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Tag "Destination South Africa"

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Wine Tasting and Cheetah Petting in Cape Town, South Africa

Traveling can be The Agony and The Ecstasy. Just so you don’t want to garrote us for galavanting in the sub-tropical South African veld, here’s a little Agony. The Holy Land But then, after a five-hour jostling coach ride and

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Safari at Madikwe Lodge: Will The 7-Ton Elephant Bull In Musth Charge?

I never understood why anyone would fly 24-hours from California to the African bush only to potentially be eaten.   After three days at the Madikwe Safari Lodge I get it. The person who comes between you and a she-lion

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I’m Dreaming of Africa: My Personal Photos

My family and I are going to Africa in February, which I won’t believe until I land. In August of 2000, I had the incredible good fortune to work on a D movie (sorry Alyssa Milano – you were great,

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