“The literary equivalent of a summer night, a good friend and a gin-and-tonic: Shannon is a deft writer; a natural storyteller with a wicked turn of phrase and frighteningly specific memory...”

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Tag "how to leave a toxic relationship"

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When You’re Addicted to a Person, Embrace THIS to Break Free!

Excerpt: “Detoxing from toxic love can be boring! Nobody likes to be bored. Nobody wakes up in the morning, takes a deep breath and shouts to the rafters: ‘Bring it Life! Bring the Boredom, Baby! I just love that shizz! Sign me up! You cannot give me enough boredom! It’s so freaking awesome. Yes, yes, I know. My friend Paris is in Paris with some boy-band dude who’s bipolar and has twelve STDs. And Vinnie’s dating this stripper named Jehovah who can shoot dollar bills out of her lady parts, but …” Read more.

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