Felled By The Flu

Sick. Fluey, coldish, hacky. Blech.

This is really getting in the way of my world domination. How am I supposed to pillage, flank, conquer, vanquish, overthrow and generally wreak havoc across the literary landscape if I’m jittery, sweaty and really fracking pooped?

This morning I got my sick bum into my car and drove to Carson to hear an inspirational speech made by Jane Wurwand the founder of the fabulous Dermalogica skin care line.

And oh how I envied her gamine pluckiness in her bejeweled jacket, her pithy speechifying and what appears to be a great deal of success I yearn to emulate (or simply steal).

I wanted to be Jane, already accomplished and savvy. 

I always feel I’m 20-years behind the curve in terms of accomplishment and success. But then I remind myself there’s longevity in my family and barring a bus going rogue after losing its breaks and smashing into me I should live to be 98. 

My 98-year-old grandmother is seriously considering a career in politics thanks to what the Republicans have to offer. So I’ve got time.

I will pass on some tidbits I gleaned from Jane Wurwand’s speech and my responses:

1. Hate is good. It’s better to have people hate your work than be indifferent to it. (Unless you need money, in which case hate sucks)

2. Thrive on pressure. When you’re stressed it is not time to relax, but to gird your loins and charge. (best done when equipped with lance, breastplate and a trusty steed. And also Gerald Butler’s body in 300 astride you).

3. Saying “No” allows us the luxury of choosing our “Yes’s.” (But what if no one has asked?)

4. Eat the Frog. Which is to say, do the worst thing first in your day, then you’ll have massive energy for the remainder. (And frogs can be quite delicious when sauteed in a delicate Bernaise sauce.)

5. Do the thing that ONLY you can do. Delegate the rest. I wonder if I can delegate worrying to Henry?

6. Be frugal. Spend where it matters. Fancy desk in your office? Or more money on the quality of your product. (In my case – Ulthera neck tightening? or the BlogWorld conference? – not an easy choice)

7. New Business model. Start with one relationship and build from there. (I am guessing that one relationship shouldn’t be with Gordon’s gin)

8. It’s always about the product. All the time. Always. Never lose sight of that. (Unless people are willing to pay you to be half-ass. Which is especially easy if you’re an unprincipled dilettante who swills sangria and chews plugs of tobacco launching spumes of it into nearby spittoons. I don’t know anyone like that. Very well.)

These are excellent guidelines which I plan to follow. 

Oh Ambition, you relentless taskmaster! You raise your evil head even while I’m felled by the flu.

5 thoughts on “Felled By The Flu”

  1. “Insane Clown Posse” is one of my favorite posts of yours (and, I think, one of the first I read linked from someone else’s website….funny how that gets all tangled up and you can’t remember how/when you found your favorite bloggers). Congrats on getting to share it with others!!

    Eat the Frog has always been my philosophy so I can have bon-bons the rest of the day while my feet are propped up and I’m gazing slack-jawed at pictures of Dave Grohl(icious). Love that.

    Props for going to an inspirational event when you felt like crap. I would have so just stayed in bed.

    Please do share more about Ulthera neck tightening. 🙂

    Keep doing what you do so well. xo

  2. Shannon Colleary

    Hi Sadie — I think the neck tightening thing could be snake oil. Thanks for giving my day a boost. I’m definitely at low tide.

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