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Tag "teen dating abuse"

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How to Prevent Teen Dating Abuse

She should have graduated with the rest of us. She should have gone to college or taken a gap year and worked at The Limited. She should’ve gotten her dream job or realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. She should’ve fallen in love once or twice or, if she were like me, six times before settling down.

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When Victims of Dating Abuse Are Too Scared to Tell

This week I’m focusing on teen dating abuse. Yesterday I wrote about a former classmate who was murdered by her boyfriend after she broke up with him in 1983. Her murderer served twenty years in prison then was released on

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When ‘Love’ Kills: Teen Dating Abuse

I’ve been planning my 30th high school reunion, searching high and low for class of 1983 graduates. This has brought up a lot of things for me: How quickly time is flying. How the social barriers that existed in high

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