When Thanksgiving Sucks!

This was the worst Thanksgiving ever! 

  • None of the children broke any of their bones.
  • No one got drunk and called everybody cheap bastard sons-of-bitches.
  • No one made a pass at someone else’s wife.
  • The turkey wasn’t as dry as the breasts of an emasculating shrew.
  • No one crashed their car through the picture window.
  • No one threw any cutlery or served up a plate of silent hatred.

WTF? Where was the drama?  

The words that can never be taken back? The ripping of the sleeves and the “You are dead to me’s?

The fact is, a good time was had by all. Cripes. And everyone offered to help!

Well. There’s still Christmas. That oughta be a siege to rival the Alamo!

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