Happy Father’s Day: An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words

This is what makes a father great:

He’ll carry the heavy load.
And show you the wide world.
He’ll bear life’s little indignities with grace.
And make himself a fool for you.
He’ll keep you safe and warm.
And join in all the fun.
He’ll lay you down to sleep.
And rouse the rebel troops.
He’ll hold you tender close.
And send you on your way.
He’ll wear a silly hat.
And be there every day.
He’ll play the Dark Sith Lord.
And take you to the game.
He’ll be your rock, and a safe place to lay your head.
All of your girls love you, honey. Happy Father’s Day xoxo

To my own dear dad on Father’s Day…

Thanks for always being the net so that I could chase my life. I love you. xo

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