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When You’re Over 45 You Might Need To Have The “Second Talk”

It’s June 27th, 1975 My 10th birthday. Will I get a fast growing hair Barbie? I rip through the Snoopy wrapping paper to discover … Sweet Suzie’s Starter Menstruation Kit. WTH? “Go ahead, honey, open it,” says my mom, face shining beatifically

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Passion Parties Make You Feel Unsexy

Questions You’ll be asked at Passion Parties Have you done it in an elevator? Yes.   Have you done it in an airplane? Of course. Have you done it with a Native American? Does a Oaxacan busboy count? Have you

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The Clitoris: Does Size Really Matter?

Author’s note: (In this post I will use Google-recommended euphemisms for the word VAGINA. They will be written ALL IN CAPS) Henry has informed me that I am blogging entirely too much about the BIRTH CANNON, so I perused my

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My Last Post On Blogspot! aka Batwoman Says Good-bye

This will be my last post on Blogspot! (In case the title was ambiguous or you’re on crack and can only hear the high-pitched whistles dogs howl at). I have no feelings about Blogspot except it seems to have a

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All About My Vagina aka When Does Menopause Start?

Crucial vagina information! Especially if you’re wondering — when does menopause start?

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