Five Things I Love Today

I also love a good stiff one! Cheers. (martini I mean)
I also love a good stiff one! Cheers. (Martini I mean)

I’ve been content for three days in a row.  

Well, I had one little shard of jealousy poke me.

As I watched Girls last night and Lena Dunham, as Hannah, went on a coke binge so she’d have something to write about —

(which I can’t do, because I’m too old to become a drug addict. I missed that boat.)

— and she ended up switching shirts with a guy in a dance club, then spent the remainder of the episode wearing nothing but a yellow mesh shirt that looked terrible on her, I thought:

This woman is at the apex of her greatness and is completely fearless as an actor and I wish I had her balls.

But other than that I’ve been, well, happy.  

Which isn’t so great when you’re writing a blog. Because my work’s always better if I have a little mishegoss going on (which, even as a shiksa, I can still manage to drum up).

In an aberrant maneuver here are five things I love today:
1.  My husband’s new body wash.

It makes me want to bite him and also makes me proud of him, because when we started dating April 24th, 1998  — which I remember because it took him two years and two months to propose and I was worried my ovaries had shriveled into Sunmaid raisins — he wouldn’t even wear deodorant.

He worried it would give him brain cancer and he smelled … in a word … ripe.

2.  My daughter’s mild fever 

Because she doesn’t feel too terrible, but she does feel terrible enough that she wants to sleep in my bed and is too weak to stop me from cuddling her, which I know is reckless on my part but you only live once.

3.  My other daughter’s buoyant, chirpy mood.  

Bridget has been so happy for the last three days that it’s almost annoying.  

If she weren’t eight I’d be ransacking her room looking for drugs. That kid just has, as John Stossel would likely confirm, a chemically happy brain and I’m so grateful for it.

4.  Naomi Wolf’s book,Vagina: A New Biography.  

Wolf’s book has gotten some flack from feminist quarters, since she writes about the vagina’s dependence on the penis to be happy, (she qualifies this by saying lesbian sex needs its own book).

But, I think this book is a reclamation of some of the femininity my brave women’s rights forebears had to eschew to advance female equality.

I plan to blog chapter-by-chapter my takeaways from Wolf’s comprehensive, personal opus that attempts to restore the sacredness of the vagina to women individually and to our mysogynist culture at large.  

5.  All my clothes fit.  

I’ve gotten rid of all my low-rise jeans. What liberation I felt as I dropped my jeans off at a high school fund raiser because only 16-year olds should wear low-rise jeans and if I were their mother I wouldn’t let them.  

All my pants now come all the way up to my belly button, as do all of my underwear.  

The loose tummy flesh, from having two cesareans and six chocolate bars, is now safely encased in nylon-polyester.  

In the low-rise jeans, my loose tummy flesh felt like it was completely naked, center-stage in a junior high school production of Gypsy Rose Lee.

My sixth thing I love today would be hearing about the five things you love. xo S

24 thoughts on “Five Things I Love Today”

  1. Five things I love:
    1. Seeing my daughter on the red carpet with Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) on Good Morning America, doing her job as a Publicist. Such mama pride, I can’t stand it!
    2. Hearing my son’s happy voice after months of his being kind of lost…those are the phone calls from college that make being a mom worthwhile.
    3. Having the house to myself while my husband is away for four days, and looking forward to his return on Saturday night. A little distance never hurt a marriage.
    4. Along the lines of your jeans – my Soma Intimates invisible edge panties. They are a miracle, I swear. Ditto my NYDJ jeans. I have them in a zillion variations.
    5. The continued growth and progress of GenFab and our website, which launches very soon. A labor of love that is turning into so much more.

    And of course, you, Shannon – for your always entertaining and well-written blog posts!

    1. Sharon you are menschalicious. I am so excited to see the site you and Chloe have cooked up. I feel a new paradigm in the blogging world shifting. xo

  2. Woman, you are tiny – stop talking about belly fat. I’ll see your belly fat and raise you ripply thighs. Oy.

    Five things I love right now?
    1. Nasal spray. My allergies are kicking my butt, and it’s the only thing between me and a stuppy nobse.

