool and wanted to take it as i was young and didn’t know better but then I realized that would have been disrespectful to both the person that left them and to the deceased.

    Did Brandon ever teach you any moves?

    1. I know. Someone in my neighborhood, even thought since Brandon was driving around in a hearse that he had planned to end his life himself before getting married. Like he planned everything. So, why would anyone drive around in a hearse; this cannot be a joke. Doesn’t make any sense. So, when people around me say things like this, maybe it is because of how Brandon played around too much … just maybe.

  163. RadioactiveSince1990

    Thank you so much for sharing this Shannon, it really hit me emotionally. I’m not as close to my father as I would like, but I couldn’t imagine losing my father at only eight years old. That feeling must be compounded when he was this legendary icon and you feel you will always be in his shadow.

    The part when he called you while watching his father’s funeral late at night made me sad. Sadly I’ll never be able to meet him or know him personally; but I get the feeling he was naturally a very positive/charismatic guy that was unfortunately followed by grim feelings.

    Thanks again Shannon for sharing this, you’re a great writer and person.

  164. I provided my email address in the box near the top of your website, expecting to be sent a link to download “Beautiful Boy”- a story of your time with Brandon Lee and an excerpt from one of your books. I have yet to receive an email, but do hope a link will arrive soon…

  165. Dear Shannon, I’ve written down your website address, so I can remember where to buy your online piece. I seem to recall being dropped off to a home Brandon was taking care of for a relative, briefly, in around spring of 1988. I think we may have met when he filled in for his girlfriend as a babysitter once or twice when I was a boy. I was a boy when I feel I knew him. He was like I have read people write. An amazing person. Smart, funny, and a good young man, with a firm yet friendly demeanor as a big-brother type. I managed to return to the home I was staying at with him last year or so, and had several memories invoked by the environment. I remember he indulged me humorously on the premise of that we might be able to time travel. I believe he was dating an Asian woman, but I could be wrong. I have some more memories and feelings, but know I was only there for a weekend or week or so. I was afraid to bring it up to my friends in the home, as though it would hurt to not be believed or have negativity interfering with the recall. I remember seeing a black and white photo of him in the newspaper, he was in his Crow mask, and it wasn’t a look that struck resonant with my recall of his goodness. He always seemed to have a lesson or something informative to share. Several times in the early nineties, I would share remembering him and a couple of other young talented people with classmates because I am lucky to have met a few. One thing that is difficult is hearing disbelief when you just normally know someone, if even for moments, as being gifted or a good soul interesting to remember, having their memory cast to the judgement of someone else whose view is attached to their famous work. Shannon what I appreciate about you is your even candor amidst brash comments and I appreciate this thread you’ve made wherein some people have shared and added to a great spirit whom began with a powerful welcome impression on me and then became a missing component that I incline to wish was alive instead. Thank you for your bravery and your heart. I think it is very difficult to have heart-warming time with artists whom wind up tragically lost, and am glad you are sensitive to the defense of your memories because it helped me share even this little bit and I think It’s impossible to know when and how is best to share our memories with other, but for the sake of how it might aid someone wishing for greater detail concerning a wonderful life.

  166. SOPHIA Hudson

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    1. I just got back. After reading what you had written, Sophia Hudson, I had to step away for a little bit and grab my stomach, you were making me so happy I could not stop from laughing so hard. This is so funny. Sorry. Okay. Now I will try hard to be serious.
      So, you have a lover, not a husband, but only a lover. okay. And, this person helped you with your lover. Am I missing something. How many lovers do you have?
      Yes, I want to entertain this and suck it for what it is worth. Okay, so you have sex with lots of men? I will leave it at that. I think that you need more help. And, until you find yourself it might be best to stay away from sex, men, and advice from Dr. Mack.
      Did you grow up on the streets? Wait. I have to step away again and grab my stomach…this is too much.

  167. Hi Shannon!! I have been reading this story over and over again, and a few this caught my eye. now Brandon and you were dating for a year and broke up. he at sometime wanted to get back together from what you have said. you also said that you felt he had trouble letting you go, but then out of the blue he meet’s Eliza and falls head over heels for her. The only problem I see is his relationship with her sounds like it started as a rebound one, because he wasn’t over you. now that’s not to say he didn’t at sometime fall truly in love with her. because after all he wanted to marry her. but I feel he just wasn’t over you, but what do I know I wasn’t there.

