My Tween Daughters And I Love “Camp Gyno”

If you’re the mother of daughters just ramping up for puberty this Camp Gyno video is a must.

(this is NOT a sponsored post). It’s both irreverent and empowering and a perfect launching pad for the awkward talk about puberty.

My daughters, who are 9 and 11, have watched the Camp Gyno video together and simply have not stopped laughing.

Be both scandalized and entertained …

I met a lovely CNN reporter at #BlogHer2013 whose been one of the first to cover the phenomenon that is Camp Gyno. “It’s like Santa … for your vagina!”

4 thoughts on “My Tween Daughters And I Love “Camp Gyno””

  1. Funny, funny video! Especially enjoyed seeing Dora recruited into a new role (it’s so hard for former child stars to transition as they mature). But ridiculous service (if you ask me, which you didn’t).

  2. I loved that video. Freaking hilarious, which means I spammed all my friends with it. Even the men.

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