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“I See You’ve Made a New Friend” & Other Memories of a Boy Gone too Soon

These are the things I remember about the Gone Boy. Hazel eyes. Slippery black hair. Fluidity of motion. Chipped front teeth. Velvety skin. A goofy laugh. A whipsmart brain. He seemed indestructibly alive. I suppose his death was the first that made me realize how permeable the layer is between life and death, but it didn’t help me understand how to feel about it.

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Video: A Scene from David Mamet’s “Edmond” with Brandon Lee and me

While digging up memorabilia to write my post Remembering Former Love Brandon Lee 20 Years After His Death on the set of The Crow and my book Smash, Crash and Burn: Tales From the Edge of Celebrity I came across

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Remembering Former Love, Brandon Lee, 20 Years After His Death on the Movie Set of “The Crow”

I watch the actor named Brandon shoot pool. Robin told me earlier that he’s Bruce Lee’s son, which I thought was kind of cool. But it wasn’t until he walked onstage, chock-full of charisma, that my heart throbbed like a teeny-bopper at a David Cassidy concert circa 1975.

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