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    1. Wow. What a Speech. Never heard anything like this before.
      So, what you are saying is that Shannon is having problems with her marriage? And, you want her to contact this Great Prophet of God? okay. If I were you, the fact that your husband actually left you, I would have him get tested for HIV and anything else that he could give you when he came back; that you allowed. And, he would not live with me until he got his self together; only if I just might want him back but knowing me it wouldn’t happen.
      I am not you. We are definitely different.
      But, if my husband walked out of the door and left me, he better not come back!
      I would never, ever, speak to or with him again. I will forgive him so that I could continue with my life without anger.
      And, I would not be giving anyone advice if I brought him back into my life.
      I would stay away from Social Media; very very far away so as not to tell anyone this story.
      Why would I pray for him to come back to me?
      I would pray for him to be able to forgive him and for GOD to keep him away from me….And, that is forever and ever.
      There would be no coming back.

  169. Sartre, yes. Stanislavski, good. Ayn Rand?? As in “Atlas Shrugged??” I would have loved to pick that man’s brain, but we’d be throwing things at each other from across the room if he was a fan of Ayn Rand. Hahaha. This was a joy to read, Shannon! Thanks so much for sharing your story. There is no reason whatsoever for you to feel badly at all for anything. I strongly disagree with many who commented above about whom you should be mindful of (I know I’m very late, but I’m a new fan of Brandon’s so my heart is freshly broken that he was taken from us so young.) You were a part of Brandon’s life and it is wonderful and touching to read about it. I can’t wait to read more. I just wish we all would have had the opportunity to see more films starring Brandon. It is clear he had so much more to offer. Such a range! Funny, dramatic, romantic, serious, brilliant action scenes, dare I say, maybe satire as well? You’re very generous to let us be a fly on the wall and learn more about this big-hearted talent. All the best to you.

  170. Hi Shannon,
    I am a huge fan of Bruce and Brandon. And I happened to land on your site by chance, while perusing the web for some info about Brandon. Like many here, I am at a loss of words for your excellent writing. “Excellent” doesn’t even do justice! When I read your articles about Brandon, it’s almost as if you took me with you, right there, in the very moment. You get my meaning?

    I realise it’s been years now and that you’ve moved on ever since, but please allow me to tell you that you formed a very nice couple with Brandon back then. 😉

    Both Bruce and Brandon continue to inspire me in my quest to become a better person. From what I have read about them, there was nothing phoney about them as they were authentic in all their doings.

    Gee from Germany

    1. But, Brandon’s Father died being with another woman. The new book by Matthew Polly talks more details about this. Here is the link:

      My Father inspired me because he actually raised me and took care of me with respect. And, he might not have been a celebrity but I would never compare my father to some people that I never knew and really did nothing for me because I wasn’t their family.

      So, you don’t have a family? Anyone that might encourage your life in a deep personal way? I had so much family that loved me that I never looked to strangers. Because that is what Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee are to me…Strangers. I am proud to say I can look up to MY family that actually raised me to be a good person. That put that “Roof” over my head, fed me, clothe me, sent me to school and gave me a good life. My family inspires me.

      Now, I have an interest in reading about other people and can learn something from them and they might make me see things a certain way. But, only those that loved me and raised me insprire me because from being a child to growing into an Adult, only my family can make me be and feel the way I do today.

  171. Hi Shannon,
    Absolutely wonderful, thanks so much for sharing great memories. Two questions, 1. Was Brandon a good kisser? 2. I read in one of those Crow bios that coke has very heavy on the set, so when you were his girlfriend, to your knowledge, was he into recreational stuff like that? I also read somewhere that Eliza was (she was in the Keifer Sutherland crowd). Don’t know if any of it’s true, just wanted to know from when you were with him, and since you come across as a lovely, sweet, honest woman with no axe to grind, thought you might want to comment from your dealings with Brandon. Whether he did or didn’t, doesn’t change anything about him, love Brandon forever, he was spectacular!

