“The literary equivalent of a summer night, a good friend and a gin-and-tonic: Shannon is a deft writer; a natural storyteller with a wicked turn of phrase and frighteningly specific memory...”

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Tag "healthy relationship"

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When I Tried to Kill my Ex With a No. 2 Pencil

He walked in the door of our house at 1 a.m., as if it were only 6 p.m. and he didn’t reek of Other Women. I sat on the couch pretending to watch the Late, Late, Late Show; as if

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10 Signs You’re Dating an Asshat, 5 Tips to Avoid Them

Asshats. We’ve all been in love with at least one. Haven’t we? If you haven’t, do me a service and lie. What defines an Asshat? (I’m going to refer to men, but Asshatism crosses all gender lines). My #AsshatCriteria: 1.

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