    2. Pandora. It’s playing all the right songs today. Pefect.

    3. Reminders on my phone. They are keeping me from forgetting the one or two things I always forget.

    4. My husband’s cologne. He’s never been one to remember to wear it, but he found one that he loved (via a Sephora sample substitution of all things), I gave it to him for Christmas and he’s been wearing it every day. It’s yummy.

    5. The changing weather. We’re getting a cold front here – such as it is. It should bring the kind of weather that makes enduring August here (in South Florida) almost worth it. We haven’t had enough of it this winter.

  3. You are hilarious. I truly love reading your stuff (happy or not). You asked, so here you go:
    1. My UPS guy. He brings me the BEST stuff.
    2. The sun. It helps shoo the kids out of the house and out of my hair.
    3. I went grocery shopping. We finally have food in the house again. And Diet Coke.
    4. Email. I love it everyday.
    5. $. Because I mean, don’t we all?

  4. Nice to hear your voice this morning. I miss you. Here are 5 things I love today:
    1. That I am going to see you in a couple weeks in Cape Town, South Africa!!!!!
    2. That I have packed all my shorts and tank tops because it’s going to be sunny and warm in South Africa. I live in Seattle, and it’s January. Need I say more?
    3. My wonderful husband, because he’s taking 3 weeks off work, (which is a really big deal) to take me and our boys to South Africa.
    4. That I get to take my boys who are 7 & 10 to one of the most magical places on earth and I get to witness each and every moment of awe on their faces.
    5. And, oh….. that I’m going to South Africa in one week!!!
    Okay, I’m a little single minded today, but I can’t help myself. 🙂

  5. Fun!
    1. My boys are getting older and can do more and more fun things. One will go running with me (on a bike) and the other went with me to see Lincoln.
    2. I’m finally feeling better from stomach flu and went on a lovely run this morning.
    3. It’s not so cold
    4. I lost another couple of pounds (thank you stomach flu)
    5. i’m doing less

  6. Happy, I truly was born this way! I have learned how lucky I am that I do not have to work on being happy, but to be careful of happiness vampires. After a bout of the stomach nastiness that is going around I am happy for:
    1. energy to get done what I want
    2. feeling good today
    3. a break in the weather so I can go for a bike ride
    4. frozen tomato sauce from my garden that will be dinner tonight
    5. a great job to be able to work at home

  7. Great idea! My 5 things…the sunshine (gray skies make me gloomy lately), my internet working again (thanks to a new modem), time for a morning walk with my puppies today, enough money to at least pay the minimum on my bills and keep food in the house, and healthy kids who no longer live at home but are close enough to see in an hour if I need to.

  8. Ok..let’s see
    1. I love my new editor for my Time Travel book and I can’t wait to get started on rewriting
    2. My grandkids are back in school, after being sick for several days.
    3. I’m walking with one of my best friends in about an hour
    4. My husband’s birthday is tomorrow
    5. And he still has his front teeth

    Have a Fabulous weekend!

    1. Janie! Are you sure those aren’t dentures?? We are all currently sick so I’m happy we’re sick now instead of two weeks from now when we board a plane to South Africa!

  9. Nice! My kid is a happy kid, too. It makes life very pleasant.

    Five things:
    1) Coffee on this brisk morning, made from beans we roasted.
    2) My daughters smiling face as she indulges in her passion for hot chocolate.
    3) A cozy Sherpa sweatshirt that I can’t get enough of and wear. Every. Day.
    4) The ability to appreciate my life.
    5) Lovely friends

  10. What a fun and cheerful post. So that would be my number one – reading this.
    No 2 Husband is back from Vegas and is building wooden bookshelves with his bare hands (sexy).
    No 3 I wrote a book and I’m really proud of it
    No 4 I’m starting with a health and wellness coach and will hopefully be inspired to lose (as opposed to my current trend – gain) flab.
    No 5 My youngest is just four and he takes my face in his two hands daily, looks into my eyes, and says, “tu es belle, maman.” Such utter happiness.

  11. 1. kissing on the first date
    2. kissing on all the following dates
    3. tequila (reposado or anejo, preferably)
    4. plane tickets to ANYWHERE
    5. hanging with my grown kids who are beautiful, hilarious and irreverant

  12. You got rid of all your low-rise jeans? Forget Lena, I wish I had *your* balls! I am stuck in the self-flagellation of self-induced muffin top.

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