  172. Hi Again Shannon,
    I literally just read all the posts. Some fans seriously need to get a grip on reality and get out of dreamland. Who other than Brandon knows if he was dating two women at the same time and why would that make him any different from some other guys? Give me a break with that “perfect relationship ” nonsense, he was engaged, do anyone have a crystal ball that told them they would have lived happily ever after? It was tragic that he died days before he got married but NO ONE knows if that relationship would have lasted. Most of those martial art actors of that era have since remarried and none were as good-looking as Brandon. Hollywood tends to break-up marriages so there is no guarantee they wouldn’t have wound up a few years later in some bitter divorce. Please people be intelligent enough to separate reality from fiction. he was not eric Draven-that was a movie character. He was a real human-a working actor in a field that tends to give marriages a short career. That “perfect” romance crap is annoying, and yea it was embellished to sell magazines, papers and the movie because that is what the media does, have done and will continue to do. I certainly hope he was in love with a woman he was about to marry, as mostly everyone is when they are about to marry someone, it would have been really weird if he wasn’t. All this nasty criticism is childish. A former girlfriend told of her relationship with Brandon, he had relationships before Eliza Hutton and may have had them during or after his marriage. People! put things in proper perspective. Like the FACT that his dad was having an affair while he was still married- and the many spins that came out to cover the truth, in order to make it something else-because it may have affected his image. We love Bruce and we love Brandon, but they were human-immensely talented and super likable-but human. Be open to hear about other people’s relationships and friendships with Brandon without all the rudeness. The producer of Legacy of Rage has a YouTube video where he is saying Brandon was difficult and rude to work with. That shocked the hell out of me, but he worked with him. Obviously if what he said is true, Brandon needed a serious attitude adjustment, which that producer gave him and which made him a more respectful and sweet guy to work with. Did that make me dislike Brandon, NO, still love him, glad he got his act together and would have loved to see where his career would have led him. Just sayin.

    1. First my story, which will then tell my point-of-view about Brandon Lee at a certain time in his life after reading and seeing his interviews. Here goes: I have to start with my own life about my father. He was a very educated man that didn’t have the patience for being stupid and messing around with woman. He kept his life straight all the way till the end. He was a serious person. He had money and enough land to keep people in their place; away from his family. Everyone in town knew my father and knew he wasn’t playing any type of games with people but especially women. Women are trouble is what he used to say. He said, Men can be too if they have the heads too big. But, when women or men look for other people that want to play games with them, then that is what they are going to find. I didn’t know Brandon. I am not GOD. But, after much research, I understand Brandon’s father died when he was very young and it took years for him to finish acting out his anger. He had his mother and his sister that were affected by his father messing around with other woman too. Bruce Lee, it is said, died being with another woman. But, as Brandon grew older, he had the opportunity to finally grow up and get his life straight. Maybe this is why he wanted to marry a woman that was very private like himself. I think him and Eliza was a very, very perfect match. Even years after his death, she is still keeping private. Just like my father, Brandon wanted to leave certain women behind. Eliza isn’t putting all of this stuff on the internet about her relationship. It seems it can be done by an old girl friend of Brandon to do this type of stuff. Like I said before, Shannon is doing this because Brandon isn’t here to set her straight and put her in her place. She has no respect that Brandon was getting married to someone else. And, that this is nothing more than “Old Baggage Stuff.” Hopefully, there will be other men, like my father, that are still around that don’t have the patience for messing around with woman their whole life but to turn inward so that they do NOT COMPLICATE their life. If Brandon was still alive, he would not be giving Shannon, the benefit of leaking their relationship all over Social Media. He had picked Eliza because she wasn’t like Shannon.

    1. Eliza is still alive. I would want to ask the woman that Brandon wanted to spend the rest of his life with anyway. Go ask his mother and sister, they are still alive.

  173. Hello Shannon. Thanks a lot for the page. This is amazing. I´m a big fan of Brando and I think that be near of him was a wonderful experience. I have a question. Brandon believed in God? Was he a believer? thanks again

    1. I have wondered the same thing too. But, I don’t see his parents being the “Religious” Type. So, I don’t see Brandon to be either. He had too many problems from having everything handed to him on a plate. His father’s friends were laid out for him to jump-start his career. He really didn’t have to work hard for anything. For the Twenty-eight years he had, it was better than most normal people.

  174. There was/is a lot of gossip surrounding Brandon and Eliza. Eliza chose to remain private in the years following the tragedy, and also online. She has never spoken about Brandon publicly, and has never addressed any of the gossip that can be found. All that can be found online is that she married circa 2004, has a child, and lives in the L.A. area. She has taken measures to ensure her privacy (no recent pictures and no social media on public viewing), and this is to her credit. :0)

    I have never heard or read anyone saying a bad word about Brandon or Eliza, or any drug references, related to him or Eliza, so those are probably just malicious rumors.

    (I do know however, by reading articles online, that the celebrity Pamela Anderson has a son named Brandon Lee. I am not sure if she named him after Brandon himself, or if that is merely coincidence).

    Eliza comes across as a very nice person who has respected Brandon’s memory. I wish her all the best.

