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When You’re Addicted to a Person, Embrace THIS to Break Free!

Excerpt: “Detoxing from toxic love can be boring! Nobody likes to be bored. Nobody wakes up in the morning, takes a deep breath and shouts to the rafters: ‘Bring it Life! Bring the Boredom, Baby! I just love that shizz! Sign me up! You cannot give me enough boredom! It’s so freaking awesome. Yes, yes, I know. My friend Paris is in Paris with some boy-band dude who’s bipolar and has twelve STDs. And Vinnie’s dating this stripper named Jehovah who can shoot dollar bills out of her lady parts, but …” Read more.

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Gentlemen, Don’t do “THIS” When it Comes to Women …

Excerpt: “I’m a woman, not a fellow man in the dating war theater, down in the trenches under heavy artillery fire with my penis-packing compadres. And sometimes women are considered man-hating harridans when they scold men for Asshattery. But it’s a chance I’ll have to take! Because I am coining Rule #2 to Avoid Becoming a Male Asshat …” Keep Reading:

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What do Jack Nicholson, Jane Fonda, James Dean and Me Have in Common?

I don’t know what’s happening, but a hole opens in my chest. It’s a vortex that everything dark and broken gets sucked down into. “I’m not the good girl! I’m so sick of trying to make everyone happy I could explode!” Over this Jeff yells, “Go To Scene!” The lines from the play aren’t on the page anymore; they erupt out of my mouth, “I had no right to do what I did! It was too bad a thing to do. There’s no happy thing possible because a me. I can’t leave this house cause it’s my crime!” Keep Reading.

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5 New Asshat Recovery Articles on my Relationship Site. (Inc. Family-of-Origin Dysfunction)

I have five new articles on my relationship website. They cover kicking butt for your inner child, vanquishing unwarranted shame, pro-active tasks to figure out what to do with family-of-origin dysfunction and addiction to Asshattery. Click for links!

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