• How Crushing on Gavin DeGraw Almost Got Me Killed


    Today is a blog hop day. At the bottom of this post several lovely writers from #GenerationFabulous will also be writing about their Celebrity Crush. Here’s mine: I love Gavin DeGraw. Is he handsome? Moderately. Does he sport a six pack? Meh. Is he a …[Read More...]

  • My Unnatural Fixation With Gavin DeGraw

    Gavin DeGraw.jpg

    I’m obsessed with Gavin DeGraw.  I had no idea who Gavin DeGraw was until he got beaten up in New York and my morbid curiosity led me to his “I Don’t Want To Be” video here… Yummy Gavin I’m a happily married, woman-of-a-certain-age who never …[Read More...]