Grand Canyon Snaps

The Hopi House bulit over 100 years ago … and it has the best loot to blow all your Benjamins on.
The Girls and I in awe of the Canyon. This is when my Eagle Spirit named Henry: He Who Stands With No Butt
Squinty family.
Self-portrait at the El Tovar Lodge.
Love. Good-bye Grand Canyon. We all will miss you.

Hope you enjoyed my Grand Canyon snaps.

6 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Snaps”

  1. Brian wants to go in an RV…I don’t know if the journey would kill me before I got there.

    But after seeing these pictures I am open to the possibility of going soon. It looks AMAZING

    1. An RV with two boys under age 5? Just make sure you take your Vicodin. No, Jamie — you would find a way to make it all fabulous.

  2. Rosie Carrillo

    SO happy you took your girls! Love the place, from either side. Would hike to the bottom & back, if I were younger. Think I couldn’t make it anymore.

    1. It certainly was vertiginous. I am still reading the book about Deaths at the Grand Canyon. It’s like a roadside accident, I simply cannot look away!

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