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Tag "Love addiction"

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When You’re Addicted to a Person, Embrace THIS to Break Free!

Excerpt: “Detoxing from toxic love can be boring! Nobody likes to be bored. Nobody wakes up in the morning, takes a deep breath and shouts to the rafters: ‘Bring it Life! Bring the Boredom, Baby! I just love that shizz! Sign me up! You cannot give me enough boredom! It’s so freaking awesome. Yes, yes, I know. My friend Paris is in Paris with some boy-band dude who’s bipolar and has twelve STDs. And Vinnie’s dating this stripper named Jehovah who can shoot dollar bills out of her lady parts, but …” Read more.

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In Love, You Might Not Always Get What You Want; But Here’s a Quick Hack on How to Get What You Need

When we’re in “LOVE” with someone who consistently breaks our hearts … … and we stop to think about what WE need to be happy, it usually includes our LOVE OBJECT changing. If he would just FILL IN THE BLANK I would

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Because I’m Worth It! (Steve Allen Media – PR with a Conscience)

When you first meet publicist Steve Allen you think, “Either this guy is high or he really really loves what he’s doing!” Because he’s bubbly. And excited. And creative. And a bit crunchy-granola, woo woo. His company’s motto is “PR with a conscience” and his goodbye is “keeping on having a fantastic day!” But make no mistake, he and his team kick ass and take names. Since hiring Steve in support of my book, “She Dated the Asshats, But Married the Good Guy” I’ve been lambasted with media spots. I almost can’t keep up …

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