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The Effects of Divorce on Children: How My Parents’ Divorce Turned Me Into Jason Bourne

I Always Thought I’d Make a Good Spy. Like Jason Bourne, I’d speak fluent English, French, Russian, Dutch, German, Swedish, and Spanish; my other special skills would include hand-to-hand combat; a mix of Filipino Kali and Jeet Kune Do. I’d

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5 Reasons I Sometimes Want to Leave my Husband

Excerpt: My husband, Joe and I, recently celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. We’ve been very lucky to have spent most of these years very happily married. But I’d be lying if I told you that I’ve never wanted to pack up my belongings and head for the hills. Blissfully alone. Read More …

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1 Woman + Three Marriages = 33 Wisdom Bites

I have had that marital prodigy/libertine Michelle Combs on my site before writing Do You Need Code Language For Sex Because Your Toddler Will Say Blow Job When Your Mother-In-Law Comes Over? I had to have her back again for this

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When Your Divorced Parents Love Each Other

My mom and dad haven’t been married since I was two years old. Throughout my childhood they had very little contact. Once custody was settled they passed me back and forth with a minimum of drama or friction. I was

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