Does This Woman Look Trustworthy?

Hello Ninjas —

I’m typing this while wearing nothing but stilettos and a smile … okay, I’m in my pajamas wearing reading glasses with oatmeal stains on my shirt.

But I do have a cat ‘o nine tails whip an arm’s length away in case Keri Russell shows up with a 9mm, offs me and tries to pack me into a suitcase …

Okay, I have The Americans on in the background and have Cheetos an arm’s length away. They could kill Keri Russell if she ate too many of them over the course of about fifty years. So …

But there is some truly exciting stuff percolating around. My book, She Dated the Asshats, But Married the Good Guy is on sale in paperback AS OF TODAY HERE! 

The kindle version should be here by February 3rd.

In honor of the new book, and a coaching program I’ll be launching on the first day of spring in March, I shot a welcome video for my relationship site, which has been steadily growing this year. 

I decided I needed to hire a professional so I didn’t spend a month trying to edit sketchy, poorly lit video on my iMovie software while shoveling down entire cheesecakes and copious bottles of Prosecco to get myself through the hellish frustration.

So I hired a young, adorable, trustworthy, patient and technically painstaking Los Angeles videographer named Austin Sabado. Click the link to check out his work.

I am now unveiling my new video. Of course I’m highly self-critical of how various parts of my face and body are starting to resemble those of my great grandmother Julia Stradall, but I love Austin’s work even after I wouldn’t allow him to use any of the Close-Ups he liked.

I explained working with women over fifty can be a challenge. Would love to know what you think:


I should also mention I rented a super affordable space to shoot the video downtown through Peerspace. (This is NOT a sponsored post). I really love Marie Forleo’s videos and wanted to recreate that look for my own site.

I obviously can’t afford to make all of my videos this way, but felt I should have something that looked really clean and professional as my flagship video. Please share Austin’s work if you like it!

2 thoughts on “Does This Woman Look Trustworthy?”

  1. Since I have discarded “Awesome” from my vocabulary, I will say “Superb” in it’s place! Loved the video, you look great in it, and I wish it propels you to wild, immense, success! Love and hugs!

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