Syrian Men Become Refugees to Avoid Becoming Terrorists (video)

I love Jade Beall.

I hardly know her, except for the ten days we spent in Syrian refugee camps in Greece two weeks ago.

But she exudes empathy, grace, acceptance and love.

As a body image ninja, I looooove her much-lauded The Bodies of Mothers Book from A Beautiful Body Project.

But, I think I love her plea on behalf of the “beautiful, kind, scared Syrian men, who have had to leave their home …”

She’s referring to seven Syrian refugees she and team leader Jamie Grumet interviewed at the Kara Tepe transit camp on our last day in Lesvos.

The men, ages 20 to 25, were weak from three days without food and water, were soaked to the skin from a treacherous sea crossing from Turkey, but were eager to tell their stories to Westerners who cared.

Here’s Jade’s moving account of that interview and her plea to fellow Americans who live so far away from what’s happening.

Click on the photo below of one of the young Syrian men she interviewed to watch:

Syrian Men

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