Sometimes You Just Gotta Go Sailing

Three if by sea…

The day after Thanksgiving I tried to get my daughters and my mother to help clean up.  

They said that they would, but it was impossible for them to bring their boats in to shore.And while lost at sea in laundry baskets and two desk chairs there was nothing for it but to read Robinson Crusoe, in case of a shipwreck. And the Greek Myths, in the hopes that Neptune would send gentle tides to eventually bring them safely back to shore … preferably after all the clean-up was done.

I threatened the usual. Walking the plank. Keel hauling. Depriving them of citrus to induce scurvy. Press ganging them, and forcing them to row to the coasts of Somalia.  

I think you can see the fear in their eyes …

“Mom,” said Bridget, “Sometimes you just gotta go sailing.”

I am still vacuuming and scraping turkey stuffing off the fork tines.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Go Sailing”

  1. I have to applaud your mother and daughters for their ingenuity. I want to be at sea too!

    I popped over to MomsLA to read your blog. The installation sounds beautiful and soul-warming. I’m so glad I stopped by here today.

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