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10 Things I did to Prepare for my 30th High School Reunion (Before and After Photos)

This is what I did to prepare for my 30th high school reunion: 1. Over-indulge in wine coolers and nervous carbohydrate eating. 2. Gain 5 lbs. 3. Develop new mantra: “You’re still a skinny bitch.” 4. Wax my mustache. 5.

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The Reason I Didn’t Want to go to my 30th High School Reunion

In considering the usual psychological tropes for why alumni don’t attend their high school reunions my research has come to this: (1)He feels too fat. (2)She’s gotten divorced. (3)He’s never been married. (4) She doesn’t have children. (5)He’s unemployed. (6)She’s

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Help Me Pick A Spiegel Dress For My 30th High School Reunion

As most of you know I engaged in the Herculean task of wearing 71 Dresses in 71 Days and during that time didn’t allow myself to buy even ONE item of clothing.  (I did slip once when I received a

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