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Dress Project

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My Prom Don’t-Kiss-and-Tell

Here I am with my first prom date. It turns out I was the only girl he DIDN’T kiss. I’d had a crush on him from afar. He was one of my closest high school girlfriend’s older brother. Let’s call

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71 Dresses In 71 Days: Week 10

I’m like a man, parched with thirst crawling over the endless sand dunes of the Mojave Desert. Except I’m doing it in 71 dresses. My No Shopping Project is coming to an end. A few months ago, I decided to

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71 Dresses in 71 Days: Week 8!

Hello All — I’ve been MIA in the blogging world. I’ve been writing screenplays, query letters for my book and a piece to perform at the Expressing Motherhood show at the Lillian Theater in Hollywood this Fri-Sun and next Fri-Sun

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71 Dresses In 71 Days: Week 7

This week hits dress #49 in my #71dressesin71days No Shopping Project. I’m wearing all 71 of my dresses before I can buy myself even a tongue bolt. And I want a tongue bolt really badly, because I’ve never been badass

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71 Dresses in 71 Days: Week 6

I’m in week six of my No Shopping Project — wearing every single one of my 71 dresses in 71 days before shopping. I’ve had some pretty cool stuff in my inbox this week. First was a link to Vanity

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71 Dresses in 71 Days: Week 4

I’ve just concluded week 4 of #71dressesin71days. This is my No Shopping Project wherein I, with Herculean self-control, do not buy ONE SINGLE THING to adorn myself until I’ve worn all 71 of my dresses. This has been a week

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71 Dresses in 71 Days: Week Two!

I started a No Shopping Project last week called 71 Dresses in 71 Days Here. The goal was to wear all 71 of the dresses I own (yes, you read that correctly) in 71 days before I shopped for even so

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Dress #7 of 71 Dresses in 71 Days

Today sucked. Period. I wrote poorly. I lost legal documents. My iphone (aka the blood that runs in my veins) crashed. I have to end a business relationship. And my tooth fell out. I’m awaiting a crown for what is

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71 Dresses in 71 Days: Week One

I have an addiction. I’m addicted to dresses. Dad, if you’re reading this … look away. LOOK AWAY, I SAY! I have 71 dresses. 71. That’s a lot of freakin’ dresses. I was a tomboy in elementary school and a

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Don’t Open That Sundance Catalogue, It’s A Trap!

I keep throwing the Sundance catalogue away. Then it reappears, like something out of “Pet Semetary” First, I threw it in my bedroom trashcan. When I was sitting on a different can it reappeared in the magazine wrangler. Creepy. After

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The Great White Huntress

Shopping Addiction Hanging The LolaHolly Shift out to dry.                         To prepare for hunting season, first take note of where you’ve observed the Halteveres Gladiator Sandals or the Spectrum Caftan

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