    1. Exactly, and this is what I have been getting to. And, maybe this is why he wanted to marry Eliza; she had a certain character about herself and Brandon finally hit the lottery with her. There will be so many people in the public that are not nice people and have no respect for other people. All they see is an opportunity for something. People bad-mouthing the girl because she wore her wedding dress to the funeral and Brandon’s Mother, it is said, that she put his Brandon’s Tuxedo that he had been fitted for his wedding. Pure Romance. This is what they wanted to do and people want to still talk about that which was none of their business; AT ALL. And, the funeral was private. This was a good thing; a very good thing.

  175. For what it is worth, I remember reading that one of Brandon’s exes was allegedly a Playboy model, so it is possible he mingled in the same circles as Pamela Anderson and was friends with her.

    Thank you for sharing your story Shannon and remaining respectful to both Brandon and Eliza.

    God Bless

  176. I read lots. And, I like your story, but… with all due respect there is something I would like to ask after reading some things that Brandon had written during an interview. Brandon had commented that he didn’t think he would ever get married because he wanted to be free to be himself and not restricted. And, he thought no one wanted to deal with the freedom issues he required out of a relationship and that had left him being single until he met his soon to be wife, Eliza Hutton. Now, with that said and your being open and writing about your past with him, does his statement mean that you guys broke-up because you wanted to control him? And, if not, it is fair to ask why would you leave such a wonderful man to be picked up by someone else. It seems that you loved him and this was, WOW, a wonderful, handsome, beautiful individual. So, tell us what happened. Be Sweet.

    1. Hey Rebecca – I never tried to control Brandon because I was a little out of control. But I’m afraid it’s time to close commenting on this post. I appreciate all the readers and commenters. Just goes to show this man is well-loved all these years later. Best, S

      1. Yes. Close the comments, Shannon, because you are not looking good here. I don’t think you are a bad person, I just think you are lost. As of today, when I look at my husband, I can kiss the ground that my husband was not born into being a Celebrity only to have a woman like you tagging along for the ride telling everyone in Social Media about the so called “Old Days”. Because, the bottom line is, this is what you are doing. You have no respect that he was engaged to someone else. You wanted only to see what Shannon wanted to see. Are you happy with your life now? Because you are back-paddling too much. You need to go forward and find a husband that can provide new memories since this is what you might be looking for and to remember that Brandon had let you go. You were not together anymore. He didn’t want to continue his life with you. And, if getting married didn’t show this to you, then you are a lost puppy. Obviously. Let Eliza be the person to put up the Photos. Leave this woman in peace and stop doing this type of stuff.

        1. With all of my heart, I mean no disrespect to you. Let me give you an example: How would my husband feel, with us having a very happy marriage and children, if I came to social media talking about my love for an old lover and friend. My husband might pack his bags and leave since I wasn’t in love with him or have any respect for him and my children. He might be thinking I have lost my mind and self respect. I am trying very hard to understand what is going on in your head. But, every marriage is different and my husband and I have deep respect for one another. Now, if you are having problems and are single, this is a different story. You are reaching in the past to find an old love and for someone famous at that. But, I wouldn’t do it because my old lover was marrying someone else which is what was happening with Brandon and you. He was getting married to someone else. And, I would have too much respect for myself in being the way I was raised by my family to reach out in such a way. I don’t know you. But, this is from my eyes and this is the reason my husband and I are in a happy marriage with the children that we have. My husband has respect for me. And, he married me because of my personality more because he used to date beautiful woman; much prettier but he didn’t want to marry them for some reason. He chose me. And, now years later we are still happy. So, with all this said, I would never go write about another man I used to date. It would not be right.

          1. Rebecca — if you were interested in learning more about me you could read the other articles in my blog. (there are close to 700) that will tell you I’ve been happily married to a kind wonderful man for 18 years. We have two teenage daughters who are the lights of our lives. The article I wrote about Brandon was about included in the book I wrote about the years I was a struggling actress. It is a small part of my work. Although I worked really hard on that story in the hopes of getting it right. A film I wrote has just been filmed this year with a lot of amazing actors and we’re waiting to hear if we got into Sundance (fingers crossed, we’ll know in November). And I just sold a feature length script to Warner Brothers. So my life is, I would have to say, really full. If I’d wanted notoriety or money regarding Brandon I would have opted to try to do something at the time of his death. That has never been my goal. I understand people think they own Brandon because they love his work. But he was a very different person to me. He was one of the most important touchstones of my young life — not because he was someone’s son — but because being in a relationship with him was part of what helped me grow up. And I hope he felt the same way. In any case, a writer tries to tell a story for their own reasons (sometimes unknown, even to them), but I can’t control the way people want to interpret it. I meant it as a love ode to a dear man.

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