“The literary equivalent of a summer night, a good friend and a gin-and-tonic: Shannon is a deft writer; a natural storyteller with a wicked turn of phrase and frighteningly specific memory...”

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4 Ways “The Law of Attraction” from that Infernal Book, “The Secret,” Screws Up Your Life!

Excerpt: “Hence, if you worry about dying alone in a gutter to be slung in a potter’s grave — then ‘The Universe’ will respond in kind, and you will indeed be buried next to lepers and Charlie Sheen. But, if you believe you’re already married to the Love Of Your Life and you’ll be buried together in nirvanic bliss when you’re both 100, ‘The Universe’ will respond to these ‘Thought Vibrations’ by eventually providing what you desire.” Keep Reading

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Do You Have a Fear of Happiness That’s Keeping It Away? Find Out Now!

Excerpt: “How Do You Know if You’re Staying in a Toxic Relationship Because You’re Afraid to Be Happy? Answer these questions: 1. When something good happens, do you downplay it because you worry the universe will take it away, or balance it out with something painful?” Read More.

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One Simple Practice to Cut Through a Lifetime of Pain

“If you’re anxious, depressed, have a Monkey Mind, worry you’re not using the Law of Attraction correctly and are sending the Wrong Fucking Energy out into The Universe so you’ll only attract Troglodytes and Bell’s Palsy — this post is for you …” Read On

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How I Got 7x Faster at Forgiveness

Excerpt: Sometimes it feels really good to be pissed off at people. We can get really puffed up and indignant about their obviously assinine behavior. We just know we’re a better person than they are. More evolved, intelligent, loveable and sane. 

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Giving Up Alcohol By Taking My Inventory

Excerpt: “Why do you drink? I wrote, “It relaxes me. It’s my reward at the end of the day. It’s … it’s … it’s …” Okay, this smacked of laziness. I realized I had to dig deeper. Why do you drink? This is what instantly came out of my pen: “It numbs the pain of feeling like a failure.” Holy Shit. Now that’s something real. After writing that down, I dug for more …” (Read Article) 

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How to Pray 101. Hint: I Didn’t Learn It in Church

Excerpt: “I realize that when I pray, I assume I’m not perfect enough for God. I assume God disapproves of me, is disappointed in me. So, my prayer then comes from a place of neediness, shame, embarrassment, cynicism and rebellion. What’s becoming clear is that I approach prayer not believing God loves me exactly as I am right now.”

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